Validation of a Toll-like Receptor (TLR)2/TLR1 Activation Assay for Biological Standardization of < em > Arthrospira < /em > / < em > Limnospira < /em > Immune-Enhancing Potency
The objective of the current research was to validate that bioassay for Immulina activity quantification using the U.S. FDA guidance document for botanical drug development and U.S. Pharmacopeia recommendations. System suitability, reference standards and defining potency units were established. Validation of performance parameters included precision, specificity, accuracy, linearity, and range. Validating this bioassay for Immulina activity provides a tool for ensuring product consistency and quantifying the potency of this botanical for use in future research as well as material in the consumer market.PMID:37794652 | DOI...
Source: Journal of Dietary Supplements - October 5, 2023 Category: Nutrition Authors: Mona H Haron Jin Zhang Amar G Chittiboyina Ikhlas A Khan Nirmal D Pugh Source Type: research

Comment On: "A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study Examining an Oxygen Nanobubble Beverage for 16.1-km Time Trial and Repeated Sprint Cycling Performance."
J Diet Suppl. 2023 Sep 27:1-3. doi: 10.1080/19390211.2023.2263563. Online ahead of print.NO ABSTRACTPMID:37766412 | DOI:10.1080/19390211.2023.2263563 (Source: Journal of Dietary Supplements)
Source: Journal of Dietary Supplements - September 28, 2023 Category: Nutrition Authors: Nicholas B Tiller Asker E Jeukendrup Source Type: research

A Multi-Year Rancidity Analysis of 72 Marine and Microalgal Oil Omega-3 Supplements
We report the peroxide value (PV), para-anisidine value (p-AV) and total oxidation values (TOTOX) associated with 72 consumer Ω3 supplements sold in the United States sampled from 2014-2020. The effect of flavoring on the oxidation of the supplements was examined in an adjusted fixed effects model controlling for type of delivery system (enteric, liquid, animal- and vegetable-derived gelatin softgel, spray), source (algae, calamari, fish, krill, mussels), and certifications assigned by third-party organizations (e.g. USP). Overall, our results revealed that 68% (23/34) of flavored and 13% (5/38) unflavored consumer Ω3 su...
Source: Journal of Dietary Supplements - September 15, 2023 Category: Nutrition Authors: Jacob M Hands Mark L Anderson Tod Cooperman Leigh A Frame Source Type: research