Mushrooms of the Far East hold promise for the anti-cancer therapy

Mushrooms from the Far East area contain the natural chemical compounds, which could be used for the design of the novel drugs with highly specific anti-tumor activities and low-toxicity. These compounds may offer new avenues for oncology, providing us with either stand-alone alternatives to chemotherapy, chemopreventive medicines, or drugs to be used in combination with other therapies.
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This study suggests that the U11-DOX/CUR NPs have promising potential for combination treatment of lung cancer.Graphical abstract
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Conclusion: Current review has been highlighted on the novel medicinal agents from plant sources have potential effects against many types of cancer, which have been supported by clinical trials. The main findings of these active novel medicinal agents were also summarized and discussed here.
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Conclusion: Maintenance therapy in NSCLC continues to be an important therapeutic line to improve outcome in patients with metastatic and recurrent disease.
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CONCLUSIONS: In the neoadjuvant setting, there is high- to low-certainty evidence of equivalent outcomes for the sequence in which taxanes are delivered. In the adjuvant setting, none of the studies reported on overall survival or disease-free survival. In most institutions, standard practice would be to deliver anthracycline followed by taxane, and currently available data do not support a change in this practice. We wait for the full-text publication of a relevant neoadjuvant study for women with HER2-negative breast cancer for inclusion in an update of this review. PMID: 30776132 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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This comprehensive review summarizes the recent advances in engineering versatile nanotherapeutics for energy ‐converting nanomedicine enabled by external energy input, including photo‐based, radiation‐based, ultrasound‐based, magnetic field‐based, microwave‐based, electric field‐based, and radiofrequency‐based nanomedicines. AbstractSerious side effects to surrounding normal tissues and unsatisfactory therapeutic efficacy hamper the further clinic applications of conventional cancer ‐therapeutic strategies, such as chemotherapy and surgery. The fast development of nanotechnology provides unprecedented su...
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This study showed that potential vicious cycles underlying ARDs are quite diverse and unique, triggered by diverse and unique factors that do not usually progress with age, thus casting doubts on the possibility of discovering the single molecular cause of aging and developing the single anti-aging pill. Rather, each disease appears to require an individual approach. However, it still cannot be excluded that some or all of these cycles are triggered by fundamental processes of aging, such as chronic inflammation or accumulation of senescent cells. Nevertheless, experimental data showing clear cause and effect relationships...
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Conclusion: Estimating the burden of chronic toxicities should contribute to enhance rational decision-making on treatments including chemotherapy in patients with low versus high risk of recurrence.Breast Care
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Abstract Urinary bladder cancer (UBC) is characterized by frequent recurrence and metastasis despite the standard chemotherapy with gemcitabine and cisplatin combination. Histone modifiers are often dysregulated in cancer development, thus they can serve as an excellent drug targets for cancer therapy. Here, we investigated whether G9a, one of the histone H3 methyltransferases, was associated with UBC development. We first analyzed clinical data from public databases and found that G9a was significantly overexpressed in UBC patients. The TCGA Provisional dataset showed that the average expression level of G9a in p...
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Conclusion.In this study, chemotherapy resulted in increased HRrest and tachycardia, as well as decreased blood pressure and hypotension. Anthracyclines, trastuzumab, and left‐sided radiation were associated with HRrest elevations and impairments of HRrecovery, but exercise training at least twice a week appeared to mitigate these changes.Implications for Practice.This study characterized changes in clinically accessible measures with well‐established prognostic value for cardiovascular disease, and investigated associations with cardiotoxic treatments and the positive influence of exercise. The chemotherapy‐related ...
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Abstract At present, cancer is one of the major diseases in the world affecting numerous lives. There have been various approaches to combat the disease, particularly involving chemical interventions (chemotherapy). However, owing to serious side effects of chemotherapy, employment of natural supplements in cancer therapy has been long desired. Nutraceuticals are currently being studied as a medicament, to act as both preventive and curative measure. Nutraceuticals provide both nutrition and therapeutic benefits; besides, they are natural and biocompatible, and therefore pose no side effects. This facilitates thei...
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