The price of a long, healthy life may be reduced fertility | David Cox
Suppressing a hormone that governs metabolism boosts your chances of living to a grand old age, but there's a downsideWould you be prepared to sacrifice your fertility in order to live longer? It's an almost inconceivable dilemma, but one day we could be offered a choice between having children and enhancing our chances of reaching a grand old age.The idea that fertility and longevity may be intertwined was first mooted in the 1970s when gerontologist Tom Kirkwood, now at the University of Newcastle, proposed his "disposable soma" hypothesis. Over time, our bodies age as a result of natural degeneration or "wear and tear",...
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Gambia: Soma Health Centre Reviews Maternal Deaths in LRR
[The Point]The national Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) status report for the year 2012 states that The Gambia is not on track to reducing maternal mortality from its present rate of 730 per 100, 000 live births (2001) to the MDG target of 263 per 100,000 births by 2015. (Source: AllAfrica News: Pregnancy and Childbirth)
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Anita Davis Serves as One-Woman Economic Development Agency, Brings Vision to South Main
The vision embraced by developer Anita Davis, along with some hefty injections of cash, has brought new vitality to Little Rock's SoMa neighborhood. (Source: Arkansas Business - Health Care)
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SonoSite AxioTrack Needle Guidance Technology Now Available in U.S.
SonoSite, or these days FUJIFILM SonoSite, has launched its AxoTrack needle guidance technology on the SonoSite M-Turbo line of ultrasounds. Developed by Soma Access Systems out of Greenville, South Carolina, the newly FDA approved AxoTrack technology allows for needle placement directly into a vessel deep within the body.In addition to ultrasound localization within tissue, AxoTrack uses magnets to spot the location of the needle, allowing for confident placement and faster procedures.Read More (Source: Medgadget Anesthesiology)
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