The cell membrane and receptors

Publication date: Available online 8 May 2017 Source:Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine Author(s): Allan Fletcher The plasma membrane forms the interface between the cell and its environment. It is composed essentially of a phospholipid matrix and many different types of protein molecules which may be embedded within the matrix (integral proteins) or more loosely associated with the cytoplasmic ‘face’ of the membrane (peripheral proteins). The passage of essential ions and molecules across the membrane is controlled by integral proteins acting as channels or transporters. Intercellular communication is mediated by protein receptors, which are activated by signalling molecules such as hormones and neurotransmitters. Physical contact between the cell and its environment (and between cells) is mediated by membrane adhesion proteins. The plasma membrane is a highly dynamic structure in terms of molecular composition and topological configuration. The linkage of the internal cytoskeleton to the plasma membrane (via peripheral and integral proteins) expedites cellular shape changes or amoeboid motion of some types of cell. The process of endocytosis enables the cell to internalize small volumes of extracellular fluid (pinocytosis) by invagination and formation of intracellular vesicles or to engulf entire cells by phagocytosis. Secretion of molecules, such as hormones, is accomplished by fusion of intracellular vesicles with the plasma membrane. This mechanism o...
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In reviewing the content outline for the OSCE, all of the sections make sense except for the ethics one. It just seems like a laundry list of potential ethical issues in no particular order, and I can't imagine what the graders will want me to demonstrate in the standardized patient interaction. Without violating any confidentiality agreements with the ABA, can anyone help give me some idea of what to expect? I... Ethics OSCE
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I know how everyone feels about these huge AMCs, but unfortunately they seem to have control over certain locations/markets. I've heard a few people say USAP is one of the "less evil" AMCs. Just wondering, if you were forced to take a job with an AMC such as USAP, would you even roll the dice and enter the partnership track? Or would you strictly take an employed job with them with set hours/call, with no chance of partnership. I say partnership, realizing that there is no "true... USAP - Partner track worth it?
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The objective of this paper was to present a clinical case of ceramic veneers and crowns in which a retraction paste was used for gingival displacement during both the impression and cementation stages, with 3 years of follow-up. Treatment planning consisted of the replacement of preexisting crowns and ceramic veneers on the anterior teeth. After finishing the preparations, gingival displacement with Astringent Retraction Paste was performed without anesthesia or the use of cords and the impression was taken. Before cementation of the crowns and veneers, the Astringent Retraction Paste was applied. Avoiding the use of cord...
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Publication date: Available online 18 August 2019Source: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial ResearchAuthor(s): Sourav Sarkar, N.T. Prashanth, E.S. Shobha, Vinod Rangan, G. NikhilaAbstractObjectivesThe aim of this study is to compare the effectiveness of Platelet Rich Fibrin gel and Chitosan gel dressing in providing hemostasis in patients receiving Oral Antiplatelet Therapy and also to evaluate their surgical healing outcome following dental extractions.MethodologyA total of 60 patients under Oral Antiplatelet Therapy indicated for tooth extraction were included for treatment in the study without altering the oral an...
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We’re recruiting for two accomplished individuals with interest and experience in the scientific areas that comprise the Biochemistry and Bio-related Chemistry (BBC) and the Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences (PPS) Branches of the Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry. Successful applicants will be responsible for scientific and administrative planning, evaluation, and management of one of the branches, along with supervision of program directors with portfolios of funded research and small business grants. Each Chief will additionally handle a portfolio of research grants consis...
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Condition:   Molar Incisor Hypomineralization Interventions:   Diagnostic Test: Evaluation of cold test;   Diagnostic Test: Evaluation of electrical pulp test;   Diagnostic Test: Evaluation of pain during the treatment Sponsor:   Didem Sakaryali Completed
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Condition:   Rotator Cuff Tears Interventions:   Drug: Lidocaine;   Drug: Normal saline Sponsor:   Yonsei University Completed
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Conditions:   Anesthesia;   Strabismus;   PONV Interventions:   Drug: Palonosetron;   Drug: Dexamethasone Sponsor:   Universidade Federal Fluminense Recruiting
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Question for the inventors of SDN: I have an idea for a medical device. It’s relatively simple, and I think it would have significant commercial value... That being said, I have virtually no experience with fabrication, biomedical engineering, patent law, etc. Anyone have any relevant experience or advice? To those who have applied for patents, any tips on the process? Worth it to get a patent lawyer, or is it something I can navigate myself and save a few grand? I do work for an academic... Medical Device
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In this study, anesthesia/surgery impaired cognition, demonstrated by an increase escape latency and reduction in the number of platform crossings in Morris water maze (MWM) trials, through activating microglia neuroinflammation and decreasing PSD-95 expression. However, pretreatment with MS-275 attenuated postoperative cognitive impairment severity. Furthermore, pretreatment with MS-275 decreased activated microglia levels and increased PSD95 protein expression in the hippocampus. Pretreatment with MS-275 reduced NF-κB-p65 protein expression and nuclear accumulation as well as the neuroinflammatory response (product...
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