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Juvenile dermatomyositis/polymyositis and lymphoma
The objective of this literature review was to assess for any association between, and disease profile of, JDM/PM and lymphoma in childhood. Risk determinants of the possible development of lymphoma in the pediatric population with JDM/PM appear to be the degree and duration of inflammatory activity with chronic B-cell activation and/or antigen stimulation; a paraneoplastic relationship is unlikely. (Source: Journal of the Neurological Sciences)
Source: Journal of the Neurological Sciences - March 25, 2017 Category: Neurology Authors: Joerg-Patrick St übgen Tags: Review Article Source Type: research

Inflammatory Muscle Disease: A New Landscape
Publication date: Available online 22 March 2017 Source:Joint Bone Spine Author(s): Alain Meyer, Béatrice Lannes, Joëlle Goetz, Andoni Echaniz-Laguna, Dan Lipsker, Laurent Arnaud, Thierry Martin, Jacques Eric Gottenberg, Bernard Geny, Jean Sibilia Greater accuracy in clinical descriptions combined with advances in muscle histology and immunology have established that inflammatory muscle diseases (IMDs) resemble inflammatory joint diseases in that they constitute a highly heterogeneous group of conditions. The topographic distribution, severity, and tempo of onset vary widely, and the histological findings distinguish at...
Source: Joint Bone Spine - March 23, 2017 Category: Orthopaedics Source Type: research

Relevance of clinical and autoantibody profiles in systemic sclerosis among Thais
ConclusionsATA and anti‐CENP were not helpful in differentiating the SSc subset in Thai SSc patients, albeit they were good for predicting hand function. Coexisting ATA and anti‐CENP negativity were associated with less extensive skin tightness and SSc overlap syndrome. (Source: APLAR Journal of Rheumatology)
Source: APLAR Journal of Rheumatology - March 9, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Chingching Foocharoen, Piyakarn Watcharenwong, Sittichai Netwijitpan, Ajanee Mahakkanukrauh, Siraphop Suwannaroj, Ratanavadee Nanagara Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Incidence of autoimmune diseases in a nationwide HIV/AIDS patient cohort in Taiwan, 2000-2012
Conclusions PLWHA had higher risks of incident Sjögren syndrome, psoriasis, SLE, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and uveitis. (Source: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases)
Source: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases - March 9, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Yen, Y.-F., Chuang, P.-H., Jen, I.-A., Chen, M., Lan, Y.-C., Liu, Y.-L., Lee, Y., Chen, Y.-H., Chen, Y.-M. A. Tags: Immunology (including allergy), Muscle disease, Ophthalmology, Connective tissue disease, Degenerative joint disease, Musculoskeletal syndromes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic lupus erythematosus Clinical and epidemiological research Source Type: research

Thigh muscle MRI in immune-mediated necrotising myopathy: extensive oedema, early muscle damage and role of anti-SRP autoantibodies as a marker of severity
Conclusions Compared with patients with DM or PM, IMNM is characterised by more widespread muscle involvement. Anti-SRP-positive patients have more severe muscle involvement than anti-HMGCR-positive patients. (Source: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases)
Source: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases - March 9, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Pinal-Fernandez, I., Casal-Dominguez, M., Carrino, J. A., Lahouti, A. H., Basharat, P., Albayda, J., Paik, J. J., Ahlawat, S., Danoff, S. K., Lloyd, T. E., Mammen, A. L., Christopher-Stine, L. Tags: Immunology (including allergy), Muscle disease, Connective tissue disease, Musculoskeletal syndromes Clinical and epidemiological research Source Type: research

Neurological manifestations in dogs naturally infected by Leishmania infantum: descriptions of 10 cases and a review of the literature
This study confirms that both central and peripheral nervous systems can be affected by leishmaniasis and provides an overview on the possible etiopathogenetic mechanisms. In addition, clinical and diagnostic findings, therapy and follow‐up of affected dogs are described. (Source: The Journal of Small Animal Practice)
Source: The Journal of Small Animal Practice - March 6, 2017 Category: Veterinary Research Authors: A. P. Giannuzzi, M. Ricciardi, A. De Simone, F. Gernone Tags: REVIEW Source Type: research

