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Economic and social impact of increased cardiac rehabilitation uptake and cardiac telerehabilitation in Belgium - a cost-benefit analysis.

CONCLUSIONS: Increased cardiac rehabilitation uptake rates can reduce the burden of disease, and the resulting benefits exceed its costs. This research supports the necessity for greater promotion and routine referral to cardiac rehabilitation to be made standard practice. The implementation of telerehabilitation as an adjunct is to be encouraged, especially for those patients unable to attend centre-based cardiac rehabilitation. PMID: 28799460 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Acta Cardiologica - Category: Cardiology Tags: Acta Cardiol Source Type: research

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Conclusion: To address the many challenges posed by EDCs, we argue that Africans should take the lead in prioritization and evaluation of environmental hazards, including EDCs. We recommend the institution of education and training programs for chemical users, adoption of the precautionary principle, establishment of biomonitoring programs, and funding of community-based epidemiology and wildlife research programs led and funded by African institutes and private companies. https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP1774 Received: 16 February 2017 Revised: 22 May 2017 Accepted: 24 May 2017 Published: 22 August 2017 Address correspond...
Source: EHP Research - Category: Environmental Health Authors: Tags: Commentary Source Type: research
Conclusions: Higher serum MMP-9 levels in the acute phase of ischemic stroke were associated with increased risk of mortality and major disability, suggesting that serum MMP-9 could be an important prognostic factor for ischemic stroke.
Source: Neurology - Category: Neurology Authors: Tags: Stroke prevention, Prognosis, All Cerebrovascular disease/Stroke, Clinical trials Observational study (Cohort, Case control), Cohort studies ARTICLE Source Type: research
This study didn't measure whether receiving the cardiosphere-derived cells extended lifespans, so we have a lot more work to do. We have much to study, including whether CDCs need to come from a young donor to have the same rejuvenating effects and whether the extracellular vesicles are able to reproduce all the rejuvenating effects we detect with CDCs." Cardiac and systemic rejuvenation after cardiosphere-derived cell therapy in senescent rats Cardiosphere-derived cell (CDC) therapy has exhibited several favourable effects on heart structure and function in humans and in preclinical models; however,...
Source: Fight Aging! - Category: Research Authors: Tags: Newsletters Source Type: blogs
I suppose I should say something about the recently announced work ofShoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health and Science University, who claims to have successfully edited the genome of human embryos, in this case to eliminate a disease causing mutation. This work is as yet unpublished and not peer reviewed, but let's assume it is sound.The technique, which has been much in the news, is calledCRISPR/Cas9.I'm not going to go into the technical details here but you can certainly look it up if you are interested,the Wikipedia article is actually reasonably accessible if you have some basic understanding of genetics. But getting ...
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The benefits of exercise in preventing disease have been recognized since the days of Plato and Hippocrates. Plato stated that ‘In order for man to succeed in life, God provided two means, education and physical activity. Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, whereas movement and methodical physical exercise can save it and preserve it’. In modern medicine, the first rigorously performed epi demiologic studies of a protective effect of exercise were performed by Jeremy Morris observing a lower risk of coronary heart disease in conductors of the London double-decker buses compared to...
Source: European Heart Journal - Category: Cardiology Source Type: research
Regular engagement in physical activity can help youth control their weight during childhood while decreasing one's chances of developing chronic diseases (e.g., coronary heart disease, diabetes) throughout the lifespan. While numerous studies have explored physical activity participation and weight status among typically developing children, few epidemiological studies utilizing nationally representative data has focused on children with chronic health problems, illness, or disabilities (CHID).
Source: Disability and Health Journal - Category: Disability Authors: Source Type: research
ConclusionsOur study shows that the region is facing several health challenges and calls for global efforts to stabilise the region and to address the current and future burden of disease.
Source: International Journal of Public Health - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: research
Conclusion: Greenness, ISA, and NTL were associated with increased SBP, DBP, and cPP, and with reduced FMD, suggesting a possible additional EVA pathway for the relationship between urbanization and increased CVD prevalence in urban India. https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP541 Received: 20 May 2016 Revised: 03 January 2017 Accepted: 23 January 2017 Published: 02 August 2017 Address correspondence to K.J. Lane, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 195 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511 USA. Telephone: (781) 696-4537; Email: kevin.lane@yale.edu Supplemental Material is available online (https://doi.org/10.1289...
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Conclusions: Anthropogenic CO2 emissions threaten the adequacy of protein intake worldwide. Elevated atmospheric CO2 may widen the disparity in protein intake within countries, with plant-based diets being the most vulnerable. https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP41 Received: 27 February 2016 Revised: 12 September 2016 Accepted: 19 September 2016 Published: 02 August 2017 Address correspondence to D. Medek, North Shore Hospital, Shakespeare Ave., Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand 0622. Telephone: 649 486 8900. Email: danielle.medek@gmail.com Supplemental Material is available online (https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP41). The authors d...
Source: EHP Research - Category: Environmental Health Authors: Tags: Research Source Type: research
Conclusions: Population level of iAs% and DMA%, but not MMA%, were associated with arsenic exposure levels. Overall, study findings suggest that higher MMA% was associated with an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, while lower MMA% was associated with an increased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Additional population-based studies and experimental studies are needed to further evaluate and understand the role of arsenic exposure in arsenic metabolism and the role of arsenic metabolism in disease development. https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP577 Received: 01 June 2016 Revised: 26 February 2017 Acce...
Source: EHP Research - Category: Environmental Health Authors: Tags: Research Source Type: research
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