Elaine’s transformation started with the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

Elaine was one of around 20 people who came to New York City in 2015 to start the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox, the initial test panel of volunteers described in the book. A year has now passed since that experience. Here is Elaine’s update: “Here it is: 1 year wheat-, grain-, and sugar-free. I never took actual ‘before’ pics, mostly because I really didn’t think that giving up all the low fat, fat-free, ‘healthy whole grains’ would make a difference, and that this lifestyle was something that I was going to stick with. Well, I was certainly wrong. “The weight loss is currently a total of 63 lbs. The measurements : Waist: 5 inches Hips: 7 inches Thighs: 4.5 inches Arms: 3 inches “I honestly feel healthier in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s. I am off all medications. Continuously prescribed antibiotics and steroids for sinus infections, (since March 19 of last year not one single dose of any of that nonsense). Acid reflux and indigestion meds including prescription, Tums and Prilosec . . .  haven’t had any of those in a year either. Xanax…nope, don’t need that either! “Previously I was borderline diabetic, blood sugar now ranges from 83 to 93 in the am and after meals. Blood pressure is steady at 115/75. Joint pains…GONE! “Headaches …GONE! “Fatigue…GONE! (I sleep well and wake up fully energized.) “Thank you Dr. William Davis for allowing m...
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Conclusions: Our findings provide new evidence on patterns of behavioral modification in a population-based sample of Latinos diagnosed with chronic health conditions. Findings suggest the need to promote language and culturally relevant initiatives to increase the adoption of health-enhancing behaviors and improve chronic disease management among Spanish-speaking Latinos.
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The objective of this longitudinal study was to examine the gender differences in college students' depression, anxiety, and stress over the four academic years, and to explore possible anxiety-related factors among first year students. ...
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INTRODUCTION: Dysregulation of emotion (DE) is commonly seen in individuals suffering from compulsive sexual behavior (CSB), as well as represents a crucial element of its common comorbidities like mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders. AIM: T...
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Fifty years ago, an extraordinary group of pathologists, pediatricians, and epidemiologists met to address the limited research and numerous diagnoses applied to unexplained, largely sleep-related pediatric deaths. Their efforts led to the identificati...
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Targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR), originally developed as an experimental technique for prosthetic control, has been shown to be safe and effective for the treatment and prevention of postamputation pain. Targeted muscle reinnervation involves coaptatio...
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I recently learned that a popular EM Twitter doc runs a headache clinic on the side. In conjunction with the constant threads and talks about the very real and understandable burnout in EM, I've begun thinking long-term about the implications of pursuing the specialty if I choose to do so. One area that is hard for me to get good insight and data on is on what being an EP would look like once past 50 or even 60 years of age. I am hoping for some insight from this community on this topic... M3 interested in EM: Do you plan on practicing into your late 50s or 60s?
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I’ve been doing RFAs in private practice for 5 years, never any complications. Today, I slipped off the left L4 pedicle a few times, it was challenging. Adjusted the fluoro and was satisfied. No motor, lateral image did not indicate foraminal encroachment. Injected lidocaine prior to ablation. I was firmly in os and I held the probe the entire 2:30. In PACU patient complained of weakness and numbness in the L4 dermatome (FML). I was hoping it could be chalked up to the lidocaine... RFA complication
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Hi folks, Does anyone have good recommendations for favorite electives during fellowship? My program has slots for three 2-week rotations -- it is a large tertiary center with a lot of services (i.e. plenty of options). I imagine there are pearls and valuable skills to take away from nearly all available rotations. In your experience, any particularly high-yield to the practice of HPM? I'm thinking addictions, pain, .... spiritual? psych?
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Journal of Medicinal Food, Ahead of Print.
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Compared with placebo, critically ill, vitamin D-deficient patients did not appear to gain any benefit from receiving high-dose vitamin D in the ICU.Medscape Medical News
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