The Clean Water Act Gives States Freedom To Experiment
Thomas A. Berry andIsaiah McKinneyCongress enacted the Clean Water Act (CWA) to create a federal system for pollution control. But Congress wanted that federal system to leave room for the states as well. That ’s why the CWA encourages “cooperative federalism” between federal and state enforcement. Under the CWA, states can create their own water quality standards, as long as these meet federal requirements. The same is true for permitting regimes. And states are free to create their own administrat ive procedures for handling CWA violations.In addition to federal and state enforcement, the CWA also permitspriva...
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Let ’ s Do Public Health Better
BY KIM BELLARD Eric Reinhart, who describes himself as “a political anthropologist, psychoanalyst, and physician,” has had a busy month. He started with an essay in NEJM about “reconstructive justice,” then an op-ed in The New York Times on how our health care system is demoralizing the physicians who work in it, and then the two that caught my attention: companion pieces in The Nation and Stat News about reforming our public health “system” from a physician-driven one to a true community health one.  He’s preaching to my choir. I wrote almost five years ago: “We need to stop viewing public healt...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, February 27th 2023
This study tested the hypothesis that ischemic vascular repair in aging by Ang-(1-7) involves attenuation of myelopoietic potential in the bone marrow and decreased mobilization of inflammatory cells. Young or Old male mice of age 3-4 and 22-24 months, respectively, received Ang-(1-7) for four weeks. Myelopoiesis was evaluated in the bone marrow (BM) cells by carrying out the colony forming unit (CFU-GM) assay followed by flow cytometry of monocyte-macrophages. Expression of pro-myelopoietic factors and alarmins in the hematopoietic progenitor-enriched BM cells was evaluated. Hindlimb ischemia (HLI) was induced by ...
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More Visible Examples of Progress in the Longevity Biotech Industry in 2022
Much of the progress that takes place year after year in any segment of the broader biotech industry is invisible, and the growing portion of that industry focused on aging and longevity is no exception. Biotech is not a high profile industry, particularly because of the heavy dependence on intellectual property and trade secrets as a basis for government-granted monopolies on particular treatments. Details are kept quiet least larger entities in the industry to decide replicate a therapy and call it their own, because the potential rewards are worth the near certainty of a lawsuit. Thus every visible presentation or press...
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A Crime Bigger than the Murdaugh Murders
Paul MatzkoThe Cato Institute has advocated for tort reform for decades. As the CatoPolicy Handbook put it in 2017, tort litigation creates an incredible quarter of a trillion dollar annual bill that is ultimately footed by consumers. While such litigation is an important means for holding companies liable for bad behavior, in excess it is a growth ‐​minimizing and innovation‐​stymyingcancer.The latest example of the costs of excessive litigation comes from a surprising source: the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh in the low country of South Carolina.Murdaugh himself stole millions in settlement money f...
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Biden ’s Student‐​Debt Forgiveness Plan Is Illegal
Thomas A. BerryIn 2003, Congress enacted theHEROES Act ( “HEROES” stands for Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students). As implied by its name and timing, the law was enacted as a reaction to the Iraq War. Several of thefloor statements from members of Congress reveal that a primary motivation for the Act was to ensure that military members could have their student loan payments deferred while serving their country.Now, the Biden administration is attempting to use the HEROES Act to achieve a policy goal that is far different, and far more sweeping, than anything the law has been used for in th...
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The Killing of Tyre Nichols Reaffirms the Urgent Need for Police Accountability
Jay SchweikertThe brutal death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police officers is one of the most egregious examples of police misconduct in living memory. On January 7th, officers stopped Nichols, a 29 ‐​year‐​old Black man, for alleged “reckless driving” (though Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis has since acknowledged that they’ve been “unable to substantiate” probable cause even for this initial stop).Body camera footage reveals that the officers pulled Nichols out of the car, pushed him to the ground, threatened him, yelled expletives andconflicting commands, and used pepper spray and a&...
