Sunshine Week Special: Cato v. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
Patrick G. EddingtonSunshine Week annually marks efforts to promote government transparency and accountability, largely centered on the use of the nearly six-decade old Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It ' s unfortunate and alarming when governmental bodies refuse to release requested information, particularly where the request involves governmental activities that potentially threaten the constitutional rights and protections afforded citizens. It ' s exactly that scenario that has forced the Cato Institute to initiate aFOIA lawsuit against the federal Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB).Created in 2004...
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Immediate Solutions for Migrant Children
Conclusion: Long-Term Solutions NeededThe Biden administration has options to reduce illegal entries by unaccompanied children. First, it should immediately rescind Title 42 to allow children to cross with their parents without fear of immediate expulsion and homelessness in Mexico. Second, it should stop separating “unaccompanied” children from extended family members like aunts, uncles, and grandparents and release them together to free up space for truly unaccompanied children. Third, it should restart processing asylum applicants—particularly families and unaccompanied children—at ports of entry to prevent ille...
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Marijuana Federalism Can Work in South Dakota Too
Trevor Burrus andStacy HansonIn November 2020, 54 percent of South Dakotans approved Amendment A, legalizing the adult use of marijuana. Opposing the outcome of the amendment, state officials initiated a lawsuit arguing that Amendment A violates the South Dakota Constitution ’s single‐​subject rule, which restricts amendments to being about only a single subject. A South Dakota circuit judge agreed, striking down the amendment. Now before the South Dakota Supreme Court, supporters of the amendment are seeking to protect the will of the voters.Over the past half century, states have increasingly re...
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COVID-19, Courts, and the 'Realities of Prison Administration.' Part II: The Realities of Litigation
Chad Flanders (Saint Louis University), COVID-19, Courts, and the 'Realities of Prison Administration.' Part II: The Realities of Litigation, St. L. U. Legal Studies Research Paper (Forthcoming): Lawsuits challenging prisons and jails for not doing enough to stop the spread... (Source: HealthLawProf Blog)
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How to Challenge Facility That Claims Medicare Won't Cover Continuing PT
Discussions with Elders about HousingTips for Caring for A Person Living with Dementia Who Has Become Incontinent  (Source: Minding Our Elders)
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California Has No Need to Doxx Donors
Ilya Shapiro,Trevor Burrus, andMallory ReaderAmericans for Prosperity Foundation and the Thomas More Law Center are charitable organizations who advocate for a variety of free ‐​market and socially conservative viewpoints that are controversial in the current political climate. As nonprofits, they fund their activities through private donations from like‐​minded individuals across the country, many of whom prefer to remain anonymous for fear of public reprisal. Th ese fears are well‐​founded: people associated with AFP and Thomas More have experienced threats, harassment, boycotts, and even violence becaus...
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The Courts Speak: Internists to Be Boarded to Death
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must announce that on Thursday this past week, the United States 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and upheld the earlier District Court dismissal of the antitrust, racketeering and unjust enrichment lawsuit filed by four internists in December 2018. An attorney for the (Source: Dr. Wes)
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A North Carolina Pediatric Hospitalist Tells Her Pandemic Story to Senator Richard Burr: Thirteen Months (And Counting) In Medical Whistle-blower Hell - Courtesy Of Private Equity/For-Profit Healthcare And Cruelly-Indifferent/Morally-Bankrupt State & Federal Oversight
Author ' s Note:  I cannot " sound-bite " the last year - and perhaps it ' s time to write the book. Scroll about half-way down to read the letter to Senator Burr.  The bottom line is that for thethird time in 23 years, as a Pediatrician staffing a community hospital, I was fired " with-out cause " immediately after intervening in a neonatal ( " bad baby " ) case, rescuing the situation/ " saving " the baby, and reporting it INTERNALLY to Peer Review.  NO discussion.  NO recourse.  NO review.  A total cover-up.  And EVERY SINGLE TIME I ' ve asked the state/Federal government to enfor...
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Six Principles for Misunderstanding Free Speech and Section 230
ConclusionIt is the First Amendment, not Section 230, that allows social media companies to disassociate with users and moderate content. Although often discussed in debates about the state of social media, Section 230 is a  liability shield, not a law that allows websites to remove content. Section 230 changes will do nothing to infringe on website’s right under the First Amendment to remove content. They will likely make Silicon Valley companies more dominant.At the heart of freedom of speech is the freedom of association. The right of a  white supremacist to write and submit an op‐​ed toThe Washington Post is a...
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Wrongful Life Lawsuits when Advance Directives Are Disregarded (podcast)
The Good Law | Bad Law podcast hosts attorneys Michael McKeon and Mark Kovacich to discuss wrongful prolongation of life, DNRs, self-determination, and a case in which Mr. McKeon and Mr. Kovacich represented a man whose advance directive was ignored.&n... (Source:
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United States v. Google - Implications of the Antitrust Lawsuit for Health Information
Gregory Curfman (American Medical Association), United States v. Google - Implications of the Antitrust Lawsuit for Health Information, SSRN: In October 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice and 11 state attorneys general filed an astounding civil antitrust lawsuit against Google.... (Source: HealthLawProf Blog)
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South Dakota Judge Rules Against Voters
Erin Partin andJeffrey MironThe forward march of marijuana legalization encountered a roadblock yesterday when a South Dakota judgeruled against the will of voters and declared an amendment legalizing the use and sale of recreation and medical marijuana and hemp unconstitutional. Last November South Dakota voters approvedAmendment A by a margin of eight points but strong opposition to the voter ‐​driven initiative from within the highest levels of state government – including the governor – have led to this recent ruling.The basis for the unconstitutionality argument rests on the 2018 adoption ofAmen...
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