COVID-19 and lung cancer
Pathologica. 2023 Oct;115(5):284-291. doi: 10.32074/1591-951X-908.ABSTRACTCOVID-19 pandemic had affected health services around the world, also reducing the diagnosis of lung cancer. On the other hand, examination of surgical specimens in patients with lung cancer and SARS-CoV-2 gave the opportunity to evidence early histologic features related to this emerging pandemic.Different prioritization of health organizations during COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a significant decline of lung cancer screening (up to 56%), delayed diagnosis (up to 30-40%) and higher advanced stage, with some exceptions (i.e., Canada). Increased use ...
Source: Pathologica - December 6, 2023 Category: Pathology Authors: Laura Melocchi Maria Cecilia Mengoli Giuseppe Bogina Mattia Facchetti Federica Migliorati Laura Gandolfi Giulio Rossi Source Type: research

COVID-19. Biology, pathophysiology, and immunology: a pathologist view
Pathologica. 2023 Oct;115(5):248-256. doi: 10.32074/1591-951X-954.ABSTRACTEven if the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has been declared over, several risks and clinical problems remain to be faced, including long-COVID sequelae and possible outbreaks of pathogenic variants. Intense research on COVID-19 has provided in these few years a striking amount of data covering different fields and disciplines, which can help to provide a knowledge shield against new potential infective spreads, and may also potentially be applied to other fields of medicine, including oncology and neurology. Nevertheless, areas of uncertainty still remain rega...
Source: Pathologica - December 6, 2023 Category: Pathology Authors: Marco Chilosi Claudio Doglioni Claudia Ravaglia Sara Piciucchi Alessandra Dubini Lavinia Stefanizzi Venerino Poletti Source Type: research

Management of post-mortem examination in SARS-CoV-19 infections
Pathologica. 2023 Oct;115(5):257-262. doi: 10.32074/1591-951X-921.ABSTRACTA brief overview on the management of autopsies during the SARS-CoV-19 epidemic is proposed. In particular, the point is made of the Italian laws on the subject, the characteristics required for the autopsy room and the sampling suggested for the histological examination.PMID:38054900 | PMC:PMC10699335 | DOI:10.32074/1591-951X-921 (Source: Pathologica)
Source: Pathologica - December 6, 2023 Category: Pathology Authors: Mattia Riefolo Francesca Ambrosi Alessandra De Palma Carmine Gallo Stefania Damiani Source Type: research

COVID-19: detection methods in post-mortem samples
Pathologica. 2023 Oct;115(5):263-274. doi: 10.32074/1591-951X-933.ABSTRACTCOVID-19 identification is routinely performed on fresh samples, such as nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs, even if, the detection of the virus in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) autopsy tissues could help to underlie mechanisms of the pathogenesis that are not well understood.The gold standard for COVID-19 detection in FFPE samples remains the qRT-PCR as in swab samples, contextually other methods have been developed, including immunohistochemistry (IHC), and in situ hybridization (ISH). In this manuscript, we summarize the main data re...
Source: Pathologica - December 6, 2023 Category: Pathology Authors: Ilaria Tedesco Federica Zito Marino Andrea Ronchi Amaro Nunes Duarte Neto Marisa Dolhnikoff Maurizio Municin ò Carlo Pietro Campobasso Giuseppe Pannone Renato Franco Source Type: research

Exploring the pathologist's role in understanding COVID-19: from pneumonia to long-COVID lung sequelae
Pathologica. 2023 Oct;115(5):275-283. doi: 10.32074/1591-951X-906.ABSTRACTThe crucial role of pathologists in enhancing our understanding of SARS-CoV-2-related disease, from initial pneumonia manifestations to persistent long COVID lung symptoms, is the focus of this review. Pathological explorations have offered unprecedented insights into the early stages of severe COVID-19, shedding light on the interplay between the virus and subsequent complications, thereby shaping clinical approaches. Growing interest is directed to residual lung abnormalities of COVID-19 survivors. Although various radiological studies reported lon...
Source: Pathologica - December 6, 2023 Category: Pathology Authors: Gheorghe-Emilian Olteanu Federica Pezzuto Francesca Lunardi Francesco Fortarezza Alessandra Dubini Fiorella Calabrese Source Type: research