Norovirus Roars Back; IBS Drug Finally Hits Shelves; Novel Drug for PBC?
(MedPage Today) -- As COVID-19 cases are falling, the norovirus is rebounding to pre-pandemic levels. (NBC News) Relatedly, Indiana University announced that it was awarded $1.2 million to develop the first combination oral rotavirus-norovirus... (Source: MedPage Today Gastroenterology)
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Covax, the Developing World ’ s Hope against COVID, Has Made It Only Halfway
Delivery of syringes for the vaccination campaign in El Salvador. Latin American countries have made steady progress in immunizing their populations, partly through direct negotiations between their governments and suppliers and partly through international cooperation. CREDIT: PAHO By Humberto MárquezCARACAS, Jan 20 2022 (IPS) The Covax initiative, the hope of the countries of the developing South to immunize their populations against COVID-19, only met half of its goals in 2021. And as 2022 begins, and the omicron variant of the virus is spreading fast, the scheme still depends on the decisions of pharmaceutical compani...
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Vaccines for preventing rotavirus diarrhoea: an updated Cochrane review
The latest update of the Cochrane review ‘Vaccines for preventing rotavirus diarrhoea: vaccines in use’ has found that rotavirus vaccines pre-qualified by the World Health Organization (WHO) (Rotarix, RotaTeq, Rotasiil, and Rotavac), prevent episodes of rotavirus diarrhoea in children and no increased risk of serious adverse events was found.Rotavirus infection is a common cause of diarrhoea in infants and in young children, and can cause mild illness, hospitalization, and death. Since 2009, the WHO has recommended that a rotavirus vaccine be included in all national infant and child immunization programmes. To date, 1...
Source: Cochrane News and Events - November 12, 2021 Category: Information Technology Authors: Lydia Parsonson Source Type: news

Patient, staff empowerment and hand hygiene bundle improved and sustained hand hygiene in hospital wards
Conclusions: The ' HH Bundle ' of appointing HH champions, active reminders and feedback, patient education and empowerment, availability of hand moisturisers, tagging near-empty hand rub bottles together with hospital-wide initiatives including financial incentives and the ' Speak Up for Patient Safety ' campaign successfully improved the overall HH compliance to>90%. These interventions were highly reliable, sustained over 4 years and also reduced health-care-associated rotavirus infection rates. (Source: Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH))
Source: Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH) - September 10, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Government slashes prices of about 39 commonly-used drugs
The drugs brought under price control include teneligliptin-an anti diabetes drug, popular anti TB drugs like Bedaquiline and Delamanid, Ivermectin used in Covid treatment, Rotavirus vaccine, among others. (Source: The Economic Times Healthcare and Biotech News)
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Bharat Biotech's Rotavac 5D receives WHO Prequalification
The new variant of Rotavac, Rotavac 5D, is a unique rotavirus vaccine formulation that can be administered without a buffer and its low dose volume (0.5 mL) facilitates easy vaccine logistics, cold chain management and low biomedical waste disposal post-vaccination, it said. (Source: The Economic Times Healthcare and Biotech News)
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Rotavirus Vaccine Tied to Major Reduction in Infections Rotavirus Vaccine Tied to Major Reduction in Infections
Two widely used rotavirus vaccines performed comparably in a meta-analysis, reducing risk of rotavirus gastroenteritis by more than 60% in young children.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines)
Source: Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines - May 21, 2021 Category: Infectious Diseases Tags: Pediatrics News Source Type: news

Introducing rotavirus vaccination in Nigeria highly cost effective
(Source: PharmacoEconomics and Outcomes News)
Source: PharmacoEconomics and Outcomes News - January 1, 2021 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: news

Fiji's vaccine program reduces childhood death and illness: study
(University of Melbourne) Fiji's national vaccine program against pneumonia, a serious lung condition, and rotavirus, a common disease which causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting, has reduced illness and death, new research shows. (Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases)
Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases - November 25, 2020 Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: news

How rotavirus causes severe gastrointestinal disease
(Baylor College of Medicine) Using intercellular calcium waves, rotavirus amplifies its ability to cause disease beyond the cells it directly infects. This is the first virus identified to activate ADP-mediated intercellular calcium waves. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health - November 19, 2020 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: news

Rotavirus induces intercellular calcium waves through ADP signaling
Rotavirus causes severe diarrheal disease in children by broadly dysregulating intestinal homeostasis. However, the underlying mechanism(s) of rotavirus-induced dysregulation remains unclear. We found that rotavirus-infected cells produce paracrine signals that manifested as intercellular calcium waves (ICWs), observed in cell lines and human intestinal enteroids. Rotavirus ICWs were caused by the release of extracellular adenosine 5'-diphosphate (ADP) that activated P2Y1 purinergic receptors on neighboring cells. ICWs were blocked by P2Y1 antagonists or CRISPR-Cas9 knockout of the P2Y1 receptor. Blocking the ADP signal re...
Source: ScienceNOW - November 19, 2020 Category: Science Authors: Chang-Graham, A. L., Perry, J. L., Engevik, M. A., Engevik, K. A., Scribano, F. J., Gebert, J. T., Danhof, H. A., Nelson, J. C., Kellen, J. S., Strtak, A. C., Sastri, N. P., Estes, M. K., Britton, R. A., Versalovic, J., Hyser, J. M. Tags: Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Online Only r-articles Source Type: news

The origin of diarrhea in rotavirus infection
(Source: ScienceNOW)
Source: ScienceNOW - November 19, 2020 Category: Science Authors: Stanifer, M., Boulant, S. Tags: perspective Source Type: news

Investigator at Children's Hospital Los Angeles awarded $3.4M to study rotavirus vaccine
(Children's Hospital Los Angeles) The rotavirus vaccine--which protects against diarrhea and resulting dehydration-- is less effective in children in middle- and low-income countries. Investigators will use genomics to optimize effectiveness of the vaccine in order to decrease hospitalizations and deaths in young children worldwide. (Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases)
Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases - October 9, 2020 Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: news

Revenge against rotavirus
(Source: ScienceNOW)
Source: ScienceNOW - October 8, 2020 Category: Science Authors: Fogg, C. N. Tags: twis Source Type: news

Biomedical sciences researchers find new way to prevent and cure rotavirus, other viral infections
(Georgia State University) A combination of two substances secreted by the immune system can cure and prevent rotavirus infection, as well as potentially treat other viral infections that target epithelial cells, which cover body surfaces such as skin, blood vessels, organs and the urinary tract, according to researchers in the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University. (Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases)
Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases - October 2, 2020 Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: news