QyScore Analyzes MRIs for Biomarkers of Brain Diseases

Qynapse, a firm headquartered in Paris, France, won FDA clearance for its QyScore software that analyzes brain MRIs for biomarkers of central nervous system diseases. It’s intended to help diagnose and monitor diseases such as Alzheimer’s...
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We examined the oligodendrocyte‐mediated demyelination and axonal injury. To address this issue, we established a new scanning electron microscopy analysis to observe ultrastructural myelin morphology. In addition, we focused on kallik rein 6, a serine protease, secreted by oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system and proposed a new molecular mechanism of kallikrein 6‐mediated demyelination. In this article, we discuss the pathological roles of oligodendrocytes in mouse models of EAE. We also highlight recent findings of abnormal myelin formation and axonal injury in EAE.
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AbstractIn this independent, multicenter, post-marketing study, we directly compare induction immunosuppression versus escalation strategies on the risk of reaching the disability milestone of Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)  ≥ 6.0 over 10 years in previously untreated patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. We collected data of patients who started interferon beta (escalation) versus mitoxantrone or cyclophosphamide (induction) as initial treatment. Main eligibility criteria included an EDSS score  ≤ 4.0 at treatment start and either ≥ 2 relapses or 1 ...
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Conclusions: Preliminary literature suggests that FMT may be a promising treatment option for several neurological disorders. However, available evidence is still scanty and some contrasting results were observed. A limited number of studies in humans have been performed or are ongoing, while for some disorders only animal experiments have been conducted. Large double-blinded randomized controlled trials are needed to further elucidate the effect of FMT in neurological disorders.
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Ethos Medical, a startup founded by Georgia Tech alumni, has developed the Iris needle guidance system to assist clinicians in successfully performing lumbar punctures. The system allows a clinician to visualize the needle traveling through tissue in...
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CONCLUSIONS: The SWAN-venule technique is an optimized MR imaging sequence for highly sensitive detection of the central vein sign in MS brain lesions. This work will facilitate the validation and integration of the central vein sign to increase the diagnostic certainty of MS and further prevent misdiagnosis in clinical practice.
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Being diagnosed with any number of neurological diseases can be scary, not only due to the progressive nature of many of these conditions, but also because they often cannot be detected until their later stages of progression. Following the failu...
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Objectives Available clinical magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) sequences are hampered by long scan times, low spatial resolution, strong field inhomogeneities, limited volume coverage, and low signal-to-noise ratio. High-resolution, whole-brain mapping of more metabolites than just N-acetylaspartate, choline, and creatine within clinically attractive scan times is urgently needed for clinical applications. The aim is therefore to develop a free induction decay (FID) MRSI sequence with rapid concentric ring trajectory (CRT) encoding for 7 T and demonstrate its clinical feasibility for mapping the whole cere...
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NeuroPace is spicing up the neuromodulation market a bit with a new nod from FDA for MRI labeling for the RNS system. The Mountain View, CA-based company’s RNS System treats patients living with seizures that do not respond to medication and first landed a PMA in November of 2013. In a release, the company said individuals with focal onset seizures that also have brain anomalies that require monitoring, such as tuberous sclerosis, brain tumors or multiple sclerosis, as well as those with non-brain MRI requirements, can now be offered the RNS System as a treatment option. The company added this will also a...
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ConclusionAt clinical onset, cerebellar GML are common in pedMS, are very often asymptomatic, do not correlate with physical and cognitive disability, and more frequently affect the posterior lobe.
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Background: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease marked by progressive neurocognitive injury. Treatment options affording neuroprotective effects remain largely experimental. The purpose of this proof of concept study was to explore the effects of N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) on cerebral glucose metabolism (CMRGlu) and symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).Methods: Twenty-four patients with MS were randomized to either NAC plus standard of care, or standard of care only (waitlist control). The experimental group received NAC intravenously once per week and orally the other 6 days. Patients in both groups...
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