STDs on the Rise

Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported the dramatic increase of sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S.  In fact, for the fourth year in a row the numbers have continued to rise. Among the rise, specific sexually transmitted diseases include: gonorrhea has been diagnosed in 555,608 cases in preliminary 2017 data (an increase of 67%  from 2013) syphilis has been diagnosed in 30,644 cases (an increase of 76% from 2013) chlamydia was reported with more than 1.7 million cases in 2017 These three diseases can be treated with antibiotics but gonorrhea has become antibiotic resistant over the years with only one antibiotic remaining effective, ceftriaxone. Many cases go undiagnosed or untreated which can lead to even more cases, infertility, stillbirths, and an increase in HIV. Though a number of factors contribute to this increase of STDs , stigma can be a big factor. Sexual issues, especially sexual diseases, often carry the added issues of embarrassment, stigma, and privacy concerns. This is especially true in smaller towns and rural areas where social networks and fewer healthcare options can make confidentiality difficult. An NPR story highlights the difficulty public health officials face in Clackamas County Oregon. Libraries, especially public libraries, can start the conversation by providing information on social media, brochures, and web links. If available, collaborating with local health professionals and public health, a...
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CONCLUSION: A putative TA system (namely immA/irrA) most likely has a role under the stress condition of S. aureus. The MRSA strain responds to stress by shifting the expression level of TA genes that has diverse effects on the survival of the pathogen due to the stress conditions. The TA systems may be introduced as potential targets for antibacterial treatment.PMID:34540156 | PMC:PMC8408035 | DOI:10.18502/ijm.v13i2.5982
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CONCLUSION: In the present study, the prevalence of GBS was in the medium range. Resistance to key antibiotic agents was relatively high. Also, capsular serotype Ib was the predominant serotype, which emphasizes the importance of monitoring the molecular typing of the GBS isolates regularly.PMID:34540153 | PMC:PMC8408030 | DOI:10.18502/ijm.v13i2.5979
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CONCLUSION: The study revealed an alarming rate of resistance to the commonly used antimicrobial agents used in treating HAIs. Also the relationship between AMR and some risk factors and thus taking steps towards controlling them have been shown.PMID:34540152 | PMC:PMC8408023 | DOI:10.18502/ijm.v13i2.5978
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This study examines the association of the -617 C> A polymorphism in the Nrf2 gene (rs6721961) with male infertility in a Turkish population and determines its functional role in spermatogenesis in correlation with the impact of different levels of DNA damage on the genotypes. A total of 100 infertile men and 100 healthy fertile men were included in the study. Nrf2 genotyping was performed with the PCR-based restriction fragment length gene polymorphism (RFLP-PCR) analysis. According to our results, the Nrf2 CC, CA, and AA genotype distribution frequencies were 58.6%, 38.4%, and 3% in the control group, respectively, an...
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This article provides an overview of three commonly used tests.Translational Andrology and Urology
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The objective of this study is to explore cervical culture pathogens in women of different age groups in a medical center in eastern Taiwan. MethodsWe enrolled patients whose medical records were diagnosed with PID (ICD-9-CM 614.0 [N70.01 –03], 614.1[N70.11–13], 614.9 [N73.5, N73.9]) at our hospital from October 2014 to March 2020. Patients were divided into three groups according to age: the age
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High efficiency of a combined preparation including synergistic polymyxin B and 4-hexylresorcinol was shown for treatment of experimental sepsis caused by an antibiotic-resistant highly virulent hypermucoidKlebsiella pneumoniae strain KPM9Pmr in mice. Complex therapy with polymyxin B (1 mg/kg) and 4-hexylresorcinol (30 mg/kg) led to cure in 80%; in 20% of these mice, no bacterial cells were found. After treatment with polymyxin B alone, only 50% animals survived and all of them contained bacterial cells. Comparative analysis of the results of monotherapy and combined treatment indicates that 4-hexylresorcinol not only incr...
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[Nation] HIV patients with a high viral load who take a drug known as dolutegravir have greater viral suppression than those that take other medicines, a new study has shown.
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[spotlight] One of the most important developments in HIV in the last decade is the discovery that taking a pill combining two antiretroviral medicines every day can prevent HIV infection. This pill is finally becoming widely available in South Africa's public healthcare system, but uptake is still relatively low.
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