Q. why sprironolactone not given in HCM?
Q.Why spironolactone is not given in Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy while other diuretics can help? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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what to do next for this man?
A colleague rang me this morning about a 65 year old man. background ischaemic cardiomyopathy -angio last week no targets for revascularisation suitable for a bivent ICD as EF 25% and has lbbb on ecg worsening heart failure - put on 3kg over past 24 hours on furosemide 80mg / 40 mg iv, spironolactone 25mg,  ramipril 2.5mg and bisoprolol 5mg BP 120 systolic, creatinine 110 , sodium now 122 (was normal 1 week ago)   what would you do next? sadian (Source: Doc2Doc BMJ Cardiology)
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heart failure question
I know the drugs that decrease mortality in heart failure (systolic), but are we supposed to put patients on all of them? If the b-blocker is controlling their BP well and they are not complaining of symptoms like swelling and SOB, should I still add on the ACE and spironolactone at low doses because they decrease mortality as well? I have been told yes and no so I'm confused???? huh, thanks- (Source: Student Doctor Network Forums)
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