Evolution of 1918 Flu Virus Traced from Century-Old Samples
The work reveals that the pandemic flu was likely the direct predecessor of the seasonal H1N1 flu that circulated for decades. (Source: The Scientist)
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Nearly 15 Million Deaths Are Linked to COVID-19, World Health Organization Says
(London) — The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 15 million people were killed either by coronavirus or by its impact on overwhelmed health systems in the past two years, more than double the official death toll of 6 million. Most of the fatalities were in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas. In a report Thursday, the U.N. agency’s chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus described the figure as “sobering,” saying it should prompt countries to invest more in their capacities to quell future health emergencies. Scientists tasked by WHO with calculating the actual number of COVID-19 deaths b...
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Drugged Water: A New Global Pandemic Hiding in Plain Sight?
Credit: WHOBy Baher KamalMADRID, Apr 13 2022 (IPS) People around the world are unknowingly being exposed to water laced with antibiotics, which could spark the rise of drug-resistant pathogens and potentially fuel another global pandemic, warns a new report. The study, elaborated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), found that, globally, not enough attention is being focused on the threat posed by antimicrobial resistance with most antibiotics being excreted into the environment via toilets or through open defecation. Already in 2015, 34.8 billion daily doses of antibiotics were consumed, with up to 90 perce...
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COVID-19 Could Be Surging in the U.S. Right Now and We Might Not Even Know It
The rise of Covid cases in some regions of the U.S., just as testing efforts wane, has raised the specter that the next major wave of the virus may be difficult to detect. In fact, the country could be in the midst of a surge right now and we might not even know it. Testing and viral sequencing are critical to responding quickly to new outbreaks of Covid. And yet, as the country tries to move on from the pandemic, demand for lab-based testing has declined and federal funding priorities have shifted. The change has forced some testing centers to shutter while others have hiked up prices in response to the end of government-...
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The New $10 Billion COVID-19 Deal Leaves Uninsured People at Risk
When Senators announced on Monday that they reached a deal for $10 billion in additional funding for the coronavirus response, many public health experts were dismayed that the package will not include aid for vaccines abroad. But another area that is likely to get shorted is the program that has covered the costs of coronavirus tests, treatments and vaccines for uninsured Americans. That lack of funding could not only hurt the most vulnerable Americans, experts say, but also fuel future outbreaks of COVID-19. The program for uninsured people began winding down late last month. The Biden Administration repeatedly asked la...
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A New Government Website Helps You Locate COVID-19 Tests, Treatments, Vaccines, and Masks
Two years into the pandemic, the Biden Administration has launched a virtual hub to help Americans find COVID-19 prevention and treatment resources—including masks, tests, and vaccines—in their communities. The website, COVID.gov, consolidates several existing initiatives into what President Joe Biden described during a press briefing on March 30 as a “one-stop shop.” The site includes links for ordering free at-home rapid tests; locating free, high-quality N95 masks; finding vaccines and treatments; and assessing current COVID-19 risk levels in specific counties, based on U.S. Centers for Disease C...
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The ‘zero-Covid’ approach got bad press, but it worked – and it could work again | Laura Spinney
The places that chose to pursue elimination suffered less overall. Unfortunately, few had the determination to do soIt was the alt-history, the policy that didn ’t get enacted. No-Covid, zero-Covid or elimination aimed to stamp out community transmission of Covid-19 in a given area, rather than just reduce it to “manageable” levels. Most of the world eschewed it, and it got bad press from the start. Only autocratic regimes could pull it off, one mantr a went. Countries like China and ah, New Zealand and, oops, that notorious police stateDavis in California.There was something of the self-fulfilling prophecy about thi...
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How pandemics end and what they leave behind
Two years after the first UK coronavirus lockdown, Laura Spinney reflects on what the years after the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic looked like, and what we might expect in a post-Covid eraOn 23 March 2020 – two years ago today – the first Covid lockdown was announced in the UK, upending life for everybody. It marked the start of a new era– one that has not entirely come to an end.Science writerLaura Spinney says pandemics don ’t conclude neatly, and that the after-effects can be seen for years to come. While researching her book Pale Rider, a history of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, she read countless pandemic diarie...
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A forensic pathologist on the legacy of lockdown: I look at death every day – let’s change the way we talk about it
The language we use to talk about death has become increasingly sanitised. It ’s time for a more healthy approachAs a forensic pathologist, the dead of all ages, shapes and sizes have been the focus of my career. Numerous times a day, for the past 40 years, I have looked closely and directly at death, knowing that, for many – probably most – of the people I examine, the start of their final day had been completely normal. Death had come swiftly and unexpectedly. So, as I dress each morning, I often wonder where I will be at the end of my day. At home? Or in a mortuary, being slid into a fridge on a shiny tray?In medi...
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Shrugs Over Flu Signal Future Attitudes About Covid
The coronavirus pandemic hasn ’t prompted most Americans to take influenza more seriously. Instead, more people are likely to think of Covid the way they think of flu, experts say. (Source: NYT Health)
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What We Can Learn From America ’s Most Recent COVID-19 Vaccine Converts
One in four American adults is unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated, and that number isn’t budging much these days. Fewer than 80,000 adults are getting their first shot every day—a 96% drop from the more than 2 million a day in April 2021. It’s easy to believe that anyone who hasn’t gotten a shot by now is unlikely to get one in the future—but there is still a group of people, however small, just finally coming around to the vaccine. Who are these people? And why did they delay the shot for so long? To find out, TIME analyzed vaccination survey data of U.S. adults from the Centers for Di...
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COVID-19 May Be Linked to Spontaneous Psychosis. Researchers Are Trying to Figure Out Why
In May 2020, a 33-year-old mother of three in North Carolina started experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Four days later, a different set of symptoms set in. She stopped sleeping well and started having paranoid delusions that people were tracking her through her cell phone—culminating in a frantic scene at a fast-food restaurant, in which she tried to pass her children through the drive-through window, where they’d be safe from the phones and other dangers. A restaurant employee called 911, and emergency medical services workers arrived, gathered up the family, and hurried to the nearby emergency department of...
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Famed Pathologist Johan Hultin Dies at 97
Hultin’s work helped identify the virus behind the 1918 flu pandemic. (Source: The Scientist)
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These Classes Are Near-Death Experiences, and That ’s a Good Thing
Spirits are high as the students file into the basement of the Galante Funeral Home in Union, N.J., to pick out their caskets. Jessica Polynice, 23, beelines toward the most ornate one in the showroom, joking that she has expensive taste. Others consider the prominently displayed price tags, from $995 to nearly $6,000, and factor in the softness of the pillows. Surrounded by open caskets, Amanda Davis, 20, says she’d rather be cremated into a firework. Beside her, Lauren Duffy, 24, flips through a brochure for artificial reef cremations and weighs whether she’d like to be eternally memorialized on the ocean flo...
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Pandemic Pushed Death Rates to Historic Highs Pandemic Pushed Death Rates to Historic Highs
The COVID-19 pandemic is now associated with the highest number of excess deaths worldwide since the 1918 flu pandemic, sometimes known as the"Spanish flu."Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines)
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