The clinical and pathological characteristics of nephropathies in connective tissue diseases in the Japan Renal Biopsy Registry (J-RBR)
ConclusionsUsing the J-RBR database, our study revealed that biopsy-confirmed cases of connective tissue diseases such as RA, SjS, scleroderma, and MCTD show various clinical and pathological characteristics, depending on the underlying diseases and the medication used. (Source: Clinical and Experimental Nephrology)
Source: Clinical and Experimental Nephrology - March 1, 2017 Category: Urology & Nephrology Source Type: research

Successful treatment of a refractory dysbiotic intestinal pseudo-obstruction in a patient with systemic sclerosis-polymyositis overlap syndrome by intravenous immunoglobulin administration possibly related to gut flora normalisation.
Authors: Kamei R, Yamaoka T, Ikinaga K, Murota H, Shimizu K, Katayama I Abstract ****************************************************************************. PMID: 28229828 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology)
Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - February 25, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Clin Exp Rheumatol Source Type: research

Effective Use of Calcineurin Inhibitor in Combination Therapy for Interstitial Lung Disease in Patients With Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis
Objective: The current study demonstrated the potential use of calcineurin inhibitor (CNI) in combination therapy for interstitial lung disease (ILD) complicated with dermatomyositis (DM) and polymyositis (PM). Methods: Thirty DM/PM patients with ILD were enrolled in this study. Continuous intravenous administration of cyclosporine A (IV-CsA) was simultaneously started with corticosteroid in patients presenting more than two respiratory distress factors as follows: (Source: JCR: Journal of Clinical Rheumatology)
Source: JCR: Journal of Clinical Rheumatology - February 23, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research

Effects of exercise therapy on polymyositis complicated by post-myocarditis cardiomyopathy: A case report.
CONCLUSION: With appropriate care to avoid exacerbation of heart failure and myositis, staged increases in the volume of supervised and unsupervised exercise therapy can safely and effectively maintain and improve physical capacity, exercise tolerance, and overall physical activity. PMID: 28218333 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine)
Source: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine - February 23, 2017 Category: Rehabilitation Tags: J Rehabil Med Source Type: research

Isolated Ro52 Antibodies as Immunological Marker of a Mild Phenotype of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Diseases.
The objective of this retrospective study was to investigate if there was a milder subgroup of UCTD with a special clinical profile consisting only in the presence of anti-Ro52 autoantibodies. Immunological and clinical records of 62 patients attending the hospital during 30 months were studied. Results showed a target population formed by mostly women, aged between 40 and 80 years at the moment of the study, with a registered age of onset between 40 and 60 years. Speckled pattern was the most frequent pattern found by indirect immunofluorescence. Given the obtained results and keeping in mind possible limitations because ...
Source: International Journal of Rheumatology - February 18, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Int J Rheumatol Source Type: research

Identification of Palmitoleic Acid Controlled by mTOR Signaling as a Biomarker of Polymyositis.
In this study, we aim to figure out the role of mTOR signaling in the development of polymyositis and identify novel biomarkers for the detection and therapy of polymyositis. After screening and validation, we found that palmitoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, is highly regulated by mTOR signaling. Inhibition of mTORC1 activity decreases palmitoleic acid level. Moreover, mTORC1 regulates the level of palmitoleic acid by controlling its de novo synthesis. Importantly, increased palmitoleic acid has been proven to be a marker of polymyositis. Our work identifies palmitoleic acid in peripheral blood mononuclear cells ...
Source: Journal of Immunology Research - February 16, 2017 Category: Allergy & Immunology Tags: J Immunol Res Source Type: research

Predictive factors for long-term outcome in polymyositis/dermatomyositis-associated interstitial lung diseases
Conclusions Patients with PM/DM/CADM-ILD are at risk for chronic respiratory failure due to the deterioration of ILD during long-term follow-up. The presence of anti-PL-7 antibody and a lower %FVC at initial diagnosis may predict long-term deterioration in patients with PM/DM/CADM-ILD. (Source: Respiratory Investigation)
Source: Respiratory Investigation - February 8, 2017 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

