Brain Functional Connectivity in Patients With Somatic Symptom Disorder

Objective The aim of the study was to evaluate whether individuals with somatic symptom disorder (SSD) display increased resting-state functional connectivity (FC) within and between the sensorimotor network (SMN), default mode network (DMN), salience network, and dorsal attention network (DAN). Methods Eighteen patients with SSD and 20 age- and sex-matched healthy control participants underwent resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging. We used a seed-based correlation approach for the four brain networks. Results Patients with SSD had higher scores on the Somato-Sensory Amplification Scale (z = 5.22, p
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Authors: Chen Y, Jiang X, Liu R, Zhang Z, Luo F, Qi S, Xu Y Abstract BACKGROUND Although magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-targeted biopsy and saturation biopsy can improve the accuracy of prostate biopsy, transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided prostate biopsy is still the cornerstone for diagnosis of prostate cancer. However, it is not clear whether it is necessary to perform the same TRUS-guided biopsy scheme for patients with different prostate specific antigen (PSA) or prostate specific antigen density (PSAD) levels. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the optimal core number for specific suspected prostate ...
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ConclusionsMRI is the best predictor of tumor size in breast cancer. Histologic type and tumor size are key parameters when estimating tumor size and should be taken into account when planning surgery. Patient age does not interfere with the interpretation of imaging tests.ResumenIntroducciónEl objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar qué prueba de imagen de las empleadas para medir el tamaño del cáncer de mama primario preoperatorio (mamografía, ecografía o resonancia magnética (RM)) se correlacionó mejor con el tamaño del tumor en la pieza quirúrgica posto...
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This article will review pertinent imaging findings related to the pre- and post-operative management of patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis.
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This report presents a case of absent semimembranosus musculature detected incidentally on knee magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), then found to be bilateral on MRI of both thighs performed shortly thereafter. Imaging also demonstrated atypical morphologies of the semitendinosus and biceps femoris muscles in both thighs.
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AbstractUlnar nerve compression at the elbow, specifically the cubital tunnel, is the second most common upper extremity compression neuropathy. Many patients presenting with compression symptoms will subsequently undergo surgical intervention. We review the open surgical treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome and review the expected postoperative imaging appearance of those treatments on magnetic resonance imaging (MR), including: simple or in situ decompression, medial epicondylectomy, and anterior transposition, including subcutaneous, intramuscular, and submuscular variants. We discuss the relevant anatomy of the presurg...
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ConclusionImaging findings on routine unenhanced MRI have a high rate of concordance with duplex ultrasound performed through the calf in the detection of intramuscular calf vein thrombosis.
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ConclusionKnee ultrasound demonstrates high diagnostic performance for ACL and PCL injuries, particularly when performed by experienced musculoskeletal radiologists. Future prospective studies to compare the cost- and time-effectiveness between ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging and to determine the optimal ultrasound parameters are warranted.
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This article illustrates the different patterns of BML in the wrist t o serve as a useful guide when reviewing wrist MRI studies. Imaging artefacts will also be briefly covered.
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This study aimed to determine the distribution of etiology of pancreatic cysts using established criteria/markers from cyst fluid analysis and cytology that have been reported to have high specificity in published literature. Methods A retrospective study of pancreatic cysts using an endoscopic database from March 2002 and May 2013 was conducted. Pancreatic cysts
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