NIH/FDA IIG Seminar - Enfu Hui

Dr. Hui is an associate professor at UCSD, leading a research laboratory on investigating the mechanisms of immune checkpoints, using cell-free membrane reconstitution, time-resolved live cell microscopy and cutting-edge cell biology approaches. Dr. Hui ’ s laboratory recently uncovered two novel aspects of PD-L1/PD-1 signaling. Intracellularly, Dr. Hui and his group showed that the T cell costimulatory receptor CD28 is a primary target of PD-1 associated phosphatases. Extracellularly, they discovered that PD-L1, a key weapon of tumor cells, can be neutralized in cis by PD-1 expressed on the same cells. Dr. Hui continues to elucidate the PD-1 signaling pathway by the identification of novel regulators and targets of PD-1. In addition, his laboratory is investigating whether and how additional immune brakes operate in conjunction with PD-1 to “ turn off ” T cell activity. They are identifying the triggering molecules that turn these brakes on, and signal transducers these brakes recruit to suppress the immune response. Dr. Hui ’ s findings are contributing to the development of novel biomarkers and drug targets of cancer immunotherapy.For more information go to date: 5/17/2023 4:00:00 PM
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