Neglected intrauterine fetal demise for more than two decades leading to the development of a lithopedion: a case report

ConclusionThis case is a rare phenomenon in which the dead fetus remained in the uterus for a long time after a neglected obstructed labor and uterine rupture.
Source: Journal of Medical Case Reports - Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

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Background: The United States has the highest number of oocyte donation cycles, which account for an estimated one-quarter of all worldwide oocyte donation cycles. Although there has been a steady rise in oocyte donation treatment, understanding the kinship views of those intimately involved is lacking. These include women oocyte donors and parents who received donor oocytes to establish a pregnancy. Purpose: To explore the views and perspectives about genetic relationships and lineages among women who were oocyte donors and parents who received donated oocytes 10 to 12 years after donors and parents underwent oocyte ...
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Background: Birth fathers are the least known of the adoption triad (adoptee, birth family, adoptive family). There is a gap in evidence about birth father involvement in open adoptions. Purpose: The purpose of the study was to explore birth fathers' experiences of open adoption and contact patterns with birth children. Methods: Ten birth fathers of open adoptions were recruited from two agencies. Birth fathers participated in recorded telephone interviews using naturalistic inquiry. Verbatim transcripts were analyzed for qualitative content themes. Results: At conception and birth, birth fathers were not in a s...
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Background: African American women are more likely to experience preterm birth compared with White women. Social factors such as neighborhood disorder and experiences of racial discrimination, which disproportionately affect African American women, may partially explain these disparities. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine pregnant African American women's perceptions of neighborhood disorder, racial discrimination, and psychological distress and whether these concepts were viewed as influences on birth outcomes. Study Design and Methods: Using a mixed-methods approach, seven pregnant African America...
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[Daily Maverick] A doctor at 2 Military Hospital in Wynberg, Cape Town has pleaded not guilty to two charges at a Health Professions Council of SA disciplinary hearing. Jacques De Vos is accused of trying to dissuade a patient from terminating her pregnancy in December 2016 and of failing to respect the patient's autonomy.
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The post-partum period is an immunologically peculiar period in a woman's life. Indeed, most of the pregnancy-related immune changes gradually revert in the 12 months following delivery. Although the post-partum period has long been identified as a period of aggravation of autoimmune thyroid diseases, most of the currently available studies took into account the relationship between post-partum and autoimmune thyroiditis. More recently, the potential repercussions of the post-partum period on Graves' disease were also taken into account. The present mini review will briefly overview the most recent advances in our knowledg...
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Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) serves as one of the first signals provided by the embryo to the mother. Exactly at the time when the first step of the implantation process is initiated and the blastocyst adheres to the maternal endometrium, the embryonic tissue starts to actively secrete hCG. Shortly thereafter, the hormone can be detected in the maternal circulation where its concentration steadily increases throughout early pregnancy as it is continuously released by the forming placenta. Accumulating evidence underlines the critical function of hCG for embryo implantation and placentation. hCG not only regulates bio...
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ConclusionsWe have solid evidence supporting a multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients with cardiac conditions in pregnancy. This approach is optimal because it facilitates a consistent and clear message to the patient (and those caring for each patient) regarding management and risks associated with pregnancy, as well as subsequent risk and postpartum follow-up. We support the extension of clinical collaboration between obstetricians and cardiologists to the research realm and know that working together to investigate the outcomes of moms with heart conditions and their babies will provide clinically meaningful...
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MONDAY, Dec. 9, 2019 -- Smoking pot regularly during pregnancy won't do your baby any favors, researchers warn. They studied sonograms from nearly 450 pregnant women who said they used marijuana daily. The researchers concluded that daily use of...
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In conclusion, the aqueous extract A. africanus has anti-implantation effect in female rats and is safe up to 2000 mg/kg bw. In addition, it contains some potential steroidal saponins, which could be used to explain its an ti-implantation activity, however this finding needs further pharmacological studies to confirm the antifertility activities.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research
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