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‘I Said Goodbye to Everything.’ What It Was Like to Live Through Hurricane Irma

It’s just after dawn on Saturday and Miami Beach is empty. There are no tourists picking their way to the surf, no cheery hotel lights, no thumping music from car radios. The air is gauzy. Everything is a ghostly metallic gray. It’s 14 hours before Hurricane Irma, the biggest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, is supposed to pass through this spot. The National Weather Service warns it could be the most powerful hurricane in living memory. The Big One everyone’s been waiting for. It could be catastrophic in its devastation, the governor says. The mayor of Miami-Dade County opens a record number of shelters and goes on TV to plead with people to heed mandatory evacuation orders. The circles under his eyes are mauve. Floridians are tense. People squabble at gas stations over dwindling fuel and throw punches over the cost of plywood. Interstate 75, which runs like a vein down Florida’s spine, is jammed with families trying to get north, to get out. I-95 and the Florida Turnpike aren’t much better. One man turns around at Fort Lauderdale and goes home. “I’d rather hunker down in my house than in my car,” he says. By the time the rain arrives on Saturday, it almost feels like a relief. Hurricane Irma, the monster storm Miami has been anticipating for a week, is finally here. It comes first in violent bursts that last for a few minutes, then dies away before beginning again, each time more sustained. It’s been four days since...
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The objective of present paper was to review the therapeutic options for metabolic syndrome and its components, the available evidence related to their cardiovascular benefits, and to evaluate the extent to which they should influence the guidelines for clinical practice. Areas covered: A Medline literature search was performed to identify clinical trials and meta-analyses related to the therapy of dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension, glucose metabolism and obesity published in the past decade. Expert commentary: Our recommendation for first-line pharmacological are statins for dyslipidemia, renin-angiotensin-aldosteron sy...
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Authors: Antoniu SA Abstract INTRODUCTION: Bronchiectasis not related to cystic fibrosis (non-CF bronchiectasis) are associated with a high unmet therapeutic need due to the lack of specifically authorized medications, especially via the inhalation route. In non-CF bronchiectasis chronic infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa is common and favored by the persistent local inflammation and viscid sputum production. Therefore inhaled antibiotics, mucolytics or anti-inflammatory agents could represent appropriate therapeutic interventions in this setting Areas covered: This review herein discusses the inhaled therapies ...
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We present the concept of a service-oriented medical device architecture (SOMDA) as well as an introduction to the technical specification implementing the SOMDA paradigm, currently being standardized within the IEEE 11073 service-oriented device connectivity (SDC) series. In addition, the Session concept is introduced as a key enabler for safe device interconnection in highly dynamic ensembles of networked medical devices; and finally, some security aspects of a SOMDA are discussed. PMID: 29346114 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusion: Strategy-based PM training in older adults targeting the maintenance of the PM intention in the intention-retention phase may be more effective in enhancing PM accuracy in terms of PM cue detection than the strategy targeting the encoding of the PM intention in the intention-formation phase. This suggests that for successful prospective remembering, older adults may need more support to keep the PM cues active in memory while working on the ongoing task than to initially encode the PM intention.Gerontology
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Conclusion: In memory clinic patients with vascular brain injury, DTI of strategic white matter tracts has a significant added value in explaining variance in cognitive functioning.Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord 2017;44:268 –282
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A full-thickness biopsy of the bowel wall is required to evaluate the enteric nervous system. A patient with aggravating gastrointestinal symptoms underwent a laparoscopic full-thickness biopsy of the ileum and, 1 year later, an endoscopic full-thickness biopsy of the sigmoid colon. Both samples showed enteric neuropathy characterized by vacuolated and enlarged neurons. The length of the myenteric plexus was greater in the endoscopic (23 mm) compared to the laparoscopic (11 mm) biopsy, with fewer tissue artefacts in the laparoscopic approach. Clinical deterioration was paralleled by enteric neuropathy with an increase in t...
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In conclusion, CSP should only be adopted for benign cases, as cancerous lesions have a possibility for invading the submucosa, like in our case.Case Rep Gastroenterol 2018;12:27 –31
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Conclusions: In HBV-endemic areas, when using the HBV/HCV infection instead of cirrhosis as the precondition of the non-invasive diagnostic criteria for HCC, we should be aware of the potential false positive. Cirrhosis still plays an important role in the non-invasive diagnostic criteria for HCC because of the high specificity.Dig Dis
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Conclusions: Our review provides clinical and histopathological features of a primary liposarcoma of the thyroid to enable the identifi ­cation of this rare tumor entity and assist in the decision-making process regarding therapeutic options and tumor follow-up.Eur Thyroid J
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