Ancient Immune Booster
One thing we can learn from the last few weeks is that we need to be more self-reliant when it comes to our own health care. We can’t rely on the government to protect us. They’ve proven they’re not capable… Especially when it comes to defending yourself and your family against fast-moving infections. A lot of people have asked me recently if I’m worried about getting sick. Here’s what I tell them: You were born with all the defenses your body will ever need. It’s called your immune system. If you keep it strong, you don’t have to worry about most diseases. And there is a ...
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Astragalus shows amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects
(Natural News) For many years, traditional healers have relied on herbal medicines to address illnesses, including the threat of cancer. One of these herbs is astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus), an adaptogen used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Researchers from the Hong Kong Baptist University recently reviewed the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of A. membranaceus. Their findings were published in The American Journal of Chinese... (Source:
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Whole ingredient extraction is a new strategy for improvement of therapeutic efficacy of astragalus
(Natural News) Researchers from the University of Macau and the Hong Kong Baptist University compared the chemical composition and safety of astragalus whole ingredients extract with those of astragalus water extract and astragalus ultrafine powder. The results of their study were published in the journal Chinese Medicine. Water extract (WAE) and ultrafine powder (UFP) are the two... (Source:
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Huang Qi, a foundational herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), found to inhibit breast cancer cell proliferation
(Natural News) Huang qi (Astragalus membranaceus) is one of the fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, with earliest records of its use dating back over 2,000 years ago. Now, a study in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine has found that Huang qi is also able to prevent the spread of breast cancer cells in the body. Breast... (Source:
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These herbs promote overall well-being
(Natural News) Herbs are used for more than boosting the flavor profile of various dishes. These versatile plants also offer health benefits, and they can help soothe various aches and pains. Herbs with health benefits Add these flavorful herbs to your kitchen and use them for treating different complaints like nausea or a cold. Astragalus/milkvetch... (Source:
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Astragalus found to protect against drug-induced liver injury: Study
(Natural News) The liver is a very important organ that is, unfortunately, vulnerable to various toxic agents and harmful elements. Among these are drugs like paracetamol that, when taken in doses that exceed what’s recommended, can stress out or even damage the liver. Fortunately, an investigative team comprising of researchers from Saudi Arabia, Cairo, and... (Source:
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Controlling Cancer: How To Boost Your NK Cells
If your doctor puts you on a statin for cholesterol, prepare to be on it for life. If you have high blood pressure, you can be sure you'll be filling that prescription forever. Diabetic? You can look forward to decades of metformin. Big Pharma seems to have a "treatment" for every disease. But they rarely have a "cure." You see, the longer you take their "medicine," the more money they make. And now they're trying to do the same thing with chemotherapy drugs. A group of researchers from Oregon and the U.K. just created a new drug delivery system for cancer. It's called "m...
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The Scoop On Finding A Healthy Plant-Based Protein Powder
Conclusion After completing this study, and factoring in the above, of all the plant based proteins I have tried, I would personally choose Nutiva's Plant Protein Superfood 30 Shake in either vanilla or chocolate as my top choice. For me it is obvious since Nutiva is actually certified organic, is at a great affordable price, low in sugars (and not stevia) and has a great taste. Serving suggestion: Add 2 tablespoons of Hempseeds to your shake for an extra 8g of Protein and 1.7g Omega-3.Consider the addition of 1 tablespoon of Nutiva Coconut Manna (ie coconut butter) and water to eliminate the need for buying cartons of al...
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The DNA of Christmas
I hope Santa has been good to you, and you’re not too frazzled and stressed. It happens every year around this time… right after the holidays, I get quite a few patients who come to my Wellness Center who have gotten sick. Stress can make an illness that you might have fought off with very few symptoms much worse. I read a study from Carnegie Mellon University about this. They put subjects through a stress test, and then infected them with influenza. They found those who had the most stress actually got sicker, and had more intense symptoms.1 By simply boosting your immune system, you can protect yourself. And...
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How astragalus benefits people with cancer and low immunity
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Schisandra berries and astragalus root work in synergy to heal the liver - Study
The liver is an amazing filtration system for the entire body. It not only processes the body's blood but also breaks down nutrients for cellular utilization throughout the body. It produces cholesterol to help transport fats, generates proteins for blood plasma and... (Source:
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The immune boosting power of astragalus
Adaptogenic herbs have beneficial stress adapting properties that they pass on to those who consume them to support healthy function. Astragalus is an herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to assist the body in adapting to stress and boosting... (Source:
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