Machine learning microscope adapts lighting to improve diagnosis

(Duke University) Engineers at Duke University have developed a microscope that adapts its lighting angles, colors and patterns while teaching itself the optimal settings needed to complete a given diagnostic task. In the initial proof-of-concept study, the microscope simultaneously developed a lighting pattern and classification system that allowed it to quickly identify red blood cells infected by the malaria parasite more accurately than trained physicians and other machine learning approaches.
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In this study, we used focused-ion-beam-milling combined with scanning-electron-microscopy to report the 3D architecture during nuclear segregations in oocyst stage. This advanced technology allowed us to analyse the 3D details of organelle segregation inside the oocyst during sporogony formation. It was revealed that multiple nuclei were involved with several centrosomes in one germ nucleus during sporozoite budding (endopolygeny). Our high-resolution 3D analysis uncovered the endopolygeny-like nuclear architecture of Plasmodium in the definitive host. This nuclear segregation was different from that in the blood stage, a...
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We cover a lot of news and announcements about digital health technologies to provide context for you. Even within The Medical Futurist team, there are favorite technologies and trends. And we thought it would be time to share the technologies we’re excited about! With advancements in exoskeleton technology, A.I.’s ever-increasing importance in healthcare and technologies like 5G and quantum computing soon going mainstream, there’s much to be excited about! Without further ado, let’s jump in! 1. Quantum Computing: faster, cheaper and safer Late last month, Google claimed “quantum suprema...
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We reported three cases of possible parasite resistance to artemether-lumefantrine therapy. All subjects had complete parasite clearance when treated with other antimalarial drugs. This observation necessitates the urgent need to re-evaluate artemether-lumefantrine medication in Nigeria since it is one of the most commonly used ACT drug.
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lli Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) are vectors of pathogens and parasites of great medical and veterinary relevance. The possible association between mosquitoes, infectious diseases, and cancer has been investigated. Despite its potential importance, there is a severe lack of research data on the topic. Herein, current knowledge, tenuous links, and related challenges on the topic were examined, grouping information under four major hypotheses. The first hypothesis is that the infection of mosquito-vectored parasites, with special reference to Plasmodium spp., may lead to cancer. The International Agency for Research o...
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Plasmodium falciparum malaria is a disease causing high morbidity and mortality rates worldwide, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. Candidates have been identified for vaccines targeting the parasite’s blood stage; this stage is important in the development of symptoms and clinical complications. However, no vaccine that can directly affect morbidity and mortality rates is currently available. This review analyzes the formulation, methodological design, and results of active clinical trials for merozoite-stage vaccines, regarding their safety profile, immunological response (phase Ia/Ib), and protective efficacy levels (p...
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(University College London) DNA from 75-year old eradicated European malaria parasites uncovers the historical spread of one of the two most common forms of the disease, Plasmodium vivax, from Europe to the Americas during the colonial period, finds a new study co-led by UCL published in Molecular Biology and Evolution.
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This study aimed at evaluating the antiplasmodial activity of ANI combinations with artesunate (AS) or chloroquine (CQ) against P. falciparum in vitro based on the semiautomated microdilution assay and P. berghei in vivo based on Peters' 4-day test. Data were analysed by linear regression using version 5.5 of Statistica, 2000. From the results, on the one hand, a combination of 1.1 ng/ml AS and 3.3 μg/ml of ANI inhibited 50% growth of W2, while a combination of 0.8 ng/ml of AS and 2.6 μg/ml of ANI inhibited 50% growth of 3D7. On the other hand, a combination of 22 ng/ml CQ and 3.7&t...
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ConclusionsThese data are cause for great concern and call for continued surveillance of the efficacy of SP in source and recipient populations, and should be considered when developing treatment policy for imported malaria cases in China and elsewhere.Graphical abstract
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Malaria disease commences when blood-stage parasites, called merozoites, invade human erythrocytes. Whilst the process of invasion is traditionally seen as being entirely merozoite-driven, emerging data sugges...
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Rhoptries are the large, paired, secretory organelles located at the apical tip of the malaria merozoite that are considered important for parasite invasion processes. Plasmodium vivax rhoptry proteins have been ...
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