Severe and lingering symptoms occur in some after treatment for Lyme disease

(Johns Hopkins Medicine) In a study of 61 people treated for the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Johns Hopkins researchers conclude that fatigue, pain, insomnia and depression do indeed persist over long periods of time for some people, despite largely normal physical exams and clinical laboratory testing.
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ARTHRITIS and joint disorders will affect three times as many people as cancer by 2030, according to a new report.
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In our complex society, stressful or negative life experiences have typically been considered to induce a substantial change from one set of living conditions to another. Life remodeling, resulting from adversities, involves significant challenges because of the need to adapt to new circumstances. That may often impair the ability to cope with new life settings, exposing the risk of clinical distress and possible long-term psychological illnesses, resulting in symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress.
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The FDA has granted priority review to a non-opioid, postoperative pain treatment, HTX-011...
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CONCLUSIONS: Associations were found between antidepressants and many other types of drugs for both men and women; indicating comorbidity between depression and other conditions. Further, some of the associations between antidepressants and other drugs were found to be specific among women. Whether this indicates that men and women differ in comorbidity between depression and other conditions cannot be concluded based on this cross-sectional study. However, comorbidity impairs the possibility of recovery; in the somatic condition as well as the depression. Thus, physicians need to be aware that the association between anti...
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CONCLUSIONS: Although CLP has expanded over the last three years, somatic and psychiatric departments wish for its further expansion. The service provision is at an acceptable level during the daytime, but not during weekends and holidays. We found that 20% of all referrals are rejected and that 80-90% of all physicians wanted outpatient services for short-term follow-up and for help with undiagnosed, unclear, unexplained, (indeterminate) conditions. DISCUSSION: The service works satisfactorily during ordinary working hours. There is a need to establish outpatient services and to strengthen the services outside these h...
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We report a case of accidentally ingested toothpick with successful endoscopic removal in a case of a 24year old male who presented for open access endoscopy with complaint of abdominal pain. During endoscopy a foreign body (sharp object) was seen partially embedded at the gastric antrum which was later identified as a wooden toothpick. Endoscopic removal was done using a Caesar grasping forceps (CGF-1-240). No complication was reported during and after the procedure. Ingested toothpick should be managed as an emergency in all cases and should be considered an important differential diagnosis in clients with complaint of a...
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Mark J. Schiller
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Discussion Fatigue is a subjective feeling of decreased energy, tiredness or feeling of exhaustion. Lethargy is often used synonymously, but lethargy is a state of being drowsiness or sleepy, and implies mental status changes. Both can cause the person to be apathetic or less active. Fatigue is a common state that almost everyone experiences multiple times in his or her lifetime. For most people it is a relatively acute or short-term chronic problem, often with a relatively easily identifiable problem cause, such as inadequate sleep, acute illness, or overexertion. For some, it can be less readily identifiable such as dep...
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Growing up a musically-obsessed child in the 80's, Daryl Hall was one of my biggest inspirations. A masterful, inventive songwriter with an ocean of soul, he set me on the path to being an artist, to never waste a word, and to sing because I mean it. With six number ones and five additional top ten hits throughout the 70's and 80's Daryl Hall and John Oates are the number one duo in music history. Still at the top of his game at 69 years old, Daryl has won legions of new fans with his hit MTV Live show Live From Daryl's House. In February of 2015, at my very sickest from chronic Lyme and Bartonella, after it was missed b...
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00:00 to 02.26—Dr. Bihari gives his background and credentials. Dr. Bihari: My medical training started at Harvard Medical School. I graduated in 1957. Then I trained in Internal Medicine at one of the Harvard teaching hospitals in Boston, Beth Israel, and then in Neurology at Massachusetts General in Boston. Then I went to the National Institutes of Health for two years doing brain physiology—brain research. I did another residency training in Psychiatry in New York, at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and then, over the following five or six years, I got very involved in working in Drug Addiction. By 197...
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