Maker Of $295 Prescription Video Game For Kids With ADHD To Go Public In Palihapitiya-Led SPAC Deal
The deal, expected to close in mid-2022, values Akili Interactive around $1 billion. (Source: Healthcare News)
Source: Healthcare News - January 26, 2022 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: Katie Jennings, Forbes Staff Tags: Healthcare /healthcare Innovation /innovation Games /games Editors' Pick editors-pick Source Type: news

Pandemic Especially Tough on Kids With ADHD
Title: Pandemic Especially Tough on Kids With ADHDCategory: Health NewsCreated: 1/25/2022 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 1/26/2022 12:00:00 AM (Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General)
Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General - January 26, 2022 Category: Pediatrics Source Type: news

UK founded Inflow boosted by €2M raise for ADHD app
London medtech startup provides digital CBT program to  optimise ADHD self-management. (Source: mobihealthnews)
Source: mobihealthnews - January 19, 2022 Category: Information Technology Source Type: news

Azstarys (Serdexmethylphenidate and Dexmethylphenidate Capsules) - updated on RxList
AZSTARYS is a central nervous system stimulant prescription medicine used for the treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in people 6 years of age and older. Learn about uses, dosages, side effects, drug interactions, and others. (Source: RxList - New and Updated Drug Monographs)
Source: RxList - New and Updated Drug Monographs - January 19, 2022 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: news

Poor school-related well-being among adolescents with disabilities or ADHD - Tiikkaja S, Tindberg Y.
Poor school-related well-being may influence adolescents' school performance and lifestyle. Adolescents having disabilities or ADHD are in a vulnerable situation for having poor school-related well-being, compared to adolescents not having disabilities. We... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - January 16, 2022 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Age: Adolescents Source Type: news

When your 'brain fog' isn't menopause - it's middle-age ADHD 
Some experts believe that a number of middle-aged women could be putting their ADHD symptoms down to the menopause and will not be getting the help they need. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - January 11, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Rate of ADHD, autism diagnoses higher among children on Medicaid, study finds
Children covered under Medicaid are twice as likely to be diagnosed with disorders such as ADHD or autism compared with those who have private insurance, a study published Wednesday by JAMA Psychiatry found. (Source: Health News -
Source: Health News - - January 5, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

No Link Found Between Youth Tackle Football, Neurocognitive Issues
However, premorbid attention - deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mental health conditions tied to worse cognitive or behavioral scores (Source: The Doctors Lounge - Psychiatry)
Source: The Doctors Lounge - Psychiatry - January 5, 2022 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Family Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Journal, Source Type: news

In conversation with Jenny Rossiter, author of The Freedom Bus
Jenny Rossiter first joined me on this blog back in 2012 with her book The Masks that Men Wear. Since then much has changed in her life and business. In her latest book, a memoir called The Freedom Bus from adoptee to true self Jenny combines her heart-warming story with her professional expertise, calling on her experience as a psychiatric nurse and lessons from corporate life, while drawing parallels as a single mother and successful business owner. As an adoptee, she unveils her story from rejection to acceptance and how her midlife questioning empowered her to be her true self and how she found a version of herself sh...
Source: The Hysterectomy Association - January 4, 2022 Category: OBGYN Authors: Linda Parkinson-Hardman Tags: Podcast author interview memoir Source Type: news

Your attention didn ’t collapse. It was stolen
Social media and many other facets of modern life are destroying our ability to concentrate. We need to reclaim our minds while we still canWhen he was nine years old, my godson Adam developed a brief but freakishly intense obsession with Elvis Presley. He took to singing Jailhouse Rock at the top of his voice with all the low crooning and pelvis-jiggling of the King himself. One day, as I tucked him in, he looked at me very earnestly and asked: “Johann, will you take me to Graceland one day?” Without really thinking, I agreed. I never gave it another thought, until everything had gone wrong.Ten years later, Adam was l...
Source: Guardian Unlimited Science - January 2, 2022 Category: Science Authors: Johann Hari Tags: Psychology Science Mental health Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Social media Society Digital media Health, mind and body books Culture Source Type: news

The comparison of sensitivity to punishment and reward and accident proneness in ADHD and SCT children - Mohammadi E, Khanjani Z.
Accidents, both intentional and unintentional, are one of the leading causes of death and disability for children around the world and impose a heavy financial burden on the health care system of societies. The aim of the present study was to compare sensi... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - December 31, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Age: Adolescents Source Type: news

Impulsive and risky decision-making in adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): the need for a developmental perspective - Dekkers TJ, de Water E, Scheres A.
Impulsive and risky decision-making peaks in adolescence, and is consistently associated with the neurodevelopmental disorder Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), regardless of age. In this brief review, we demonstrate the similarity of theoret... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - December 27, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Age: Adolescents Source Type: news

Is Prescribing Stimulants OK for Comorbid OUD, ADHD? Is Prescribing Stimulants OK for Comorbid OUD, ADHD?
Experts are grappling with issues surrounding prescription stimulants in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and opioid use disorder.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Medical News Headlines)
Source: Medscape Medical News Headlines - December 15, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Psychiatry News Source Type: news

Cingulate completes $25M IPO, becomes KC area's newest public company
The company is working on drug candidates to treat ADHD and anxiety. (Source: Health Care:Pharmaceuticals headlines)
Source: Health Care:Pharmaceuticals headlines - December 13, 2021 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: Brian Kaberline Source Type: news

Mightier scores $17M for video games teaching emotional regulation to kids
The games are geared toward children who need help with anxiety, tantrums or anger, but also those with diagnoses like ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and autism spectrum disorder. (Source: mobihealthnews)
Source: mobihealthnews - December 13, 2021 Category: Information Technology Source Type: news