Serum microRNA markers of tuberculoma decoy

Introduction: Pulmonary tuberculoma is a clinical form of tuberculosis (TB) combining various encapsulated caseous foci of more than 1 cm in diameter with a long and often low-symptom course. A characteristic feature of this form is the prolonged torpid course and the presence of a pronounced connective tissue capsule surrounding large or a group of small foci of caseous and infiltrates. Tuberculoma may stay silent for years, but if progressing can develop severe forms such as caseous pneumonia, disseminated and fibrous-cavernous TB.The aim of our study was to identify serum microRNA markers of tuberculoma decoy.Methods: The RNA samples from 30 tuberculoma (silent) patients, 30 tuberculoma with "decoy" patients and 30 healthy donors were analyzed by miScript miRNA PCR Array (QIAGEN). Array results were confirmed by TaqMan Assay. An informed written consent was obtained from each participant.Results: As presented on the Figure, we observed downregulation of miR-191 (p
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By SAURABH JHA, MD Clever Hans Preetham Srinivas, the head of the chest radiograph project in, summoned Bhargava Reddy, Manoj Tadepalli, and Tarun Raj to the meeting room. “Get ready for an all-nighter, boys,” said Preetham. Qure’s scientists began investigating the algorithm’s mysteriously high performance on chest radiographs from a new hospital. To recap, the algorithm had an area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC) of 1 – that’s 100 % on multiple-choice question test. “Someone leaked the paper to AI,” laughed Manoj. “I...
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ConclusionTumor necrosis factor ‐alpha inhibitors seem a highly effective option for remission‐induction of refractory VBD with an acceptable safety data. Concomitant IS use may achieve higher complete remission rates as compared to TNFα inhibitor monotherapy. Comparative efficacy and safety of biological agents for VBD requi re further prospective, randomized controlled studies with a longer duration of follow‐up.
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A deep-learning algorithm that analyzed chest x-rays was able to predict pulmonary...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Deep-learning algorithm bolsters lung cancer detection AI may help improve sensitivity of ED chest x-ray reads AI model could speed up pneumonia diagnosis in ED AI detects pulmonary nodules on chest x-rays Are studies on AI for tuberculosis really valid?
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Only three new treatments available in 10 or more poorer countries, report findsMany antibiotics are unavailable in poorer countries despite higher infection rates, exacerbating the threat of drug-resistant superbugs, according to a report to bepresented to world leaders and the bosses of top pharmaceutical companies in Davos.The report, released by the Access to Medicine Foundation, an Amsterdam-based non-profit group, also shows that the number of new treatments being developed for common infectious diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and gonorrhoea has fallen.Continue reading...
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This study explored the isolation and identification of fungal endophytes, and investigated the antibacterial and antimycobacterial activity of their crude extracts. Fungal endophytes were isolated from Solanum mauritianum, identified using morphological traits and internal transcribed spacer ribosomal-deoxyribonucleic acid (ITS-rDNA) sequence analysis. Eight fungal endophytes were identified as Aureobasidium pullulans, Paracamarosporium leucadendri, Cladosporium sp., Collectotrichum boninense, Fusarium sp., Hyalodendriella sp., and Talaromyces sp., while Penicillium chrysogenum was isolated from the leaves and unripe frui...
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International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, EarlyView.
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Authors: Underner M, Peiffer G, Perriot J, Jaafari N Abstract Cocaine can be responsible for many psychiatric and/or somatic disorders. The aim of this systematic literature review of data was to expose relations between cocaine use and pulmonary complications. Cocaine can be responsible for acute respiratory symptoms (cough, black sputum, hemoptysis, dyspnea, wheezing, chest pain) and for various pulmonary disorders including barotrauma (pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum, subcutaneous emphysema, pneumopericardium), airway damage, asthma, bronchiolitis obliterans with organizing pneumonia, acute pulmonary edema, alve...
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Elderly patients with fungal pneumonia experience higher mortality and are more likely to be misdiagnosed. The diagnosis and treatment of fungal pneumonia in elderly patients is challenging. We herein present a clinical case of pulmonary fungal infection (PFI) manifesting as cavitary lesions in an 85-year-old male with multiple organ failure. Broad-spectrum antibiotics showed unsatisfactory result in this case. Computed tomography (CT) of the chest showed multiple pulmonary cavities with gas-fluid levels in the right upper and middle lobe, and patchy blurred shadows in the lower lobe. The diagnosis of fungal pneumonia was ...
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Abstract Host defense peptides (HDP) are small cationic molecules released by the immune systems of the body, having multidimensional properties including anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial and immune-modulatory activity. These molecules gained importance due to their broad-spectrum pharmacological activities, and hence being actively investigated. Presently, respiratory infections represent a major global health problem, and HDP has an enormous potential to be used as an alternative therapeutics against respiratory infections and related inflammatory ailments. Because of their short half-life, protease ...
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ez CF Abstract Pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) has been identified as a substantial public health threat and diagnostic challenge. A large proportion of patients exhibit negative smear tests despite active infection. The role of cytokines in the pathophysiology and clinical severity of PTB remains a controversial question. We evaluated the pattern of cytokines presents locally in patients with smear-negative PTB. Levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α, interferon (IFN)-γ, interleukin (IL)-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, and IL-17 in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALf) from patients with smear-negative PTB, as well...
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