Enteropathogens and Rotavirus Vaccine Immunogenicity in a Cluster Randomized Trial of Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Rural Zimbabwe

Conclusions: Enteropathogen infections were common around the time of rotavirus vaccination in rural Zimbabwean infants but did not explain poor RVV immunogenicity and were not reduced by a package of household-level WASH interventions.
Source: The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal - Category: Infectious Diseases Tags: Vaccine Reports Source Type: research

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Our objective was to develop comprehensive national estimates of the total burden of herpes zoster (HZ) among U.S. adults, including direct (ie, medical costs) and indirect (ie, productivity losses) costs, as well as its psychosocial impact (ie, quality of life losses). Using a patient-level microsimulation model, we projected health and economic outcomes among U.S. adults aged 18 years and older using a 10-year time horizon. We conducted a comprehensive systematic literature review to generate parameter values and conducted simulation modeling to generate our outcomes, including numbers of cases of uncomplicated HZ, posth...
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A new study showed that, when participants were given a new oral flu vaccine pill compared to the standard injectable, 29% of the tablet group fell ill compared to 35% of the shot group.
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Dr Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine is just one of a set of international scientists working to retool a vaccine started during the SARS outbreak to work against the new virus of the same family.
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CONCLUSION: Anterior segment optical coherence tomography can complement biomicroscopy, allowing for a better characterization of corneal involvement at presentation that can help in staging and providing useful prognostic information. PMID: 31962057 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusion: Due to general lack of awareness towards toxoplasmosis observed among both health workers and pregnant women in Temeke Municipality, we recommend health policy on maternal and child healthcare to address prenatal screening that is aimed at providing early diagnosis for any possible congenital toxoplasmosis as well as diseases that are currently screened in Tanzania such as HIV, syphilis and malaria. Integrating a One Health approach in educating medical professionals and the vulnerable population of pregnant women on the importance of congenital zoonoses will promote awareness and preventive practices towards t...
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Conclusion: It is argued that the validity of all theory should not be assumed before sufficient empirical evidence has accumulated to support its validity across contexts. However, caution is required, to avoid the consequences of an unquestioning approach to empiricism.Keywords: Pseudoscience; denialism; medical practice; medical theory; empiricism.
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CONCLUSIONS:The authors found relatively higher and increasing incidence rate of OPC in Florida and lower rate of HPV vaccination among adolescents in Florida than in the nation overall.PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS:The trends illustrated may stimulate policy changes to increase HPV vaccination for children and enhance the understanding of its benefits.
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Non-viable lactic acid bacteria (LAB) have been proposed as antigen delivery platforms called bacterium-like particles (BLPs). Most studies have been performed with Lactococcus lactis-derived BLPs where multiple antigens were attached to the peptidoglycan surface and used to successfully induce specific immune responses. It is well-established that the immunomodulatory properties of LAB are strain dependent and therefore, the BLPs derived from each individual strain could have different adjuvant capacities. In this work, we obtained BLPs from immunomodulatory (immunobiotics) and non-immunomodulatory Lactobacillus rhamnosus...
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West Nile (WN) virus infection of humans is frequently asymptomatic, but can also lead to WN fever or neuroinvasive disease. CD4 T cells and B cells are critical in the defense against WN virus, and neutralizing antibodies, which are directed against the viral glycoprotein E, are an accepted correlate of protection. For the efficient production of these antibodies, B cells interact directly with CD4 helper T cells that recognize peptides from E or the two other structural proteins (capsid-C and membrane-prM/M) of the virus. However, the specific protein sites yielding such helper epitopes remain unknown. Here, we explored ...
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Millennials and African Americans are more likely than other groups to skip their annual flu vaccines, according to the results of a survey commissioned by the AAFP.
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