I Reckon This Is A Pretty Ugly And Disturbing Revelation Of Zuck Being A Jerk Again.
This appeared last week.Senator questions Mark Zuckerberg over Meta ' s healthcare data collection policiesThe letter from Sen. Mark Warner to the Facebook founder comes just days after Advocate Aurora Health notified patients of a potential breach involving a pixel-tracking tool.ByMike MiliardOctober 21, 2022 10:01 AMU.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., raised concerns this week about the tracking and collection of patient health data by Facebook parent company Meta.WHY IT MATTERSIn an Oct. 20lettersent to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Sen. Warner posed a series of questions about patient privacy and the company ' s collection pr...
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Clinical Trials 101: A digression
 I ' m going to take a break from explaining the right way to do clinical trials to say a bit about a really, terribly, awful bad way to do it.That would be homeopathy. The link is to a piece about a consumer organization that is suing CVS for putting homeopathic " remedies " on the shelf next to actual over the counter medications that might do something useful. (A lot of them don ' t really either but that ' s another story.)First there ' s the question of biological plausibility. Homeopathy is radically and irremediably inconsistent with everything we know about physics, chemistry and biology. If we believe everyth...
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Usability and Patient Safety Go Hand in Hand
As you probably read, I had the great opportunity to attend the eClinicalWorks annual conference.   One of the most interesting comments in the keynote was this truth bomb that was shared during the opening keynote: “Usability and patient safety go hand in hand.” Usability and patient safety go hand in hand. #truthbomb @eClinicalWorks #eCWNC22 Example: noise in drug interaction alerting. — John Lynn (@techguy) October 7, 2022 I’d never heard anyone say this.  I’ve understood the concept, but it was great to hear it described so succinctly.  I wonder how many other EHR vendors think about thi...
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Novo Nordisk Will Sell An Unbranded Version of Tresiba in the U.S.
Sometimes communicating the right message to the right party at the right time may result in a pleasantly unexpected thing happening!During this year ' s EASD which took place in Stockholm, Sweden (a beautiful city I ' ve visited more than a few times over the years), at the end of a Live Tweet event with Novo Nordisk Live@NovoNordiskLive, I shared a few thoughts which had been bothering me about Novo Nordisk ' s commitment to its U.S. unbranded insulin strategy (I described its commitment as " half-hearted " ), and I did so by sharing several slide images which I got directly from Novo Nordisk ' s quarterly investor prese...
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Senate Rules Committee Markup of the Electoral Count Reform Act
Andy CraigThe Senate Rules Committeewill meet later today to conduct a markup on the Electoral Count Reform Act, the bipartisan ECA reform bill from a group of senators led by Susan Collins (R ‑ME) and Joe Manchin (D‑WV). This hearing will makeseveral changes tothe bill before it goes to the full Senate, all with the support of both the committee ’s chair Amy Klobuchar (D‑MN) and ranking member Roy Blunt (R‑MO).While many of these changes are minor drafting issues and technical fixes, some also addresskey differences with the Lofgren ‐​Cheney version of ECA reform, passed last week by the House as t...
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The Illegality of Biden ’s Student Debt Cancellation Plan
ConclusionThe HEROES Act of 2003 is an implausible vehicle for a  nationwide debt cancellation plan, and a careful examination of the act’s text reveals no clear congressional intent to authorize such a sweeping plan. The Biden administration’s student loan cancellation will be challenged in court by many plaintiffs, at least some of whom are likely to hav e standing. And when the action is challenged, it is likely to fall, just as several other dubious claims of statutory authority have fallen over the last two years. (Source: Cato-at-liberty)
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Shame not on us: Diagnoses and treatments need to be transparent
In Australia recently, a woman successfully sued a hospital for $2.4 million for a series of misdiagnoses that left her quadriplegic. A London woman was recently misdiagnosed four times before doctors discovered she had cervical cancer. A Canadian woman recently filed a $3.5 million lawsuit claiming she was misdiagnosed and ignored when relaying her symptoms Read more… Shame not on us: Diagnoses and treatments need to be transparent originally appeared in KevinMD.com. (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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When Medical Error Becomes Personal, Activism Becomes Painful
BY MICHAEL MILLENSON In the mid-1990s, researching a book about the quality of medical care, I discovered how the profession had for years been ignoring evidence about the appalling death toll from preventable medical error. Though I’d never myself experienced an error, I became an activist. Recently, however, a relative was a victim, and the frustrating persistence of error became personally painful. Thanks to my relative being acutely aware of the need to be alert (and a bit of luck), no harm was caused by what could have been a serious medication mistake. That was the good news. The bad news is that even...
