Mother-child dyads of overnutrition and undernutrition in sub-Saharan Africa

CONCLUSION: Combination of child, maternal, and contextual factors could explain mother-child dyads of overnutrition and undernutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. Addressing this situation requires multidimensional policies and interventions that empower women through education and economic engagement. The observed sub-regional differences in policies and commitments related to addressing malnutrition suggest the need for comprehensive and coordinated efforts to implement and strengthen multisectoral comprehensive nutrition plans across sub-Saharan Africa. Sharing best practices and lessons learned can help improve the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of nutrition interventions and contribute to reducing the prevalence of malnutrition.PMID:38167549 | PMC:PMC10759505 | DOI:10.1186/s41043-023-00479-y
Source: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: Source Type: research