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The Power of a Quality Review: Your Best Defense Against OIG Audits
The following is a guest article by Rebecca Darnall, Risk Adjustment Leader at Episource. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to see the future of auditing at the Office of Inspector General (or OIG). It has given every indication that it intends to investigate fraud, waste, and abuse more robustly in the foreseeable future. To that end, the agency doubled its budget for audits in 2022. The clear message is to expect — and prepare for — more audits. These actions are more than just saber-rattling. The risk of audits is a legitimate threat to all payer organizations. As proof, several health plans have been making h...
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Navigating the emotional impact of a medical malpractice lawsuit [PODCAST]
Subscribe to The Podcast by KevinMD. Catch up on old episodes! In this episode, we explore the emotional impact of medical malpractice lawsuits on physicians and how they can navigate the process. Attorney Christine Zharova shares her insights on how these lawsuits can affect relationships with colleagues, staff, family, friends, and the self. She emphasizes Read more… Navigating the emotional impact of a medical malpractice lawsuit [PODCAST] originally appeared in (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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School Choice and the Courts
Colleen HroncichAs Neal McCluskeyexplored yesterday, education involves “developing the minds —and for many, the souls— of human beings. ” This basic truth has resulted in education being a common battleground since the early days of state involvement. Not surprisingly, most of these battles have been around religion, which is a primary way morals and values are taught and upheld.Many early public schools were at least loosely Protestant —including prayer and Bible reading as part of the school day—precisely because a strong moral upbringing was considered so essential. This resulted in court cas...
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Insurance company vs. doctor: How the defense and settlement provisions in malpractice contracts favor carriers
In a medical malpractice lawsuit, your defense is completely in the hands of the malpractice carrier, and, make no mistake of it, its interests come first. However, the medical malpractice insurance contract is more instrumental in the defense of a doctor than insurance companies realize. There are clauses in the contract that, at first glance, Read more… Insurance company vs. doctor: How the defense and settlement provisions in malpractice contracts favor carriers originally appeared in (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Why Religion and School Choice Seem So Tightly Connected: Human Minds and Souls
Neal McCluskey“If I’m not happy with my public park, should I get a voucher for a country club?”“If I don’t like the highways, should I get money for private roads?”“What if I don’t like the fire department? Should I get taxpayer dollars for my own fire service?”If you ’ve been involved in the school choice debate for very long, you’ve almost certainly seen these objections to choice. Basically, we would never “voucherize” these things – that would be crazy! – so why should we let people use public funding for private education?The obvious answer, as I ’veexplained before, is that edu...
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What Is the Legal Authority for Biden ’s Parole Programs?
David J. BierPresident Bidenannounced on January 5, 2023 that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would be creating new programs for Venezuelans, Haitians, Cubans, and Nicaraguans that would grant parole —a temporary discretionary status—to qualified applicants with U.S. sponsors for up to 2 years. Now several statesare suing to stop the programs, which will lead to more illegal immigration. Without getting into the states ’ various administrative law claims, my view is that there is little support for the states ' narrow view of the parole power in the legislative history or judicial precedent.[1]Parole is com...
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New School Choice Timeline: Equality for Diverse People
Neal McCluskeyIt seems like no matter where you live, you don ’t have to look far to see your fellow Americans fighting over whose values, histories, and more will be taught in public schools. They’re fighting over Advanced Placement African American Studiesin Florida. Gender identityin Texas. Sex educationin New Jersey. Merit and equityin Virginia. Native American historyin South Dakota. Ethnic studiesin California. Andon it goes.The institution that was supposed to foster unity among diverse people – public schooling – is instead a constant battleground. Why? Because it leaves people with opposed values little o...
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The Supreme Court Should Reject an Attempt to Undermine Section 230
Thomas A. Berry and David Meyer-LindenbergNot everyone may know about Section 230, but it plays a huge role in shaping the online world. It ’s a short law; the most important part is just twenty ‐​six words long. And it was enacted in 1996 because Congress was worried that the internet would become a cesspool of harmful content if internet companies could be sued for anything their users posted.In 1995, a New York state court had held that Prodigy, an early internet company, could be sued for defamation for something that one of Prodigy ’s users had posted. Because Prodigy moderated its users’...
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