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Lofgren, Cheney Introduce Bill to Reform the Electoral Count Act
ConclusionOn the whole, both versions of ECA reform represent thoughtful, carefully considered attempts to answer some very complex constitutional and practical questions.While my purpose here is to analyze the policy merits and not the political path forward, the widely shared presumption is that ECRA, with its broader bipartisan support in the Senate, is likely to be the vehicle that ultimately moves towards passage. But the timing of PERA ’s introduction and possible passage by the House presents a good opportunity for the Senate to adopt some of its most important contributions when ECRA receives its committee markup...
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Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest by Physicians Creating the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines: Bad Faith or Incompetence?
We described above how changes in opioid policy aimed at reducing Washington State’s Medicaid and Workers Compensation costs contributed to an increase in methadone deaths between 2003 and late 2014 (23-25). Focusing on similar cost reductions, the Centers for Medicar e and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed rules for 2019 including several directives intended to reduce " Opioid Overutilization, ” including adoption of the “90 morphine milligram equivalent (MME) threshold cited by the 2016 CDC Opioid Guideline (147, 148). Simply put, reduced prescribing reduces costs for prescribed medications.Chou received research fu...
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What to do if you ’ re involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit [PODCAST]
Subscribe to The Podcast by KevinMD. Catch up on old episodes! “The worry and anticipation of getting sued are heightened more than ever in the wake of the pandemic. It is in all physicians’ minds. I recently did a quick poll in some of my physician groups on social media, and roughly 500 physicians responded Read more… What to do if you’re involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit [PODCAST] originally appeared in KevinMD.com. (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Weekly Overseas Health IT Links –10th September, 2022.
This article is adapted fromVoices in the Code: A Story About People, Their Values, and the Algorithm They Made,out Sept. 8 from Russell Sage Foundation Press.In May 2021, I got a call I never expected. I was working on abook about A.I. ethics, focused on the algorithm that gives out kidneys to transplant patients in the United States. Darren Stewart —a data scientist from UNOS, the nonprofit that runs the kidney allocation process—was calling to get my take: How many decimal places should they include when calculating each patient’s allocation score? The score is an incredibly important number, given it determines w...
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“Beyond Nicotine”: Tobacco Joins Hands With Pharma.
BY MIKE MAGEE Connecticut attorney general, William Tong, took a turn in the spotlight this week, representing 33 states and Puerto Rico in announcing that vaping original, Juul, had agreed to pay penalties of $438.5 million to settle lawsuits against the company. Juul in essence acknowledged that the company’s marketers had targeted young students, used social media to attract underage teens, and had given them free samples. With 45% of the company’s Twitter followers between ages 13 and 17, and an age verification methodology authorities label as “porous”, they were happy to get the nation’s attorney gene...
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Weekly Overseas Health IT Links –3rd September, 2022.
Here are a few I came across last week.Note: Each link is followed by a title and few paragraphs. For the full article click on the link above title of the article. Note also that full access to some links may require site registration or subscription payment-----https://healthitanalytics.com/news/machine-learning-tools-predict-post-op-complications-surgery-durationMachine-Learning Tools Predict Post-Op Complications, Surgery DurationResearchers from Washington University in St. Louis have developed machine-learning tools that can predict post-operative complications and surgery duration using perioperative data.ByShania K...
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The Macro View – Health, Economics, and Politics and the Big Picture. What I Am Watching Here And Abroad.
September 01, 2022 Edition-----This week it is all about weather and climate change with floods, heatwaves and droughts in Parkistan, Europe and China. In the US drought is causing all sorts of food supply issues and price rises.In the EU was a seeing all sorts of energy supply problems.In Australia we have a feast of investigations into ScoMo, RoboDebt and so on. Lots to browse!-----Major Issues.-----https://www.afr.com/policy/foreign-affairs/us-alliance-fear-that-dare-not-speak-its-name-20220818-p5bat8US alliance fear that dare not speak its nameUneasiness about divided, inward-looking America fulfilling its security gua...
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