Savoring the Harvest Beyond the Season, Food Preservation

Summer is the time of an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables when they are at their best. Whether you grow your own or purchase from a local farmers market you know there is nothing better than eating a fresh tomato or recently picked cucumbers. It would be wonderful to have it fresh all year around but for many of us these summer time fruits and vegetables can only be enjoyed through food preservation. Home preserved foods are often healthier and tastier than those bought in the grocery store. It can also be cheaper and is a great skill to have. But not all of us have had the privilege of growing up with a garden and gaining the skills of canning, freezing, drying and other food preservation methods. Check out these online resources. National Center for Home Food Preservation offers information for a variety of ways to preserve food provides a link to the USDA’s home canning guide along with information about food safety. Many of the state Extension Service also provide resources and classes to learn how to preserve food. University of Alaska Cooperative Extension food preservation webpage University of Idaho Extension food preservation and safety webpage Montana State University Extension food preservation webpage Oregon State University Extension Service food preservation webpage Washington State University Extension Service food preservation webpage
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