De novo synthesis of astaxanthin: from organisms to genes

Publication date: Available online 22 August 2019Source: Trends in Food Science &TechnologyAuthor(s): Ning Fang, Chunkai Wang, Xiaofeng Liu, Xue Zhao, Yanhua Liu, Xinmin Liu, Yongmei Du, Zhongfeng Zhang, Hongbo ZhangAbstractBackgroundAstaxanthin is a ketocarotenoid with stronger antioxidant activity than vitamin E and coenzyme Q10, and with pharmacological effects against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammation, and others. Increased astaxanthin supplementation in food, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic products has resulted in tremendous growth in the demand for natural astaxanthin.Scope and approachAstaxanthin is found widely in aquatic animals and some other organisms, but its de novo synthesis is limited to several bacteria, protists, fungi, algae and plants. Metabolic engineering offers approaches to create systems for high-efficiency production of astaxanthin, which will require in-depth dissection of the astaxanthin synthesis enzymes in the available organisms.Key findings and conclusionsHere, we review the de novo synthesis of astaxanthin in bacteria, protists, fungi, algae and plants, and the functional enzymes of specific organisms. A protein-sequence based phylogenetic tree was established to reveal the evolutionary relationships of astaxanthin synthesis proteins across organisms. This review will provide valuable information for the metabolic engineering of astaxanthin bioreactors.
Source: Trends in Food Science and Technology - Category: Food Science Source Type: research

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Mediterranean diet: The role of long-chain ω-3 fatty acids in fish; polyphenols in fruits, vegetables, cereals, coffee, tea, cacao and wine; probiotics and vitamins in prevention of stroke, age-related cognitive decline, and Alzheimer disease. Rev Neurol (Paris). 2019 Sep 11;: Authors: Román GC, Jackson RE, Gadhia R, Román AN, Reis J Abstract The mechanisms of action of the dietary components of the Mediterranean diet are reviewed in prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke, age-associated cognitive decline and Alzheimer disease. A companion article provides a comprehensive revi...
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AbstractBackgroundFrailty is a common, multi-factorial, age-related syndrome commonly observed in people with diabetes. Although older diabetics are prone to adverse healthcare outcomes and diabetes increases the risk of developing frailty, little is known about the effects of frailty on diabetes. This paper examines the association between diabetes, frailty, and mortality in Europeans aged ≥50 years.MethodsData were included from The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) waves one and six. A participant ’s first interview was taken as the baseline and subsequent waves were used for mortality f...
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In this study, researchers studied 438,952 participants in the UK Biobank, who had a total of 24,980 major coronary events - defined as the first occurrence of non-fatal heart attack, ischaemic stroke, or death due to coronary heart disease. They used an approach called Mendelian randomisation, which uses naturally occurring genetic differences to randomly divide the participants into groups, mimicking the effects of running a clinical trial. People with genes associated with lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, and a combination of both were put into different groups, and compared against those without thes...
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ConclusionAlthough the investigated co-morbidities are capable or inducing pathophysiological changes that are predisposing factors for tumor progression, none is an independent prognostic factor in patients with RCC.
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uesta A, Santos-Ocaña C, Hmadcha A, Soria B, Martín F, Gauthier BR, Martin-Montalvo A Abstract An inverse correlation between thyroid hormone levels and longevity has been reported in several species and reduced thyroid hormone levels have been proposed as a biomarker for healthy aging and metabolic fitness. However, hypothyroidism is a medical condition associated with compromised health and reduced life expectancy. Herein, we show, using wild-type and the Pax8 ablated model of hypothyroidism in mice, that hyperthyroidism and severe hypothyroidism are associated with an overall unhealthy status and ...
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