A study of acute muscle dysfunction with particular reference to dengue myopathy
Conclusion: Dengue infection and hypokalemia due to various causes are the most common causes of acute myopathy and are associated with rapid and complete recovery within 1 month. Shorter duration of illness, higher MRC sum score, better disability status at presentation, lower serum CK correlate with better outcome. Biopsy was decisive in <20% cases; hence, it is not primary investigation in acute myopathy. (Source: Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology)
Source: Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology - February 8, 2017 Category: Neurology Authors: Rajesh Verma Vikram V Holla Vijay Kumar Amita Jain Nuzhat Husain Kiran Preet Malhotra Ravindra Kumar Garg Hardeep Singh Malhotra Praveen Kumar Sharma Neeraj Kumar Source Type: research

Association between rheumatic diseases and cancer: results from a clinical practice cohort study
AbstractThe association between cancer and immune-mediated rheumatic conditions is controversial, especially as far as polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) is concerned. Furthermore, no clinical feature has been shown to be suggestive of a paraneoplastic rheumatic syndrome. With the present study, we aim to address both these issues. The study population comprisedN = 1750 patients, includingN = 100 with PMR, who attended our tertiary immuno-rheumatology clinic between January 1, 2005 and November 30, 2012. A rheumatic disease was deemed paraneoplastic if cancer had been diagnosed in the 2 years preceding or following its onse...
Source: Internal and Emergency Medicine - February 7, 2017 Category: Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

Hepatitis C virus and human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 co-infection: impact on liver disease, virological markers, and neurological outcomes
Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) infects 5 –10 million people worldwide and is endemic in Japan, the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and South America, particularly in Brazil.1 HTLV-1 causes a persistent infection of CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells that leads to diverse changes in the immune response.2 It can be associated with the d evelopment of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATLL) and HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP).3 In addition to its pathogenic role in these diseases, HTLV-1 has also been associated with other immune-mediated conditions, such as uveitis, pol...
Source: International Journal of Infectious Diseases - February 5, 2017 Category: Infectious Diseases Authors: Ot ávio M. Espíndola, Alexandre G. Vizzoni, Elisabeth Lampe, Maria José Andrada-Serpa, Abelardo Q.C. Araújo, Ana Claudia C. Leite Source Type: research

Myalgia in Patients with Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis Is Attributable to Fasciitis Rather Than Myositis: A Retrospective Study of 32 Patients who Underwent Histopathological Examinations.
CONCLUSION: The frequency of fasciitis was significantly higher among patients with DM than among those with PM. Fasciitis, rather than myositis, was associated with myalgia. PMID: 28148694 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Rheumatology)
Source: Journal of Rheumatology - February 4, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Tags: J Rheumatol Source Type: research

The Correlation of Muscle Biopsy Scores with the Clinical Variables in Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies.
CONCLUSION: In this study, muscle biopsy cannot be used to differentiate among subgroups of IIM patients. In addition, we found only modest correlation of muscle biopsy scores with muscle power and CK. Further study is necessary to confirm our findings. PMID: 28144368 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Open Rheumatology Journal)
Source: Open Rheumatology Journal - February 2, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Open Rheumatol J Source Type: research

Direct suppression of autoaggressive CD8+ T cells with CD80/86 blockade in CD8+ T cell-mediated polymyositis models of mice.
CONCLUSIONS: The CD80/86 blockade was effective in PM models of mice. Amelioration of CPIM indicates direct suppression of CD8+ T cells by the CD80/86 blockade. CTLA4-Ig should be a potential therapeutic agent of PM and other CD8+T cell-mediated diseases by suppressing both autoantigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. PMID: 28134083 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology)
Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - February 1, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Clin Exp Rheumatol Source Type: research

