Simple-to-apply, needle-free vaccine patch developed against Zika infection
Limited global surveillance shows Zika virus is active in at least 89 countries and territories but there is no currently licensed vaccine, said Branka Grubor-Bauk, an Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide. "This vaccine is unique because it targets a protein inside, rather than outside of the virus meaning it won't enhance the symptoms of closely related viruses such as dengue fever, in people who have been vaccinated," Grubor-Bauk said. (Source: The Economic Times)
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A patch of protection against Zika virus
A simple-to-apply, needle-free vaccine patch is being developed to protect people from the potentially deadly mosquito-borne Zika virus. A prototype using The University of Queensland-developed and Vaxxas-commercialised high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) has delivered a University of Adelaide-developed vaccine and elicited an effective immune response to Zika virus in mice. (Source: World Pharma News)
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Zika virus alert in Karnataka: Positive case detected in Chikkaballapur
(Source: The Economic Times)
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This new malaria vaccine will transform our battle with the deadliest creatures on Earth | Devi Sridhar
The breakthrough has come just in time: malaria has re-emerged in my home state of Florida, and will spread further thanks to climate changeWant to guess the most dangerous animal in the world? When my team asked children in Edinburgh during a public outreach event with schools, they said sharks, alligators, spiders and lions. All good guesses, but none on target. The deadliest animal is the mighty mosquito, which kills more than1 million people a year. Almost 700 million people contract a mosquito-borne illness each year. Mosquitoes carry serious diseases like malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, Zika virus and chikung...
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U.S. Scientists Deliberately Infected People With Zika —Here’s Why
Human challenge studies, although controversial, can help researchers develop treatments for the disease. (Source: Healthcare News)
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Scientists infect volunteers with Zika in the hunt for vaccines and treatments
Researchers in the United States have shown for the first time they can safely and effectively infect human volunteers with Zika virus, a step toward learning more about the disease and developing vaccines and treatments. The study – known as a “controlled human infection model” – has previously…#microcephaly #infections #annadurbin #johnshopkins (Source: Reuters: Health)
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People — not mosquitoes — need blood: Partnering to bolster the nation’s blood supply
Every 2 seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood — and the American Red Cross works tirelessly to provide 40% of the nation’s blood supply. Each day, we must collect approximately 12,500 blood and nearly 3,000 platelet donations to meet the needs of patients across the country. During the summer months, vacations and school closures often impact blood drives, and it can be challenging to maintain an adequate supply. To help ensure Red Cross shelves stay stocked with lifesaving blood, our partner Orkin stepped up to host its “Mosquitoes Don’t Deserve a Drop” campaign for the fourth year in a row. Orkin’s Daw...
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Notes from the Field: Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Children with Laboratory Evidence of Prenatal Zika Virus Exposure - Puerto Rico, 2023
This report describes autism spectrum disorder diagnoses among children with possible prenatal Zika virus exposure. (Source: CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report)
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The U.S. Scientist At the Heart of COVID-19 Lab Leak Conspiracies Is Still Trying to Save the World From the Next Pandemic
Ralph Baric stepped onto the auditorium stage at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and looked out at the sparse audience that had come to hear him speak. On the large projector screen hanging behind him, the following words appeared: How Bad the Next Pandemic Could Be, What Might It Look Like, and Will We be Ready. The date was May 29, 2018. “Well, I have to admit I’m a little worried about giving this talk,” Baric said. “The reason is being labelled a harbinger of doom.” The screen shifted, and images of the four horsemen of the apocalypse—Death, Famine, War, and Plague&mda...
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Malaria Cases In U.S. Trigger Unfounded Claims About Bill Gates, Mosquito Project
Here's what Oxitec is really doing with Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the Florida Keys and how it may affect dengue, Zika, yellow fever, and chikungunya. (Source: Healthcare News)
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What To Know About Locally Acquired Malaria Cases in the U.S. —the First in 20 Years
For the first time in 20 years, the U.S. is experiencing locally acquired malaria. So far, officials have reported four individuals infected in Florida. They believe the first case of locally acquired malaria—as opposed to a case brought by a traveler from abroad—occurred in late May. Three more people in Florida presented with the disease in mid-June; another case was reported in Texas this week as well. The United States sees approximately 2,000 cases of malaria per year due to travelers returning from areas where the mosquito-borne parasitic disease is endemic. However, over the last 20 years, none of these ...
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Europe Faces Growing Risk of Mosquito-Borne Diseases Due to Climate Change
COPENHAGEN, Denmark — European Union officials warned Thursday there is a growing risk of mosquito-borne viral diseases such as dengue and chikungunya in Europe due to climate change. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control said that because Europe is experiencing a warming trend, with heat waves and flooding becoming more frequent and severe, and summers getting longer and warmer, the conditions are more favorable “for invasive mosquito species such as Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti.” The Stockholm-based agency said in a report the species Aedes albopictus is a known vector of chikungu...
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First Vaccine For Chikungunya —An Emerging Mosquito-Borne Threat—Nears After Promising Trial Results
If approved, Valneva ’s shot could be the first approved for chikungunya, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes with similar symptoms to dengue and Zika, including severe joint pain that can last years. (Source: Healthcare News)
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Understanding how mosquitoes smell humans could save human lives
How human-biting mosquitoes track us isn't known, but it matters, since they carry diseases such as Zika, dengue, West Nile virus and malaria. Understanding how mosquitoes sniff us out so more effective repellents can be made could save up to half a million lives lost annually. (Source: - Health)
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First human trial of new Zika vaccine begins
A ground-breaking trial of a new Zika vaccine has started, with the first participant receiving the dose at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, in conjunction with ongoing research at the universities of Liverpool and Manchester. The work aims to find a vaccine that will protect current and future generations of people against the devasting effects... Read moreThe post First human trial of new Zika vaccine begins appeared first on Nursing in Practice. (Source: Nursing in Practice)
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