Expression analyses of Cep152, a responsible gene product for autosomal recessive primary microcephaly, during mouse brain development

In this study, we prepared an antibody against mouse Cep152, anti-Cep152, and performed expression analyses focusing on mouse brain development. Western blotting analyses revealed that Cep152 with a molecular mass of ~150 kDa was expressed strongly at embryonic day (E) 13 and then gradually decreased during the brain development process. Instead, protein bands of ~80 kDa and ~60 kDa came to be recognized after postnatal day (P)15 and P30, respectively. In immunohistochemical analyses, Cep152 was enriched in the centrosome of neuronal progenitors in the ventricular zone at E14, whereas it was diffusely distributed mainly in the cytoplasm of cortical neurons at P18. In developing cerebellum at P7, Cep152 was localized at the centrosome in the external granular layer, where neurogenesis takes place. Notably, biochemical analysis revealed that Cep152 was also present in the post-synaptic density fraction. Subsequent immunofluorescent analyses showed co-localization of Cep152 with excitatory synaptic markers, PSD-95 and synaptophysin, but not with an inhibitory synaptic marker gephyrin in differentiated primary cultured hippocampal neurons. The obtained results suggest that Cep152 takes part not only in neurogenesis during corticogenesis but also in the regulation of synaptic function in differentiated neurons.
Source: Developmental Neuroscience - Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research