Myositis-specific autoantibodies and their association with malignancy in Italian patients with polymyositis and dermatomyositis
This study aims to characterize myositis-specific antibodies in a well-defined cohort of patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy and to determine their association with cancer. Sera from 40 patients with polymyositis, dermatomyositis, and controls were tested by protein and RNA immunoprecipitation to detect autoantibodies, and immunoprecipitation-Western blot was used for anti-MJ/NXP-2, anti-MDA5, and anti-TIF1 γ/α identification. Medical records were re-evaluated with specific focus on cancer. Anti-MJ/NXP-2 and anti-TIF1γ/α were the most common antibodies in dermatomyositis. In six dermatomyositis cases, we fou...
Source: Clinical Rheumatology - January 31, 2017 Category: Rheumatology Source Type: research

Sarcoplasmic MxA expression: A valuable marker of dermatomyositis
Conclusions: Sarcoplasmic MxA expression detected by immunohistochemistry is a more sensitive marker of DM than the conventional hallmarks, indicating its practical utility in the diagnosis of DM. It may well be included in the routine immunohistochemistry panel for myositis. Classification of evidence: This study provides Class II evidence that immunohistochemistry-detected sarcoplasmic MxA expression accurately identifies patients with dermatomyositis. (Source: Neurology)
Source: Neurology - January 29, 2017 Category: Neurology Authors: Uruha, A., Nishikawa, A., Tsuburaya, R. S., Hamanaka, K., Kuwana, M., Watanabe, Y., Suzuki, S., Suzuki, N., Nishino, I. Tags: Autoimmune diseases, Muscle disease ARTICLE Source Type: research

Hypokalemic myopathy in primary aldosteronism: A case report.
Authors: Wu C, Xin J, Xin M, Zou H, Jing L, Zhu C, Lei W Abstract Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a rare disorder. The majority of patients with PA present with typical features and are easily diagnosed. This disorder is usually diagnosed with hypokalemia, hypertension or an adrenal mass. However, patients with atypical symptoms may present a challenge for diagnosis and treatment. In the present study, a case of PA is described that presented with hypokalemic myopathy simulating polymyositis. The patient was a 44-year-old woman who presented with weakness and difficulty walking. The patient was initially suspected to...
Source: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine - January 20, 2017 Category: Journals (General) Tags: Exp Ther Med Source Type: research

Use of intravenous immunoglobulin therapy for myositis: an audit in South Australian patients
In South Australia, between 2000 and 2014, 57 patients with idiopathic inflammatory myositis (IIM) were treated with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg). We reviewed disease characteristics to determine predictors of response to therapy and IVIg dosing and duration to identify opportunities to rationalise IVIg use. Patients with dermatomyositis/polymyositis had a response rate of 77% and were more likely than inclusion body myositis to respond to therapy. Consideration should be given to the use of the lowest possible dose of IVIg and to the undertaking of trials of cessation of IVIg in patients with stable IIM. (Source: Int...
Source: Internal Medicine Journal - January 10, 2017 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Caroline Foreman, Paul Russo, Noelene Davies, Pravin Hissaria, Susanna Proudman, Tiffany Hughes, Vidya Limaye Tags: Brief Communications Source Type: research

Atorvastatin-induced necrotizing autoimmune myositis: An emerging dominant entity in patients with autoimmune myositis presenting with a pure polymyositis phenotype
Abstract: The general aim of this study was to evaluate the disease spectrum in patients presenting with a pure polymyositis (pPM) phenotype. Specific objectives were to characterize clinical features, autoantibodies (aAbs), and membrane attack complex (MAC) in muscle biopsies of patients with treatment-responsive, statin-exposed necrotizing autoimmune myositis (NAM). Patients from the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal autoimmune myositis (AIM) Cohort with a pPM phenotype, response to immunosuppression, and follow-up ≥3 years were included. Of 17 consecutive patients with pPM, 14 patients had a NAM, of w...
Source: Medicine - January 1, 2017 Category: Internal Medicine Tags: Research Article: Observational Study Source Type: research

