What Can You Do To Prevent Tinea Infections and Why?

Discussion Superficial fungal infections are very common. “Dermatophytes are molds that can invade the stratum corneum of the skin or other keratinized tissues derived from the epidermis, such as hair and nails. Organisms most commonly affect the scalp, feet, groin and nails.” Dermatophytes can be anthropophilic (human to human transmission), zoophilic (animal to human transmission) or geophilic (fomite to human transmission). Zoophilic dermatophytes are usually uncommon sources of human infection. Microsporum canis is the most common zoophilic dermatophyte and it can infect humans with close contact but this is less common than anthropophilic organisms. A common example of a geophilic dermatophyte is Microsporum gypseum and again it is not very commonly spread. Human to human or self-inoculation is the most common way tinea infections are spread. Anthropophilic organisms commonly encountered include Trichophyton rubrum, Triphophyton mentagrophytes, Trichophyton tonsurans, and Epidermophyton floccosum. A review of common tinea infections and presentations can be found here Learning Point Tinea tends to affect the glabrous skin or skin without prominent hair. The primary method of transmission between people is contact with infected desquamated skin scales and also infected hair. Molds tend to grow in warm humid environments, so it is not surprising that areas of the bodies with these characteristics are commonly affected. Similarly, environmental exposure such ...
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The United States has been a slow brewing cauldron of gender bias for years. With increasing tensions and an unspoken, formidable energy in most workplaces and educational institutions, women have grown restless. The culmination has and is resulting into an empowering movement for gender equality (#womensrights). And the medical profession is not immune. I wasn ’t […]Find jobs at  Careers by KevinMD.com.  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more.
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In this study, we investigate the relationship between suspension (i.e., in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, or both) and youth participation in extracurricular activities, both in-school and outside of school, using data from the Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002. Results suggest students who are suspended are less likely to participate in school clubs (e.g., student government, yearbook, band/choir), and are also less likely to participate in volunteer work/community service. This suggests the impact of school discipline extends beyond the schooling context. These results provide insight into how suspens...
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As I have said many times, the chapter divisions were added by medieval scribes and often don't seem to make a lot of sense. Exodus 23 is obviously three different segments which may well come from entirely different original sources. It starts out ascribing moral principles which, in contrast to much of what we have seen so far, are largely consistent with what we think of as virtuous today. Then it prescribes some religious practices which include some of God's odd obsessions but whatever. Then it turns really, really ugly. (I've gone back to the New International Version for this one, it seems clearer in some places.) H...
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Speaking in the health debate at the Labour Party conference in Brighton today (Sunday), UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “The NHS is our party’s greatest achievement, the jewel in the crown of the welfare state. It’s still free at the point of need, and a beacon of humanity and human decency. “But Boris Johnson is a total disgrace. Last week he shamefully used the NHS as a cheap backdrop for a cheap stunt, posing for pictures and prancing through wards. Displaying incredible hypocrisy after a decade of Tory neglect, cuts and crises. “It’s no wonder Omar Salem confronted the P...
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According to the Dictionary of Word Origins, the word “purpose” comes from the Latin word proponere, which means “to declare” or “to put forward.” The word “declaration” invokes such a sense of strength for me. It is a powerful word. It is hard to make a declaration meekly. A person doesn’t “timidly” make a declaration. The very sentence, “he ambivalently declared his position” sounds rather nonsensical. I am also willing to wager that the founding fathers of the United States did not consider titling the Declaration of Independenc...
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(Natural News) You have to admit one thing about Democrats: They have hypocrisy down to a fine art and they are extremely good practitioners. Case in point: The Donkey Party is all up in arms over a report claiming that President Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate a business deal involving his country and former...
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Abstract Traditional tobacco products have well-known systemic and local oral effects, including inflammation, vasoconstriction, delayed wound healing, and increased severity of periodontal disease. Specifically in the oral cavity and the lung, cigarette smoking produces cancer, increased infectivity, acute and chronic inflammation, changes in gene expression in epithelial lining cells, and microbiome changes. In recent years, cigarette smoking has greatly decreased in the United States, but the use of new tobacco products has gained tremendous popularity. Without significant knowledge of the oral sequelae of prod...
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