Massive pericardial effusion without cardiac tamponade due to subclinical hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's disease).

Massive pericardial effusion without cardiac tamponade due to subclinical hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's disease). Rural Remote Health. 2018 May;18(2):4384 Authors: Papakonstantinou PE, Gourniezakis N, Skiadas C, Patrianakos A, Gikas A Abstract CONTEXT: Hypothyroidism is a significant cause of pericardial effusion. However, large pericardial effusions due to hypothyroidism are extremely rare. Hormone replacement therapy is the cornerstone of treatment for hypothyroidism and regular follow-up of patients after initiation of the therapy is indicated. Herein, the case of a 70-year-old woman with a massive pericardial effusion due to Hashimoto's disease is presented. ISSUES: A 70-year-old female from a rural village on the island of Crete, Greece, was admitted to our hospital due to a urinary tract infection. She was under hormone replacement therapy with levothyroxine 100 µg once a day for Hashimoto's disease. Two years previously, the patient had had an episode of pericarditis due to hypothyroidism and had undergone a computed tomography-guided pericardiocentesis. The patient did not have regular follow-up and did not take the hormone replacement therapy properly. On admission, the patient's chest X-ray incidentally showed a possible pericardial effusion. The patient was referred for echocardiography, which revealed a massive pericardial effusion. Beck's triad was absent. Thyroid hormones were consistent with subclinical hypothyroidism: thyroid-stimu...
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ConclusionTiming of titanium mesh cranioplasty after decompressive craniectomy based on their age is a workable solution for school-age pediatric patients. The enlargement of cranium defects in pre-schoolers supports a delayed repair until school age. The long-term outcomes for these patients with titanium mesh cranioplasty are favourable.
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CONCLUSIONS: Clinical assessment of young female patient including that of obtaining full medical history with a focus on the perceived changes in appearance, psychological symptoms and menstrual irregularities supported by laboratory tests indicative of metabolic status and characteristic changes in thyroid functions, may be the key to well-reasoned and justified individual therapeutic decisions. PMID: 31002146 [PubMed - in process]
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ConclusionsFor patients with complicated type B aortic dissection, implantation of a stent graft under direct vision (hybrid surgery) is easily performed and provides satisfactory middle- and long-term outcomes.Visual Abstract
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In this report, we present a laryngotracheal reconstruction with a buccal mucosa–prefabricated medial femoral condyle free flap, after chondroma excision in a 1-step procedure. Functional results are promising and were confirmed by endoscopy and computed tomography examination 12 months postoperatively. This reconstruction-with-prefabrication technique, among others, may be used in the reconstruction of different regions like craniofacial bone defects, apart from larynx and trachea.
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I had previously thought that I had a good grasp of the term biomarkerwhen I posted a note about it more than thirteen years ago (see:Use of Term Biomarker vs. Analyte). The definition that I used at that time was:any molecular species found to provide correlation to a particular phenotype or perturbation of a biological system.Unstated at that time was that the molecular species was found in a biologic fluids like blood, serum, or urine. Now comes an article that upsets this definition but that makes a persuasive argument for doing so (see:U-M startup analyzes data from patient imaging files to he...
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Authors: Kashikar SV, Lakhkar B, Pandey A, Gupta A Abstract An adolescent presented with headache and projectile vomiting and showed ataxia, dysarthia and nystagmus with normal cognition. A diagnosis of acute cerebellitis was made on the basis of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings. He developed seizures and had a rapid downhill course with death at 48 hours after admission. Clinically, patients of acute cerebellitis present with fever, nausea, headache and altered sensorium with cerebellar symptoms. Inflammation of the cerebellum compresses the brain stem and induces mental alterations. It ...
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ConclusionsAmong all nondestructive techniques used for cheese quality evaluation, fluorescence spectroscopy is the most used method for classification, NIR spectroscopy is mainly used for predicting chemical components, FTIR spectroscopy shows the greatest scope of applications, while CV, X-ray and MRI are only used for monitoring eye growth. HSI and Raman imaging begins to attract research interest, and synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy gradually replaces front-face fluorescence spectroscopy, whereas CV is no longer applied to cheese evaluation and literatures about NIR spectroscopy also becomes less in recent years....
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ConclusionLipoma of the left mesocolon is exceptional. Radiological examinations provide most arguments to suggest lipoma. However the organ’s diagnosis is provided by surgical exploration and the certainty diagnosis by pathological examination. Treatment is surgical.
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ConclusionPrompt diagnosis with thoracic drainage and a damage control treatment plan might lead to good prognosis for patients with this rare and potentially fatal condition.
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ConclusionRadiological imaging studies are insufficient for the differential diagnosis of splenic lesions in sarcoidosis from other diseases, whereas laparoscopic splenectomy is less invasive and useful as part of the diagnostic approach.
Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports - Category: Surgery Source Type: research
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