Serum level of DNase1l3 in patients with dermatomyositis/polymyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, and its association with disease activity
AbstractDNase1l3 is an endonuclease to degrade the chromatin of apoptotic or necrotic cells. Serum DNase1l3 may fulfill the function of clearance of chromatin released into the circulation by dying cells, which can trigger autoimmune responses. To date, it remains unclear whether serum DNase1l3 level associates with the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. Sixty-eight patients with dermatomyositis/polymyositis (DM/PM,n = 30), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE,n = 20) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA,n = 18), as well as 26 healthy blood donors were enrolled in the present study. Serum levels of DNase1l3 were quantified by...
Source: Clinical and Experimental Medicine - December 29, 2016 Category: Research Source Type: research

Circulating CD8+CD28null T Cytotoxic Cells in Polymyositis —A Possible Biomarker? Comment on the Article by Pandya et al
(Source: Arthritis and Rheumatism)
Source: Arthritis and Rheumatism - December 27, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Florenzo Iannone, Giuseppe Lopalco, Alberto Cauli, Luca Cantarini Tags: Letters Source Type: research

Rituximab in the treatment of inflammatory myopathies: a review
Several uncontrolled studies have encouraged the use of rituximab (RTX) in patients with myositis. Unfortunately, the first placebo-phase trial to assess the efficacy of RTX in refractory myositis did not show a significant difference between the two treatment groups, and doubts have been expressed about its study design. In this review we present an up-to-date overview of the reported experiences of RTX therapy in myositis. A PubMed search was performed to find all the available cases of refractory myositis patients treated with RTX up to July 2015. The following terms were assessed: inflammatory myopathies OR anti-synthe...
Source: Rheumatology - December 26, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Fasano, S., Gordon, P., Hajji, R., Loyo, E., Isenberg, D. A. Tags: Myositis and Muscle Disease REVIEWS Source Type: research

The host defense peptide LL-37 a possible inducer of the type I interferon system in patients with polymyositis and dermatomyositis.
In conclusion, the present study supports our hypothesis that LL-37 may activate type I IFNs, which could initiate and perpetuate an inflammatory process. The prolonged exposure of the immune system to type I IFNs may eventually break tolerance and lead to autoimmune myositis. PMID: 28012697 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Autoimmunity)
Source: Journal of Autoimmunity - December 20, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Lu X, Tang Q, Lindh M, Dastmlchi M, Alexanderson H, Popovic Silwerfeldt K, Agerberth B, Lundberg IE, Wick C Tags: J Autoimmun Source Type: research

Do dermatomyositis and polymyositis affect similar thigh muscles? A comparative MRI-based study.
CONCLUSIONS: Compared with PM, DM affects more thigh muscles, except those of the posterior compartment, which are equally involved in both disorders. These findings may be useful to target physiotherapy at the more frequently affected muscles. PMID: 27991408 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology)
Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - December 20, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Clin Exp Rheumatol Source Type: research

Long-term outcome in juvenile-onset mixed connective tissue disease: a nationwide Norwegian study
Conclusions Most patients with JMCTD had active disease and organ damage after a mean follow-up of 16.2 years. Active disease was associated with higher anti-ribonucleoprotein antibody levels and positive RF. The presence of RF at diagnosis predicted persistent disease activity. (Source: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases)
Source: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases - December 8, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Hetlevik, S. O., Flato, B., Rygg, M., Nordal, E. B., Brunborg, C., Hetland, H., Lilleby, V. Tags: Immunology (including allergy), Muscle disease, Connective tissue disease, Degenerative joint disease, Musculoskeletal syndromes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic lupus erythematosus Clinical and epidemiological research Source Type: research

High resolution manometry in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy: Elevated prevalence of esophageal involvement and differences according to autoantibody status and clinical subset
Conclusions: Esophageal involvement is common in myositis patients, but it correlates poorly with esophageal symptoms. Specific clinical and serologic groups have different manometric features. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. (Source: Muscle and Nerve)
Source: Muscle and Nerve - December 8, 2016 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Maria Casal ‐Dominguez, Iago Pinal‐Fernandez, Marianela Mego, Anna Accarino, Lluis Jubany, Fernando Azpiroz, Albert Selva‐O'Callaghan Tags: Research Article Source Type: research

