More berries, apples and tea may have protective benefits against Alzheimer's

(Tufts University, Health Sciences Campus) Older adults with low intake of foods and drinks containing flavonoids, such as berries, apples, and tea, were more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and related dementias over 20 years, compared with people who consumed more of those items, according to a new study.
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HEART disease: Around twice as many people are living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK than with cancer and Alzheimer's disease combined according to the British Heart Foundation. Could a seemingly innocent and popular drug be contributing to these shocking statistics?
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LONGEVITY comes down to a number of factors. By eating the right kinds of food, bursting with essential vitamins, you can be sure to help reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease, keep your heart healthy and boost your longevity.
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Researchers here mine patient data in order to demonstrate that type 2 diabetes combines with the age-related stiffening of blood vessels to produce greater structural damage in the brain, leading to a more rapid cognitive decline. This correlation between stiffening and damage was not observed in non-diabetic patients. This is an interesting result, as a reasonable view of the consequence of blood vessel stiffening with age is that it will produce increased blood pressure and consequence pressure damage to delicate tissues regardless of other factors. The authors conclude that the most likely explanation is that diabetes ...
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Mini Rev Med Chem. 2021 Nov 24. doi: 10.2174/1389557521666211124141859. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTChromones are the class of secondary metabolites broadly occurred in the plant kingdom in a noticeable quantity. This rigid bicyclic system has been categorized "as privileged scaffolds in compounds" in medicinal chemistry. The wide biological responses made them an important moiety in a drug discovery program. This review provides updates on the various methods of synthesis of chromones and biological applications in medicinal chemistry. Various synthetic strategies for the construction of chromones include read...
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Amyloid-beta (A β) hypothesis drives the notion that Aβ peptide is a central player in Alzheimer's disease (AD) onset and/ or progression. However, it remains difficult to investigate Aβ in vitro due to differences in published protocols describing varying methods of peptide preparations. This is especially true as protocols may vary depending on whether toxic Aβ oligomers (as well as associated isoforms) or plaque- forming Aβ fibrils are investigated. Due to the biochemical and structural differences in both peptide species, the methods of peptide characterisation also vary, further complicating t...
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This narrative review aimed to explore the existing knowledge in order to examine the multiple forms of late-life depression (LLD) within a non-neurodegenerative or a neurodegenerative context, in particular Alzheimer ’s disease (AD). This review will first provide information about different pathogenic hypotheses proposed to describe LLD when it is not linked to a neurodegenerative context. Within the presentation of these syndromes, the literature reports thymic and cognitive specific features and highlights a common preponderance of cognitive impairment, and particularly executive. This review will also report dat...
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RATES of Alzheimer's disease rates are proving difficult to tame, but there are many tools at our disposal to lower the risk. Certain nutrients are key for protecting the brain. When the body finds itself deficient in one of them, the chances of brain decline could increase by up to 53 percent.
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In this report, we demonstrate the efficacy of a cryoprobe in removing airway foreign bodies caused by dental aspiration in an older patient. AbstractAn 88-year-old bedridden man with Alzheimer's disease developed fever and hypoxaemia. Chest radiography showed obstructive pneumonia caused by a foreign body in the airway. Examination using a flexible bronchoscope revealed a silver-crowned molar, thought to have fallen out due to root caries, at the left lower lobe branch. Removal of the foreign body was unsuccessful with grasping or basket forceps, but successful with cryoadhesion using a cryoprobe. Removal of an airway for...
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Nature Reviews Neurology, Published online: 25 November 2021; doi:10.1038/s41582-021-00591-9A new study found methylphenidate to be effective in treating apathy in individuals with Alzheimer disease. At a time when the recent aducanumab approval is focusing attention on the promise of disease-modifying therapies, the new findings highlight the importance of developing better symptomatic treatment options for individuals with psychiatric disorders of Alzheimer disease.
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The study's researchers looked at 167 men and women who participated in the Rush Memory and Aging Project. This is a long-term project at Rush University in Chicago which seeks to identify factors that contribute to brain health in older people.
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