Edward the Black Prince was likely killed by malaria or IBS in 1376, study claims
Doctors from the 21 Engineer Regiment don't believe the Black Prince died of dysentery in 1376 as his symptoms would not have allowed him to join a military campaign four years prior. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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How Gene Editing Could Help Solve the Problem of Poor Cholesterol
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and around the world. Though it’s held the top spot for decades, it wasn’t always the king of mortal maladies. Its ascension was propelled by two of medical science’s greatest successes. “Before the 20th century, heart disease was an uncommon cause of death,” says Dr. Michael Shapiro, a professor of cardiology at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and dysentery, as well as smallpox and other contagious viruses, were common killers. “Antibiotics and vaccines changed every...
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Montreal Public Health looks to fight back against rise in shigella infections
Montreal Public Health says shigella is transmitting locally through sexual contact and the bacteria is evolving to be more drug resistant. Now the health authority is updating its protocols for combating the potentially dangerous bacterial infection. (Source: CBC | Health)
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More than 110 people hospitalized as shigella outbreak in Edmonton grows
According to Alberta Health Services, as of Wednesday, there were 172 confirmed cases in Edmonton, of which 115 people had to be hospitalized — but physicians expect the actual number is much bigger. (Source: CBC | Health)
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In Praise of Toilets
A Dalit woman stands outside a dry toilet located in an upper caste villager’s home in Mainpuri, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Credit: Shai Venkatraman/IPSBy Baher KamalMADRID, Nov 14 2022 (IPS) For those who have it, a toilet is that ‘thing’ in the bathroom, next to the bidet, the hand-washing sink with hot and cold water faucets, and the bathtub. Given their ‘unprestigious’ function, some billionaires, in particular in the Gulf oil-producer kingdoms, fancy to pose their buttocks on a solid-gold toilet. Once they are there, why not also solid-gold faucets? Many others prefer a more comfortable u...
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Radiology imaging equipment and accessories as possible fomites of nosocomial pathogens
Conclusions: The research concluded that the recommended cleaning agents did not effectively reduce the number of microorganisms making the selected equipment and accessories fomites for nosocomial pathogens. (Source: Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH))
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The Women Who Revolutionized Nursing During the American Civil War
The 1850s and 1860s in America saw the rise of the “sentimental domestic idea.” Women were held up as examples of purity, piety, and submissiveness. In the American antebellum period, precise and strict rules were recommended for women’s socially acceptable and appropriate behavior. But the Civil War would change the social, economic, and political landscape for women from every walk of American life—perhaps nowhere more so than in the field of nursing. Women demonstrated remarkable adaptability in the savagely altered wartime world, responding to the great need of the nation while acquiring and ut...
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North Korea Reports Another Disease Outbreak Amid COVID-19 Wave
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Thursday reported the eruption of another infectious disease in addition to its ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, saying leader Kim Jong Un has donated his private medicines to those stricken with the new disease. It’s unclear how serious the new epidemic is, but some outside observers say North Korea likely aims to burnish Kim’s image as a leader caring about public livelihoods as he needs greater public support to overcome pandemic-related hardships. Read more: COVID-19 Finally Slipped Through North Korea’s Borders. Here’s What to Know About the ‘Explosive&...
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Researcher, 26, left feeling so sick he 'wanted to die' after drinking shot of shigella
Jack Eberts, from Washington D.C., drunk a shot of the dysentery-causing bacteria for a vaccine trial. He became so ill that he faced stomach cramps, diarrhea, and even soiled himself. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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What Causes Rectal Prolapse?
Discussion Rectal prolapse is defined as a herniation of the rectum through the anal verge. In children it is also usually mucosal prolapse and not full thickness. Partial or mucosal prolapse usually is seen as radial folds occurring 1 – 2.5 cm from the anal verge. Full thickness will protrude more than 5 cm. It affects genders equally and occurs most commonly in children under age 4. This is due to vertical course and low position of the anus, looser supporting tissues and less muscular support. These children are more likely to have prolapse but are less likely to have it recur. After age 4 the rectum takes the adu...
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Health officials issue warning over an 'extremely antibiotic-resistant' bug mainly affecting gay men
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said there has been an increase in cases of Shigella sonnei, a gut infection that causes diarrhoea, stomach cramps and a fever. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - January 27, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Legacy pharma firm which sold 'Swadeshi' dysentery drug to Afghans waits and watches after Taliban takeover
The company, which started out in a small garage on Hare Street, was set up as a 'Swadeshi enterprise' meant to take on the stranglehold of British drug manufacturers whose medicines were often unaffordable for the common man in the sub-continent. The idea was to patent and sell 'Swadeshi' western-style drugs for ailments common in India. (Source: The Economic Times Healthcare and Biotech News)
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New Case Linked to Illness Outbreak at Kansas Splash Park New Case Linked to Illness Outbreak at Kansas Splash Park
The Shigella bacteria is spread from person to person through exposure to contaminated feces, the public health agencies said.Associated Press (Source: Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines)
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How human cells and pathogenic shigella engage in battle
(UT Southwestern Medical Center) DALLAS - May 21, 2021 - One member of a large protein family that is known to stop the spread of bacterial infections by prompting infected human cells to self-destruct appears to kill the infectious bacteria instead, a new study led by UT Southwestern scientists shows. However, some bacteria have their own mechanism to thwart this attack, nullifying the deadly protein by tagging it for destruction. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
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What Are Toxin-Mediated Diseases?
Discussion A poison is a generic term for “a substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health.” A toxin is more specific and is “any poison produced by an organism, characterized by antigenicity in certain animals and high molecular weight, and including the bacterial toxins that are the causative agents of tetanus, diphtheria, etc., and such plant and animal toxins as ricin and snake venom.” A toxin does not include those substances that are made synthetically produced. Venom is also a toxin that is used by animals and insects for predation or defense which can cause ...
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