Recognition and Treatment of Adrenal Insufficiency Secondary to Abiraterone: A Case Report and Literature Review.

CONCLUSIONS: We found that a standard dose of prednisone of 5 mg/day as recommended previously may be inadequate to achieve physiologic glucocorticoid replacement in some patients with prostate cancer while on abiraterone treatment and as a result adrenal insufficiency due to inadequate dosing might be more common than initially thought. Additionally 10 mg of prednisone daily may cause adverse effects in some patients. Thus clinicians should be aware of the potential for development of adrenal insufficiency or symptoms of glucocorticoid excess in these patients receiving prednisone so that appropriate modifications in glucocorticoid dosing can be instituted without any delay. Prednisone dosing may need to be individualized in each patient receiving abiraterone therapy. PMID: 31390632 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Publication date: Available online 14 September 2019Source: Pharmacological ResearchAuthor(s): Rihui Wu, Xueting Mei, Yibiao Ye, Ting Xue, Jiasheng Wang, Wenjia Sun, Caixia Lin, Ruoxue Xue, Jiabao Zhang, Donghui XuAbstractZinc(II) complexes of curcumin display moderate cytotoxicity towards cancer cells at low micromolar concentrations. However, the clinical use of zinc(II) complexes is hampered by hydrolytic insolubility and poor bioavailability and their anticancer mechanisms remain unclear. Here, we investigated the efficacy and mechanism of action of a polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP-k30)-based solid dispersion of Zn(II)-curc...
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ConclusionsBoth 18F-HX4 and 18F-FMISO PET/CT can be used as biomarkers for tumor hypoxia and radiotherapy-associated changes. The clinical utilization of these two PET tracers needs to be further validated.
Source: Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research
HPV DNA detection in urine samples of women: "An efficacious and accurate alternative to cervical samples?" Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2019 Sep 13;: Authors: Pattyn J, Van Keer S, Téblick L, Van Damme P, Vorsters A Abstract Cervical cancers are caused by persistent human papillomavirus (HPV) infections [1]. To date, HPV DNA testing using clinician-obtained cervical cells is the reference for identifying cervical infection. However, great interest has been shown for the use of self-sampling methods to detect HPV [2]. One method for self-sampling to be considered is the collection of f...
Source: Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy - Category: Infectious Diseases Tags: Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther Source Type: research
ConclusionsPRDR radiation therapy with capecitabine were well tolerated and effective method for treating patients with recurrent breast cancer. Prospective studies are necessary to compare side effects and efficacy with conventional dose rate re-irradiation, as well as, to evaluate the potential role for capecitabine in the recurrent setting.
Source: Practical Radiation Oncology - Category: Cancer & Oncology Source Type: research
Abstract Two highly selective OFF-ON isomer fluorescent probes (1 and 2) for homo-/cysteine were designed and synthesized. The pyrene modified tetraphenylethylene derivative with AIE was used as luminescent group while maleimide was used as recognition group. These two isomer probes were found to be nearly nonfluorescent when treated with GSH. However, upon interaction with Cys or Hcy, the fluorescence was enhanced by 2000 folds in a wide pH range from 3 to 10. Experimental results and DFT calculation have demonstrated that the fluorescence OFF-ON switch of such thiol probes is resulted from the termination of the...
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vac D Abstract Metabolomics generate a profile of small molecules from plant extracts, which could be directly responsible for bioactivity effects. Using dry-column flash chromatography enabled a rapid and inexpensive method for the very efficient separation of plant extract with a high resolution. This separation method coupled to NMR and FTIR-based metabolomics is applied to identify bioactive natural products. OPLS multivariate analysis method, was used for correlation the chemical composition of the plant extracts, Amphoricarpos autariatus, with the results of cytotoxic activity against Human cervical adenocar...
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Abstract CA125/MUC16 is an ovarian tumor cell marker widely used as a biomarker in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. CA125/MUC16 is also used for evaluation of the ROMA (Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm) value. In this work, a Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRI) biosensor for circulating CA125/MUC16 has been developed. The anti-MUC16 antibody was attached to a gold chip via a cysteamine linker. The EDS/NHS protocol was used for the covalent attachment of the antibody. The developed biosensor is specific for CA125/MUC16, and exhibits good recovery and acceptable precision. Its linear response range (2.2-150 U/...
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Abstract A new class of intracellular signal amplification approach, integrating biodegradable manganese dioxide (MnO2) nanosheet with target-triggered DNAzyme recycling amplification in one nanosystem, was developed for highly specific and sensitive monitoring of microRNAs (miRNAs) in living cells. Briefly, the MnO2 nanosheets were employed as carrier and quencher for the hairpin-locked-DNAzyme strands (H1). Upon entering cells, the surface-adsorbed strands (H1) can be released due to the degradation of the MnO2 nanosheets by cellular glutathione. Subsequently, the hybridization reaction between target miRNAs and...
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Abstract Cancer is one of the most widespread challenges and important diseases, which has the highest mortality rate. Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer, so that about 25% of all cancer deaths are related to the lung cancer. The lung cancer is classified as two different types with different treatment methodology: the small cell lung carcinoma and nonsmall cell lung carcinoma are two categories of the lung cancer. Since the lung cancer is often in the latent period in its early stages, therefore, early diagnosis of lung cancer has many challenges. Hence, there is a need for sensitive and reliable tools...
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CONCLUSIONSOrteronel significantly prolongs EFS in men with mCRPC who achieve disease stabilization with docetaxel. The concept of switch maintenance therapy in mCRPC warrants further research. Prostate © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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