NH Hospitals Struggle To Treat Opioid-Addicted Babies

BOSTON (CBS) – New Hampshire public officials call it an epidemic. Not the opioid addiction, but the number of babies born into it. So far this year, 120 babies were reported born after having been exposed to drugs in the womb. The total in 2015 was 504, up 27 percent from 2014, when there were 367. “I don’t remember my pregnancy like most people do, because I was using the entire time,” explained Abi Lizotte, a recovered addict who gave birth to a baby boy in the throes of her addiction last year. “He was very shaky, tense,” she says. “They ended up dosing him on morphine.” Lizotte spoke to a class of Dover High School students Thursday. It was exactly seven years ago to the day, she took her very first opioid drug, which evolved into a heroin addiction. Hospitals across the state are stressed by the growing need for neonatal drug addiction treatment. “I think we are significantly lacking in treatments while moms are pregnant, and then the follow-up care that we can provide these babies,” said Tena Ferenczhalmi, who works at Concord Hospital. The staff there has incorporated homeopathic treatments like music therapy, to help bring down rapid heart rates in drug exposed infants. “We’re really able to address so many of the newborn’s senses,” said Alice Kinsler, a therapist at Concord Hospital. She says aromatherapy and touch therapy also help, “especially against the onslaught that t...
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A study finds that despite the ability of medication-assisted treatment drugs like methadone and buprenorphine to save the lives of people who've overdosed on opioids, they continue to be underutilized.
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This study aimed to clarify functions of uterine HIF using transgenic mouse models. Mice with deletion of Hif2a in the whole uterus (Hif2a-uKO mice) showed infertility due to implantation failure. Supplementation with progesterone (P4) and leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) restored decidual growth arrest and aberrant position of implantation sites in Hif2a-uKO mice, respectively, but did not rescue pregnancy failure. Histological analyses in Hif2a-uKO mice revealed persistence of the intact luminal epithelium, which blocked direct contact between stroma and embryo, inactivation of PI3K-AKT pathway (embryonic survival signal...
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As the opioid crisis continues, an estimated one baby is born every 20 minutes to a mother who is addicted to the painkilling drugs. But doctors have few proven ways to treat those infants who become dependent on opioids in utero and are born in withdrawal from the drugs. “Despite the fact that we have seen increases in NAS in recent years, there is still significant uncertainty about who to treat, when to treat and what agents to use,” says Dr. Jonathan Davis, vice chair of pediatrics at Tufts Medical Center. “And then there are questions about how fast to increase the dose, and how fast to take the babi...
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For 30 years, scientists have fought to eliminate a horrifying parasite. Suddenly, it has begun infecting dogs in Chad, threatening to undo decades of progress.
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A cholera outbreak in Zambia which killed 114 people and made more than 5,000 others sick over eight months has been contained, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya said on Friday.Reuters Health Information
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As it works to create ongoing programs to address opioid addiction across New York, the state announced today that medical marijuana could soon become an option. The New York State Department of Health said it will develop a regulatory amendment that will add opioids to 12 existing qualifying conditions now in place for individuals to receive referral from a physician to utilize medical marijuana. While details have not yet been finalized, department offi cials said possibilities could include providing…
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The World Health Organization has determined that " gaming disorder " as a new mental health condition.
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Condition:   Acute Pain Interventions:   Drug: Duloxetine 60mg;   Drug: placebo Sponsor:   Assiut University Not yet recruiting
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Abstract: Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn is a rare benign panniculitis found in term and post-term neonates. Diagnosis is based on clinical characteristics and specific alterations in the adipocytes, detected by anatomical pathology. Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn can occur in uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth. However, perinatal complications such as asphyxia, hypothermia, seizures, preeclampsia, meconium aspiration, and even whole-body cooling used in newborns with perinatal hypoxia/anoxia may be associated with this entity.
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Conclusion: In this study, PABC showed lower expression of ER/PR, higher overexpression of HER2, fewer luminal A subtype, and more TNBC subtype compared to YBC. PABC had worse BCSS, especially luminal B subtype, compared to YBC.Oncology
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