Febuxostat-associated eosinophilic polymyositis in marginal zone lymphoma
Publication date: Available online 7 December 2016 Source:Joint Bone Spine Author(s): Georges Chahine, Khalil Saleh, Claude Ghorra, Nathalie Khoury, Nadine Khalife, Fouad Fayad Febuxostat is an orally administered selective inhibitor of xanthine oxidase approved for the treatment of gout and prevention of tumor lysis syndrome. It is a relatively safe medication. Hypersensitivity reactions associated with the use of febuxostat are quite rare with only one reported case of DRESS syndrome. Recently, two case reports of rhabdomyolysis following the initiation of febuxostat were published. We hereby present the first case of r...
Source: Joint Bone Spine - December 7, 2016 Category: Orthopaedics Source Type: research

Analysis of sexual function of patients with dermatomyositis and polymyositis through self-administered questionnaires: a cross-sectional study
Conclusions This was the first study to identify sexual dysfunction in patients with DM/PM. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is essential for patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, in order to provide prevention and care for their sexual life, providing a better quality of life, both for patients and their partners. (Source: Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia)
Source: Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia - December 5, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Source Type: research

Calcinosis in poly-dermatomyositis: clinical and laboratory predictors and treatment options.
CONCLUSIONS: A longer follow-up period of time, DM diagnosis and positivity for PM/Scl and NXP-2 could all be considered risk factors which foresee the development of calcinosis. Moreover, the positivity for antibodies to NXP-2 depicts a distinct phenotype of calcinosis with an early onset and quick widespread dissemination. PMID: 27908312 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology)
Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - December 3, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Clin Exp Rheumatol Source Type: research

Autoimmune Myopathies
This article provides guidelines for diagnosing and treating the different subtypes of autoimmune myopathies. Recent Findings: The most common subtypes of autoimmune myopathies are dermatomyositis, immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy, antisynthetase syndrome, and overlap syndromes; isolated polymyositis is an exceptionally rare disease. Specific autoantibodies are associated with unique clinical phenotypes and may be used for diagnostic and prognostic purposes, such as to assess the risk of coexisting malignancy. Summary: Diagnosing the specific subtype of autoimmune myopathy can be achieved by combining relevant featur...
Source: CONTINUUM: Lifelong Learning in Neurology - December 1, 2016 Category: Neurology Tags: Review Articles Source Type: research

A call for uniformity in implementing the IPAF (interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features) criteria
We appreciate the letter of correspondence by A.S. Jee and colleagues highlighting the need to standardise the rheumatologic classification criteria utilised in the diagnosis of a defined connective tissue disease (CTD) when evaluating patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD) for autoimmune features and CTD. This was prompted by our recent publication in the European Respiratory Journal [1]. A.S. Jee and colleagues note that the interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features (IPAF) cohort in our study contained only one subject with an anti-tRNA synthetase antibody and speculate that patients at our centre with posit...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - November 29, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Strek, M. E., Oldham, J. M., Adegunsoye, A., Vij, R. Tags: Interstitial and orphan lung disease Original Articles: Correspondence Source Type: research

Brief Report: Power Doppler Ultrasonography for Detection of Increased Vascularity in the Fascia: A Potential Early Diagnostic Tool in Fasciitis of Dermatomyositis
ConclusionIn our limited population, PDUS was useful for the detection of fasciitis associated with DM, especially in the early stage of disease. The increased blood flow signal as detected by PDUS is involved in angiogenesis accompanying fasciitis in patients with DM. (Source: Arthritis and Rheumatism)
Source: Arthritis and Rheumatism - November 27, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Ken Yoshida, Makiko Nishioka, Satoshi Matsushima, Kensuke Joh, Yosuke Oto, Masayuki Yoshiga, Kazuhiro Otani, Haruyasu Ito, Kenichiro Hirai, Kazuhiro Furuya, Taro Ukichi, Kentaro Noda, Isamu Kingetsu, Daitaro Kurosaka Tags: Dermatomyositis Source Type: research

