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Renal lithiasis, can we predict the need for retreatment in retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS)?

[Renal lithiasis, can we predict the need for retreatment in retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS)?] Arch Esp Urol. 2017 Jun;70(5):534-541 Authors: Palmero-Martí JL, Panach-Navarrete J, Valls-González L, Ganau-Ituren A, Pastor-Lence JC, Benedicto-Redón A Abstract OBJECTIVES: To analyze the predictive factors for retreatment in RIRS to achieve complete lithiasis resolution. METHODS: Retrospective comparative study analyzing 298 cases of RIRS performed in our center over a 3 year period. The cohort was divided in two groups: Resolution in one operation or more than one, evaluating homogeneicity for age and gender. We compared the folowing variables: Hounsfield units, body mass index (BMI), number of stones, size, (on the case of multiple stones, larger stone size), side, location in the kidney and stone biochemistry. Bivariant statistical analysis by Student's t and Chi square tests, and multivariate analysis by binary logistic regression. ROC curves were made to set cutting points for relationship between quantitative variables. RESULTS: The groups were homogeneous for both age and gender (p>0.05). 260 (87.25%) patients required one treatment only and 38 (12.75%) more than one. Among the study variables, the only one that showed differences between the groups wa stone size, being the mean size 18 mm in the single treatment group and 26 mm in the more than one treatment group (Difference between mean values -8.27, 95%CI: -5,91...
Source: Archivos Espanoles de Urologia - Category: Urology & Nephrology Tags: Arch Esp Urol Source Type: research

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Source: Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine - Category: Statistics Tags: Comput Math Methods Med Source Type: research
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Authors: McEvoy JP, Risinger R, Mykhnyak S, Du Y, Liu CC, Stanford AD, Weiden PJ Abstract OBJECTIVE: To evaluate durability of therapeutic effect of long-term treatment with aripiprazole lauroxil in patients with schizophrenia following successful treatment of an acute psychotic episode. METHODS: This post hoc analysis assessed long-term outcomes for a subgroup of patients who entered a 52-week extension study after being successfully stabilized with one of 2 doses of aripiprazole lauroxil (441 or 882 mg) in a pivotal 12-week, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Durability of therapeutic effect was m...
Source: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry - Category: Psychiatry Tags: J Clin Psychiatry Source Type: research
This study evaluated perception of a broad range of auditory features in SZ and determined whether current AVHs relate to auditory feature perception. Auditory perception, including frequency, intensity, duration, pulse-train and temporal order discrimination, as well as an embedded tone task, was assessed in both AVH (n = 20) and non-AVH (n = 24) SZ individuals and in healthy controls (n = 29) with the Test of Basic Auditory Capabilities (TBAC). The Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia Voices Questionnaire (HPSVQ) was used to assess the experience of auditory hallucinations in patients with SZ....
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CONCLUSION: These findings suggest a relative homogeneous clinicopathological phenotype in P301L MAPT mutation carriers in our series. This phenotype might help in the differential diagnosis from other tauopathies and be a morphological hint for genetic testing. The haplotype analysis results suggest a founder effect of the P301L mutation in this area. PMID: 28934750 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord Source Type: research
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