Anesthetic technique improves quality of recovery for women having breast cancer surgery
Anesthesiologists using a technique similar to a dental freeze can improve the quality of recovery and decrease recovery time for breast cancer surgery patients, according to a new study. The paravertebral block technique uses ultrasound to precisely guide a needle to intercostal nerves reaching the breast and deliver local anesthetic to freeze these nerves. In total, five blocks are needed to freeze the five nerves involved. The freeze blocks the transmission of pain from the breast where surgeons can perform full or partial mastectomies, or even reconstructive breast surgery. At the same time, patients are given an intra...
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Gene tests for prostate cancer may be possible
Conclusion This study has identified 13 different loss of function mutations in eight genes present in 7.3% of the men with familial cancer studied. Men with one of these mutations had significantly increased odds of advanced prostate cancer characterised by spread to the lymph nodes, to nearby organs (tumour stage T4), or metastatic spread to other organs of the body. These valuable findings warrant further investigation. So far they suggest that in men with a strong family history of prostate cancer, these particular genetic mutations are associated with a higher risk of advanced disease. It is likely to be some time be...
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Core Needle Biopsy For Your Breast
A core needle biopsy is used when you need to have more information about a breast lump than a mammogram, ultrasound, or fine needle aspiration can give. A hollow core needle can be used to get small tissue samples from a breast lump. Learn more about the core needle biopsy procedure. (Source: Breast Cancer)
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Class I Medical Device Recall: Atossa Genetics Mammary Aspiration Specimen Cytology Test (MASCT) System Kit and the ForeCYTE Breast Health Test - Marketing Without Approval or Clearance
Reason for Recall: The MASCT System Kits and ForeCYTE Breast Health Tests are being recalled due to concerns raised by the FDA in a warning letter sent to the company in February 2013. The FDA raised concerns about (1) the current instructions for use... (Source: Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA): CDRHNew)
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Video: Remote Controlled Breast Implants
CAMPBELL, Cali. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Thirty-three percent of women choose to get breast reconstruction surgery after having a mastectomy. This low rate may come as a surprise to some, but when you consider today’s long process of using needle-based, saline expanders, you might see why some women opt out of this process. Now, a new remote controlled device is helping ease some of that pain and fear. (Source: Medical Headlines From
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More Options Available To Protect Yourself Against The Flu
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Breast Health Test and Mammary Aspiration Specimen Cytology Test: Recall - Instructions For Use, Promotional Claims and FDA Clearance Concerns
Atossa will remove existing product from the market until concerns are addressed. (Source: FDA MedWatch)
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ForeCYTE Breast Health Test; Mammary Aspiration Specimen Cytology Test (MASCT)
Atossa Genetics Inc. (NASDAQ: ATOS) initiated a voluntary recall to remove the ForeCYTE Breast Health Test and the Mammary Aspiration Specimen Cytology Test (MASCT) device from the market. This voluntary recall includes the MASCT System Kit and Patient Sample Kit. (Source: Food and Drug Administration)
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Stereotactic Breast Biopsy for Breast...
A stereotactic biopsy is used take samples from a lump that cannot be felt during a breast exam, but can be seen on a mammogram or an ultrasound. Stereo mammograms are taken and sent to a computer, which guides the biopsy needle. This is a very accurate procedure. Learn more about stereotactic breast biopsy. (Source: Breast Cancer)
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Fine Needle Aspiration of a Breast Cyst
Having a fine needle aspiration may seem scary, but it can give you the clearest information about the nature of the lump. If the lump turns out to be a cyst, the fluid can be drained out, relieving any pressure it may have been causing. Learn more about a fine needle aspiration biopsy. (Source: Breast Cancer)
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Breast Biopsy Overview
Do you need a biopsy or an aspiration? Which kind of biopsy is used for the most accurate results? Read about four main types of breast biopsy procedures. (Source: Breast Cancer)
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Metaplastic Mammary Carcinoma With Discrepant Hormone Receptor Results by IHC and RT-PCR
The Case: A 48-year-old perimenopausal woman noted a lump in her left breast. She had had a mammogram 9 months earlier without abnormality. After ultrasound imaging confirmed a solitary mass measuring about 1.5 cm, a core needle biopsy demonstrated a poorly differentiated mammary carcinoma with chondroid features. (Source: Cancer Network)
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Huber Needles – Getting To The Point of...
Huber needles are used for IV chemotherapy. Your chemo nurse will use a Huber needle to access your implanted port. A Huber needle is designed for patient safety and comfort. Learn about Huber needles here. (Source: Breast Cancer)
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Raman Spectroscopy Algorithm May Reduce Repeat Breast BiopsyRaman Spectroscopy Algorithm May Reduce Repeat Breast Biopsy
A Raman spectroscopy algorithm applied during stereotactic breast core needle biopsy can accurately detect microcalcifications and breast lesions, reducing the need for repeat biopsy, researchers say. Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
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Many Texas women getting more invasive breast biopsy
GALVESTON, Texas, May 21 (UPI) -- Too many women in Texas get an invasive surgical breast biopsy instead of the recommended non-invasive fine needle biopsy, a U.S. researcher says. (Source: Health News -
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