Role of Public Health Organizations in Addressing Public Health Problems in Europe: The Case of Obesity, Alcohol and Antimicrobial Resistance

Source: World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe. Published: 10/2018. This 116-page report is based on detailed country reports from nine European countries (England, France, Germany, Italy, the Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, and Sweden) on the involvement of public health organizations in addressing obesity, alcohol, and antimicrobial resistance. It discusses why public health agencies and organizations must play a part in any response to these issues, with intersectoral action beyond the health system needed. (PDF)
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Purpose: To investigate the natural history of Stargardt disease over a multiyear follow-up. Methods: We reviewed medical records of Stargardt disease patients, with clinical diagnosis of Stargardt disease at a single institution, which was also supported by molecular diagnosis. All patients underwent best-corrected visual acuity, fundus photography, optical coherence tomography, and full-field electroretinography. Results: The study cohort consisted of 157 Stargardt disease patients aged 30.4 ± 1.1 years. Longitudinal analysis (mean follow-up: 3 years) showed a significant worsening of best-corrected visual...
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ConclusionPeople with uncontrolled epilepsy think that there is a scope for mHealth technology to be useful in healthcare as a detection or prediction tool. The costs will be compared with the benefits when it comes to engagement, and ongoing work with patients and other stakeholders is needed to design practical resources.
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Publication date: Available online 24 June 2019Source: Brain, Behavior, and ImmunityAuthor(s): Qiang Liu, Lingli Yan, Miaodan Huang, Haitao Zeng, Senthil Kumaran Satyanarayanan, Zhe Shi, Dingbang Chen, Jia-Hong Lu, Zhong Pei, Xiaoli Yao, Huanxing SuAbstractAlcoholism is a risk factor for the development of cognitive decline and dementia. Here we demonstrated that the glymphatic function in the brain was impaired by alcohol administration. Acute moderate alcohol administration substantially retarded and reduced the entry of subarachnoid cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) via the paravascular space into the cerebral parenchyma, thus ...
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ConclusionThe ability of certain antibiotics to induce biofilm formation by a tested C. jejuni strain is of concern, with respect to the effective control of disease caused by this pathogen; however, further work is required to confirm how widespread this feature is.
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ConclusionThe results indicate that the rate of resistance to quinolone has gradually increased. Since ST4526 was not isolated in 2000 and 2008, it is likely that ST4526 is rapidly increasing in Japan.
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ConclusionTo our knowledge, this is the first complete genome sequence of an E. asburiae isolate co-producing IMP-8, CTX-M-14, CTX-M-3 and QnrS1. This genome may facilitate the understanding of the resistome, pathogenesis and genomic features of Enterobacter cloacae complex (ECC) and will provide valuable information for accurate identification of ECC.
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As the number of antibiotics supplied through the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service increases, concerns are growing over its impact on antimicrobial resistance.
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Publication date: Available online 22 June 2019Source: The Saudi Dental JournalAuthor(s): C. Maspero, D. Cavagnetto, A. Fama, L. Giannini, G. Galbiati, M. FarronatoAbstractObjectivethe aim of this study was to compare arch changes before and after maxillary expansion with Transverse Maxillary Sagittal Expander (TSME) and Hyrax Palatal Expander (HPE), in growing patients with diagnosis of maxillary hypoplasia.Materials and methodsthe sample consisted of 40 patients’ records (20 males 20 females mean age 9.2±2.6 years) were selected from the archive of the Orthodontic Department of the University of Milan, Italy...
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Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is the leading cause of chronic liver injury and the third most common reason for liver transplantations in Western countries. It is unclear so far how different fat sources in Western diets (WD) influence the development of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Our study investigates the impact of non trans fat (NTF) and corn oil (Corn) as fat source in a WD mouse model of steatohepatitis on disease development and progression. C57/B6J wildtype (WT) mice were fed “standard” WD (WD-Std), WD-NTF or WD-Corn for 24 weeks. WT animals treated with WD-NTF exhibit distinct features of the...
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