NH Hospitals Struggle To Treat Opioid-Addicted Babies

BOSTON (CBS) – New Hampshire public officials call it an epidemic. Not the opioid addiction, but the number of babies born into it. So far this year, 120 babies were reported born after having been exposed to drugs in the womb. The total in 2015 was 504, up 27 percent from 2014, when there were 367. “I don’t remember my pregnancy like most people do, because I was using the entire time,” explained Abi Lizotte, a recovered addict who gave birth to a baby boy in the throes of her addiction last year. “He was very shaky, tense,” she says. “They ended up dosing him on morphine.” Lizotte spoke to a class of Dover High School students Thursday. It was exactly seven years ago to the day, she took her very first opioid drug, which evolved into a heroin addiction. Hospitals across the state are stressed by the growing need for neonatal drug addiction treatment. “I think we are significantly lacking in treatments while moms are pregnant, and then the follow-up care that we can provide these babies,” said Tena Ferenczhalmi, who works at Concord Hospital. The staff there has incorporated homeopathic treatments like music therapy, to help bring down rapid heart rates in drug exposed infants. “We’re really able to address so many of the newborn’s senses,” said Alice Kinsler, a therapist at Concord Hospital. She says aromatherapy and touch therapy also help, “especially against the onslaught that t...
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Publication date: Available online 21 September 2018Source: PlasmidAuthor(s): Xiu-Zhong Zhang, Chang-Wei Lei, Jin-Xin Zeng, Yan-Peng Chen, Zhuang-Zhuang Kang, Yu-Long Wang, Xiao-Lan Ye, Xi-Wen Zhai, Hong-Ning WangAbstractWe have identified an IncX1 plasmid named pQJDSal1 from Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Pullorum (S. Pullorum). The plasmid is 67,685 bp in size and has 72 putative genes. pQJDSal1 harbors a conserved IncX1-type backbone with predicted regions for conjugation, replication and partitioning, as well as a toxin/antitoxin plasmid addiction system. Two regions (A and B) that have not been previous...
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