Certain dietary or nutritional supplements could improve sperm quality

(Universitat Rovira i Virgili) Infertility affects 15 percent of the world population and is recognized by the WHO as a global health problem. Researchers have carried out the most extensive and systematic review to date of randomized clinical studies into the effects of different nutrients and dietary supplements on sperm quality and male fertility. The study suggests that dietary supplements can have a beneficial effect on sperm quality.
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The gene, XRCC1, is crucial for sperm development, to ensure a high sperm count, swift motility, normal shape, and solid concentration. Chinese scientists show it is lacking in infertile mice.
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Conclusion The periconceptional environment and lifestyle factors modify sperm epigenome. This alteration might be maintained in the zygote and throughout development, thereby leading to the inheritance of newly acquired pathologies. The role of sperm miRNA, not only as innovative markers of fertility issues but also as vectors involved in the inheritance of paternal diseases, appears to be crucial. Overweight and obesity seem to alter sperm miRNA profile, thereby leading to transmission of different miRNA profiles in zygote, with consequences on embryo development. In long term, metabolic disorders have been described in...
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In this study, a link between mitochondrial changes and infant temperament has also been suggested. Maternal psychosocial stress and lifetime trauma have been associated with decreased mitochondrial DNA copy number in the placenta (115, 116).IndividualityChronic stress links changes in the epigenetic landscape with health conditions (117). Different cell types are characterized by distinct patterns of gene expression due to developmental, environmental, physiological, and pathological reasons (117). Epigenetic mechanisms affect gene function in a dynamic way as a result of different environmental exposures during fetal dev...
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Condition:   Infertility Intervention:   Other: Serum amyloid A level Sponsor:   Ain Shams Maternity Hospital Completed
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Authors: Esteves SC, Agarwal A, Roque M, Humaidan P Abstract PMID: 30990288 [PubMed - in process]
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Authors: Lopes LS, Esteves SC Abstract In recent years, growing evidence has challenged the notion that sperm quantity and quality are not essential for the success of assisted reproductive technology. DNA fragmentation assessments on ejaculated and testicular sperm harvested from non-azoospermic infertile men have reported a remarkable decrease in DNA damage in spermatozoa directly retrieved from the seminiferous tubules. Moreover, emerging evidence using molecular genetic techniques indicates that aneuploidy rates are lower in testicular sperm than in ejaculated counterparts. The use of testicular sperm from non-...
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Authors: Cho CL, Esteves SC, Agarwal A Abstract Varicoceles exert deleterious effect on testicular function. The condition has been associated with male infertility, testicular hypotrophy and pain. These comprises the common indications for varicocele repair currently. Significant improvement in semen parameters and pregnancy outcomes had been suggested by reports decades ago. However, selection of the best candidates remains an issue since not all patients respond positively to treatment. Consensus has been reached in recent decade after the publication of a series of meta-analyses. Significant improvement in preg...
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Authors: Majzoub A, Agarwal A, Esteves SC Abstract Sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF) is an advanced test of sperm function that is utilized during male fertility evaluation. Recently, a guideline was published highlighting the detrimental impact of SDF on sperm function identifying practice-based clinical indications for SDF testing. This review illustrates the commonly utilized SDF measurement techniques and explores the current evidence behind their utility in clinical practice. Patients diagnosed with varicocele, unexplained infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, recurrent failure of assisted reproductive techniques...
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Authors: Martins AD, Agarwal A Abstract Oxidative stress is considered a major etiology for male infertility, more specifically idiopathic infertility. The causes of seminal oxidative stress can be intrinsic, such as varicocele or due to the presence of active leukocytes and immature germ cells. Reported external causes are smoking, alcohol or exposure to environmental toxins. Traditional methods to determine the seminal oxidative stress do not evaluate this status directly, but rather measure its components or intermediate products indirectly, instead. The major disadvantages of the traditional methods are related...
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Authors: Vij SC, Panner Selvam MK, Agarwal A Abstract Diagnostic testing for male infertility has traditionally been limited to andrology labs. The advent of home-based semen testing has the potential to allow patients to perform testing in the comfort of their home and screen those who need a formal evaluation. An extensive review of the literature was performed. There are several FDA-approved devices for home semen testing. The mechanism of the test and the results provided differ by test. The existing tests are limited in their diagnostic capabilities but may fill a niche for men who do not have access to androl...
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