SPARC Interacts with Actin in Skeletal Muscle in  Vitro and in Vivo.
We report that these mice develop normal skeletal muscle with retained ability to regenerate. However, when we subject muscle from SPARC-deficient mice to an in vitro fatigue stimulation protocol, we find a defective force recovery. Therefore, SPARC appears to be an important modulator of the actin cytoskeleton, implicating maintenance of muscular function. This direct interaction with actin suggests a new role of SPARC during tissue remodeling. PMID: 27908613 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Am J Pathol)
Source: Am J Pathol - November 27, 2016 Category: Pathology Authors: Jørgensen LH, Jepsen PL, Boysen A, Dalgaard LB, Hvid LG, Ørtenblad N, Ravn D, Sellathurai J, Møller-Jensen J, Lochmüller H, Schrøder HD Tags: Am J Pathol Source Type: research

MiR-146a Regulates Inflammatory Infiltration by Macrophages in Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis by Targeting TRAF6 and Affecting IL-17/ICAM-1 Pathway
Conclusions: MiR-146a regulates inflammatory macrophage infiltration in PM/DM by targeting TRAF6 and affecting the IL-17/ICAM-1 pathway.Cell Physiol Biochem 2016;40:486-498 (Source: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry)
Source: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry - November 24, 2016 Category: Cytology Source Type: research

The sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor: A novel therapeutic target for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases.
Abstract Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a prototype autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS). Currently, there is no drug that provides a cure for MS. To date, all immunotherapeutic drugs target relapsing remitting MS (RR-MS); it remains a daunting medical challenge in MS to develop therapy for secondary progressive MS (SP-MS). Since the approval of the non-selective sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulator FTY720 (fingolimod [Gilenya®]). for RR-MS in 2010, there have been many emerging studies with various selective S1P receptor modulators in other autoimmune conditions. In this article, we wil...
Source: Clinical Immunology - November 22, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Mao-Draayer Y, Sarazin J, Fox D, Schiopu E Tags: Clin Immunol Source Type: research

How is the ultrasound in rheumatology used, implemented, and applied in Latin American centers? Results from a multicenter study
This study aimed to perform an overview of how ultrasound (US) is being used, implemented, and applied in rheumatologic centers in Latin America (LA). A retrospective, multicenter 1-year experience study was undertaken. Eighteen centers from eight countries were involved. The following information were collected: demographic data, indication to perform an US examination, physician that required the examination, and the anatomical region required for the examination. A total of 7167 patients underwent an US examination. The request for US examinations came most frequently from their own institution (5981 (83.45  %)) than f...
Source: Clinical Rheumatology - November 22, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Source Type: research

Effects of Miconazole Oral Gel on Blood Concentrations of Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine: A Retrospective Observational Study
Conclusions: These results suggest that MCZ oral gel affects the pharmacokinetics of TAC and CyA. Detailed monitoring of the blood concentrations of these drugs, followed by dose adjustments, is needed for each patient because of the difficulties associated with accurately predicting the degree of the effects of MCZ oral gel. (Source: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
Source: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - November 17, 2016 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Development and evaluation of a standardized ELISA for the determination of autoantibodies against cN-1A (Mup44, NT5C1A) in sporadic inclusion body myositis
ConclusionsAnti-cN-1A autoantibodies were detected by ELISA with moderate sensitivity, but high specificity for sIBM and may therefore help diagnose this infrequent and difficult-to-diagnose myopathy. The novel anti-cN-1A IgG ELISA can improve and accelerate the diagnosis of sIBM using sera where muscle biopsy is delayed or unfeasible. (Source: Autoimmunity Highlights)
Source: Autoimmunity Highlights - November 16, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Source Type: research

Prognostic factors of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies complicated with interstitial lung disease: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis
This study raises no ethical issues as it is based on the findings of previously published articles. The result will be reported in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Trial registration number CRD42016036999. (Source: BMJ Open)
Source: BMJ Open - November 16, 2016 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Kamiya, H., Panlaqui, O. M., Izumi, S., Sozu, T. Tags: Open access, Evidence based practice, Respiratory medicine Protocol Source Type: research

