Malignant Intrarenal/Renal Pelvis Paraganglioma with Co-Occurring SDHB and ATRX Mutations

AbstractParagangliomas are rare neuroendocrine tumors which originate from embryonic neural crest cells. These tumors may arise from parasympathetic or sympathetic paraganglia, may secrete catecholamines, and can occur in varied anatomic locations, with some locations being less common than others. Hereditary paraganglioma-pheochromocytoma (PGL/PCC) syndromes are characterized by paragangliomas and pheochromocytomas and have been associated with germline heterozygous mutations inMAX,SDHA,SDHAF2,SDHB,SDHC,SDHD, orTMEM127. Herein, we report a case of a middle-aged male who was diagnosed with an intrarenal/renal pelvis paraganglioma after presenting in hypertensive crisis with palpitations, headache, and diaphoresis. He was later found to have extensive metastatic disease, as well as genetic testing that showed biallelic inactivation ofSDHB and a co-occurring somaticATRX mutation. Respectively, these germline and somatic mutations have been associated with increased risk of metastatic spread and clinical aggressiveness. Despite multiple surgical resections and various treatment modalities, the patient eventually elected for palliative care measures and died of disease. Together, the findings seen in this patient are unique and serve as an appropriate catalyst for discussing the unusual locations, interesting genetic profiles, and metastatic risk factors that may be associated with paragangliomas.
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Resumo Este artigo tem por base uma investiga ção realizada entre novembro de 2013 e janeiro de 2017, na Universidade do Minho (Portugal), sobre os docentes da Universidade Óscar Ribas (UOR) (Angola). Foi alicerçado num referencial teórico, a Psicodinâmica do Trabalho de Christophe Dejours, e teve como objetivos analisar os sintomas biops icossociais e os sentimentos de prazer e/ou de sofrimento relacionados com o trabalho docente. Foi utilizada a metodologia quantitativa, que teve por base a aplicação de um questionário e duas escalas a 56 docentes da UOR. Veri...
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Bright operating room lights are not kind to me.
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My brother and I are both physicians. He is a pediatrician; I am a geriatrician and palliative medicine doctor. We are both getting older. My brother has been a practicing pediatrician for almost 50 years. He had a remarkably successful solo practice in the city where he lived. He recently retired but continued to work […]Find jobs at  Careers by  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more.
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This study investigated the effect of a combination of atypical Protein Kinase C (PKC) inhibitor (either ICA-I or ζ-Stat) and 5-FU (a thymidylate synthase inhibitor) on CRC cells viability concerning cellular DNA damage. In this study, we took multiple approaches such as colony formation assay, flow cytometry, DNA ladder assay, TUNEL assay, etc. to examine the CRC cell viability and apoptosis as a function of combination treatment. Our findings showed that the combination of atypical PKC inhibitor and 5-FU synergistically reduced the viability of CRC cells and induced apoptosis. Additionally, the DNA ladder and TUNEL ...
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CONCLUSION: This study showed that calcitonin could be helpful analgesic agent in different painful situations. Calcitonin can be considered an eligible treatment for acute pains related to vertebral fractures and a feasible alternative for the treatment of the acute and chronic neuropathic pains where other medications might fail. PMID: 31810524 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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(University of Vermont) Researchers at the University of Vermont's Vermont Conversation Lab have used machine learning and natural language processing to better understand what end-of-life conversations look like. Borrowing techniques used to study fiction, where machine learning algorithms analyze manuscripts to identify story types, the researchers identified several common elements in these conversations. That knowledge could eventually help healthcare practitioners understand what makes a 'good' conversation about palliative care.
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Discussion Gaucher disease (GD) was first described by Philippe Gaucher in 1882. It was the first lysosomal storage disease (LSD) described and is the comparison prototype for many variations and their treatment. There are about 50 LSD and more well-known ones include Fabry, Niemann-Pick and Pompe diseases. LSDs currently have more than 300 different enzymes or membrane proteins affected which cause central nervous system and visceral disease. Overall the frequency of LSDs in aggregate is 1:3000 – 7000 live births. GD has an estimated prevalence of 1:57,000 – 111,000. It is higher within the Ashkenazi Jewish po...
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