Climate Change Will Make Droughts Longer, More Common, Says UN
The frequency and duration of droughts will continue to increase due to human-caused climate change, with water scarcity already affecting billions of people across the world, the United Nations warned in a report Wednesday. The U.N. desertification agency, which is currently hosting a conference of parties in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, estimates that roughly one third of the world’s population—2.3 billion people—is already facing water scarcity, with that number expected to double by 2050. Although no region is spared from drought, the report noted that Africa is the hardest hit continent, with the Americas...
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NFL deemed Browns ’ “4-year plan” a “multi-year rebuilding program”
Tomato, tomahto. Tanking, rebuilding.It’s a distinction without a real difference. The NFL nevertheless tried, in its assessment of the investigation of the allegations made by former Browns coach... #browns #huejackson (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Boosting Food Security and Education in Schools in Brazil
Students eat lunch in the cafeteria of the João Caffaro Municipal School in Itaboraí, in southeastern Brazil. Schoolchildren returned to eating vegetables and drinking natural fruit juices when the school canteens and the supply of family farming products to the National School Feeding Program resumed in April this year, after an interruption brought about by the COVID pandemic. CREDIT: Mario Osava/IPSBy Mario OsavaITABORAÍ, Brazil , Apr 27 2022 (IPS) “I like lettuce, but not tomatoes and cucumbers,” said nine-year-old Paulo Henrique da Silva de Jesus, a third grader at the João Baptista Caffaro Municipal S...
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The First Private Crew Blasts Off for the Space Station
The dining will be fine aboard the International Space Station (ISS) throughout the next week. Flying 408 km (254 mi.) above the Earth and clipping along at a brisk 28,000 km/h (17,500 mph), the crew will be tucking into arroz Estelle Valencia, a Spanish rice dish; secreto de cerdo with pisto—Ibérico Pork with tomatoes, onions, eggplant, and peppers; and chicken and mushroom paella. That, at least, is what four of the 11 crew members aboard the ISS will be eating—the four who will arrive at the station tomorrow morning, along with their full larder, after blasting off aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecra...
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Morbius' reviews: Spider-Man spin-off is bad
"Morbius," which debuts Friday, has garnered poor reviews across the board and recently held at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. #morbius #spinoff #spiderman (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Cancer: From nuts to tomato sauce – foods that a doctor says 'could reduce cancer risk'
DIETARY choices influence the likelihood of disease in later life. If you eat well, you are likely to lead a long and healthy life; if you do not eat well, death's door may be closer than you think. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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I love living on my own – so why am I so scared of the dark?
Megan Nolan always dreamed of having her own lovely home. But now terrifying thoughts keep her awake at night. Here, the author wonders whyI live by myself in a good place, the best sort of place a woman like me could imagine. In fact, it ’s all I did imagine for years on end. I rent rather than own it, but that’s no hardship. I’ve never felt any particular angst to own property, which is just as well since I live in London, a place where I could no sooner get a mortgage than a giraffe. Owning a home has always felt more like a burden, like an end to things, to me, than it has felt like comfort. I did always dream, t...
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Tomato concentrate could help reduce chronic intestinal inflammation associated with HIV
New UCLA-led research in mice suggests that adding a certain type of tomato concentrate to the diet can reduce the intestinal inflammation that is associated with HIV. Left untreated, intestinal inflammation can accelerate arterial disease, which in turn can lead to heart attack and stroke.The findings provide clues to how the altered intestinal tract affects disease-causing inflammation in people with chronic HIV infection, suggesting that targeting the inflamed intestinal wall may be a novel way to prevent the systemic inflammation that persists even when antiviral therapy is effective in controlling a person ’s HIV.Th...
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How to save the planet
Let’s be honest, when we talk about saving the planet we don’t really mean the planet. After all the planet will look after itself, it has for the billions of years it’s already been around. We don’t even really mean how to save the amazing, glorious, generous ecosystem that is nature. What we really mean is how do we save ourselves! Somehow we’ve divorced ourselves from both the planet and nature. It’s as if we see our planet as a pyramid with us at the top, lording it over everything else below us as if we aren’t part of nature at all, seeing ourselves as separate. What we seem t...
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Mobile phone apps make it almost impossible to get lost these days. And that isn ’t good for us | Adrian Chiles
In an era of mobile phones, we rarely lose our way - which means we miss out on the joy and relief of finding it againA travel company called Black Tomato, in return for a significant sum of money, will drop you in the middle of you know not where, and leave you there. The product is called Get Lost and is surely more evidence that we ’ve, well, lost our way.Which isn ’t to say that it’s a daft idea. As a matter of fact, it quite appeals to me. I’m used to feeling psychologically lost – that wouldn’t be much of a holiday – but I’m very rarely physically, geographically lost. And annoying, and even frighteni...
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Time Honoured Food Traditions, Pleasing for Palate and Planet
Alia Chughtai (standing at the back), a journalist with filmmaker Akhlaque Mahesar (right, behind the table), and others in their team at Aur Chaawal (And Rice). Chughtai believes in using local fresh ingredients that are healthy and planet-friendly. Her method of cooking fits in with the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition’s Double Pyramid. Credit: Zofeen T. Ebrahim/IPSBy Zofeen EbrahimKARACHI, Nov 19 2021 (IPS) Balance is the absolute key, says Alia Chughtai, a journalist who started a catering service with filmmaker Akhlaque Mahesar, by the name of Aur Chaawal (And Rice), two years ago. She knows what she is talkin...
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Are tomatoes bad for arthritis? The 18 best vegetables for inflammation
DIET can't cure arthritis, but certain foods can strengthen bones while others cause inflammation and make the condition worse. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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Box Office: ‘Eternals’ Battles Its Way to $71M Opening, $161.7M Globally
The superhero pic was hindered by the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score and audience CinemaScore of any title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but is seeing more robust business overseas. #marvelcinematicuniverse #rottentomatoes #superheropic #cinemascore (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Eternals and Every Marvel Studios Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed - IGN
With the theatrical release of Eternals finally here, let's take a look at how its current Rotten Tomatoes score of 48% - the first MCU "rotten" score - compares to the 29 other films and TV... #marvelstudios #ign (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Eternals Officially First MCU Movie To Be Rotten On Rotten Tomatoes
Marvel's upcoming film, , has given the MCU its first Rotten film on EternalsRotten Tomatoes.Eternalsis directed by Chloé Zhao, which is her follow-up to the Best Picture-winning filmNomadland.... #bestdirectoroscar #zhao #chloézhao #rotten #eternals #filmnomadland (Source: Reuters: Health)
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