States Aren't Waiting for DC to Regulate Insulin Prices, They're Doing It Themselves
Back in March 2018, I co-authored (along with Scott King, the former editor ofDiabetes Health magazine) an article (catch the article at for reference) about some patient advocacy wins and challenges ahead. One of the challenges ahead was about runaway insulin prices.We started to see action on runaway insulin prices in state capitals happen a few years ago.Nevada got an early start in 2017, introducing a transparency bill that requires drugmakers who made insulin specifically to report pricing, costs, and rebates. It was signed into law by the state ' s Repub...
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Continuing Discussion about the Epic/Faulkner Opposition to Interoperability
In response to my note yesterday concerning Epic and Judith Faulkner's opposition to the proposed HHS rules about EHR interoperability, a reader of this blog, Ivan Miller, submitted the following comment:Faulkner replicated Steve Jobs business model. He made a proprietary, locked system that he guaranteed would work-- and consumers were willing to pay a huge price for his product. Healthcare providers were no different. There is one notable difference however -- Jobs focused passionately on his product, and the free market rewarded his innovation. Judy was placed as chair of the EHR oversight/ i...
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Nursing Homes Fined for Failing to Verify Advance Directives
I just had a long discussion about the growing number of civil lawsuits brought when healthcare facilities treat incapacitated patients inconsistent with their advance directives. But I hastened to add that verdicts and settlements for money damages ar... (Source:
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Growing Consensus on the Need to Revise the Uniform Determination of Death Act: Response to Miller and Nair-Collins
To address recent lawsuits that question whether the persistent of hormonal functions is consistent with death by neurologic criteria (such as the case of Jahi McMath), we proposed specific mention in a UDDA that loss of hormonal functions is not required for declaration of death by neurologic criteria. The post Growing Consensus on the Need to Revise the Uniform Determination of Death Act: Response to Miller and Nair-Collins appeared first on The Hastings Center. (Source:
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