Characterisation of uk anti-hmgcr+ antibody associated myositis
Conclusion The relationship between anti-HMGCR positivity, HLA-DRB1*11 and statin exposure confirms observations made in other international cohorts. Work is on going to characterise symptomatology, disease association and treatment response. (Source: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry)
Source: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry - November 14, 2016 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Murphy, S., Lilleker, J., Rothwell, S., Betteridge, Z., McHugh, N., Roberts, M., Lamb, J., Cooper, R., Chinoy, H. Tags: Immunology (including allergy), Muscle disease, Neuromuscular disease, Musculoskeletal syndromes ABN Annual Meeting, 17-19 May 2016, The Brighton Centre, Brighton Source Type: research

The PTPN22 gene is associated with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy
Conclusions: The PTPN22 R620W minor allele is associated with susceptibility to IIM in SA patients, independent of the 8.1 AH. Muscle Nerve, 2016 (Source: Muscle and Nerve)
Source: Muscle and Nerve - November 9, 2016 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Adam Maundrell, Sue Lester, Maureen Rischmueller, Catherine Hill, Leslie G. Cleland, Peter Blumbergs, Michael Wiese, Vidya Limaye Tags: Research Article Source Type: research

Neoplasia in patients with ILD; shortened survival
There is a recognised increased risk but few publications document the frequency of neoplasia in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). We aimed to examine the frequency, nature and outcome of malignant neoplasms in a group of patients with IPF or collagen vascular disease-associated interstitial lung disease (CVD-ILD).Of 343 patients referred to the Pulmonology Department, Ege University Hospital with IPF or CVD-ILD, 30 developed a malignant neoplasm. Fifteen had IPF, 14 CVD-ILD (3 Sjögren's syndrome, 3 progressive systemic sclerosis, 3 polymyositis, 5 undifferentiated-CVD), and 1 Behcet's disease. 23 ...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - November 7, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Mogulkoc, N., Koc, A. S., Nesil, I., Korkmaz Ekren, P., Veral, A., Kabasakal, Y., Uysal, A., Bacakoglu, F., Bayraktaroglu, S. Tags: 1.5 Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease Source Type: research

Efficacy of switching from cyclosporine A to tacrolimus in patients with refractory CTD-ILD
Conclusions: In patients with CTD-ILD unresponsive to CsA, Tac may be an alternative therapeutic option. (Source: European Respiratory Journal)
Source: European Respiratory Journal - November 7, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Goto, Y., Taniguchi, H., Kondoh, Y., Kimura, T., Kataoka, K., Matsuda, T., Yokoyama, T., Yamano, Y. Tags: 1.5 Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease Source Type: research

Pulmonary involvement in children with rheumatic diseases
Conclusions: Pulmonary disease especially ILD have been associated with several rheumatic diseases; thus the routine follow-up of pulmonary functional status is crucial to diagnose and treat pulmonary disease in the early phases. (Source: European Respiratory Journal)
Source: European Respiratory Journal - November 7, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Emiralioglu, N., Batu, E. D., Sonmez, E., Tugcu, G. D., Arici, S., Yalcin, E., Dogru, D., Ozcelik, U., Bilginer, Y., Haliloglu, M., Ozen, S., Kiper, N. Tags: 1.5 Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease Source Type: research

Survival in CVD-ILD at Ege University Hospital
Conclusion: The most common types of CVD-ILD are PSS, SS and RA. The most common pattern is NSIP. Pulmonary hypertension is most common in PSS. (Source: European Respiratory Journal)
Source: European Respiratory Journal - November 7, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Mogulkoc, N., Nesil, I., Koc, A. S., Erdemir, Z., Bayraktaroglu, S., Kabasakal, Y., Gunduz, C., Korkmaz Ekren, P., Bacakoglu, F. Tags: 1.5 Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease Source Type: research