Effectiveness of Triamcinolone Hexacetonide Intraarticular Injection in Interphalangeal Joints: A 12-week Randomized Controlled Trial in Patients with Hand Osteoarthritis.

Effectiveness of Triamcinolone Hexacetonide Intraarticular Injection in Interphalangeal Joints: A 12-week Randomized Controlled Trial in Patients with Hand Osteoarthritis. J Rheumatol. 2015 Aug 1; Authors: Spolidoro Paschoal NO, Natour J, Machado FS, Oliveira HA, Furtado RN Abstract OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness and tolerance of intraarticular injection (IAI) of triamcinolone hexacetonide (TH) for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) of hand interphalangeal (IP) joints. METHODS: Sixty patients who underwent IAI at the most symptomatic IP joint were randomly assigned to receive TH/lidocaine (LD; n = 30) with TH 20 mg/ml and LD 2%, or just LD (n = 30). The injected joint was immobilized with a splint for 48 h in both groups. Patients were assessed at baseline and at 1, 4, 8, and 12 weeks by a blinded observer. The following variables were assessed: pain at rest [visual analog scale (VAS)r], pain at movement (VASm), swelling (physician VASs), goniometry, grip and pinch strength, hand function, treatment improvement, daily requirement of paracetamol, and local adverse effects. The proposed treatment (IAI with TH/LD) was successful if statistical improvement (p
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aacute;č P Abstract The team of authors presents a case of the patient who suffered an isolated unstable extra-articular distal ulnar fracture, the surgical treatment of which was affected by a postponed management in consequence of inadequate primary treatment. The primary non-operative treatment resulted in a complex malunion ad latus, ad axim and ad peripheriam. The malunion which led to a painful restricted range of motion of the forearm (59%), decreased hand grip strength and significant limitation of activities of daily living was surgically treated by a triplane corrective osteotomy at 11 months after inju...
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The high incidence of osteoarthritis (OA) in an increasingly elderly population anticipates a dramatic rise in the number of people suffering from this disease in the near future. Because pain is the main reason patients seek medical help, effective pain management—which is currently lacking—is paramount to improve the quality of life that OA sufferers desperately seek. Good animal models are, in this day and age, fundamental tools for basic research of new therapeutic pathways. Several animal models of OA have been characterized, but none of them reproduces entirely all symptoms of the disease. Choosing betwee...
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Discussion/conclusionThe study hypothesis was confirmed: there were no differences according to primary versus secondary osteoarthritis in preoperative profile or results. Elbow osteoarthritis entails mechanical impingement. Arthroscopic debridement gave good results independently of primary or post-traumatic etiology.Level of evidenceIII, prospective comparative observational multicenter cohort study.
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Abstract OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in improving pain and physical function following total joint arthroplasty (TJA). DESIGN: Two-group, parallel-group, randomised controlled trial, conducted between September 2012 and May 2017. SETTING: Single centre study conducted at a University-affiliated, tertiary hospital. INTERVENTION: People with arthritis scheduled for TJA, with a well-being score
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Publication date: Available online 14 September 2019Source: Reumatología Clínica (English Edition)Author(s): Manuel Jiménez Ortiz, Alfonso Espinosa Ruiz, Cristóbal Martínez Delgado, Pablo Barrena Sánchez, José A. Salido ValleAbstractBackgroundThe association of depression and chronic pain in knee osteoarthritis is a complex and difficult phenomenon to understand. In fact, establishing the order of appearance of these entities might result in an arduous task.ObjectiveIn addition to analysing the relationship between preoperative anxiety and depression according to the results...
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ConclusionNo patient was newly prescribed Versatis ® during their admission. The MMP directive for the prescribing of Versatis® influenced prescribing practice across our hospital sites. Community practice for prescribing off-label is still evident for chronic pain, reflecting the difficulty of pain control in older adults. The cost of individual plasters increased by 0.88€ since 2017.
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ConclusionBony stress in the lumbar spine was prevalent in 11% of patients under 25  years of age. It was commonly undiagnosed in radiology reports (not reported in 36% of the cases). Being significantly associated and with an increased likelihood of IVD degeneration and LBP, we posit that bony stress is likely a symptomatic and clinically meaningful diagnostic entity in the asses sment of LBP.Graphic abstractThese slides can be retrieved under Electronic Supplementary Material.
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Publication date: Available online 13 September 2019Source: The Veterinary JournalAuthor(s): C. Muller, M. Enomoto, A. Buono, J.M. Steiner, B.D.X. LascellesAbstractOsteoarthritis (OA) is a debilitating disease in dogs. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly used to treat OA; however, many dogs do not obtain adequate pain relief with an NSAID alone. This pilot study evaluated the systemic anti-inflammatory and mobility enhancing effects of an eggshell membrane-based nutritional supplement in dogs with OA-associated pain and mobility impairment. Twenty-seven dogs with OA-associated pain were enrolled int...
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The objective of this study was to look for compensatory foot and ankle behaviours during gait in paediatric patients with symptomatic ACL deficiency.HypothesisCompensation for ACL deficiency during gait occurs at the foot and ankle in children, because compensation at the hip and pelvis would require greater energy expenditure.Material and methodsWe included 47 patients, 33 males and 14 females, ranging in age from 9 to 17 years (mean, 14.1 years). The patients had a history of unilateral ACL injury documented by MRI and initially treated by immobilisation and physical therapy. They were allowed to walk with full weight-b...
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Publication date: Available online 14 September 2019Source: Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology (English Edition)Author(s): Babita Ghai, Vasudha Gupta, Ashish Jain, Nitika Goel, Devender Chouhan, Yatinder Kumar BatraAbstractBackgroundIntra-articular injections of platelet-rich plasma to treat symptoms of knee osteoarthritis have been successfully used in young patients. However in most of these studies the control and test knees were present in different patients thus incorporating a large amount of bias in the results. Therefore, the present study was designed in which patients with bilateral osteoarthritis knee were incl...
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