Improving recognition and management of children with complicated severe acute malnutrition at a tertiary referral hospital in Malawi: a quality improvement initiative

CONCLUSION: Significant improvement in key quality measures represents early progress towards the larger goal of improving patient outcomes, most notably mortality, in children admitted with SAM.PMID:34494509 | DOI:10.1080/20469047.2021.1967627
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Related Links: These folks do awesome research.  I recently incorporated the SENNA SE model in my proposed broader Cognitive-Affective-Motivaton Model of Learning (CAMML) that will be in a special issue of the Canadian Journal of School Psychology early next year.****************************************** Kevin S. McGrew, PhD Educational&School Psychologist Director Institute for Applied Psychometrics (IAP) ******************************************
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Today the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has detected the newestvariant of concern, the Omicron variant, in Wisconsin. The Omicron variant, B.1.1.529, was classified as a variant of concern by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on November 30, 2021. Variants are...(see release)
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Chem. Commun., 2021, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/D1CC04572E, CommunicationBo Dong, Fei Li, Shenglei Feng N and Ni co-doped BiVO4/TiO2 nanotube arrays photoanode with rich oxygen vacancies is fabricated via sequential hydrothermal-calcination method. Strong visible-infered light absorption, good charge seperation and transfer and improved water... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
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To honor Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, NIEHS hosted Caroline Goon as part of its Diversity Speaker Series. (read more)
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This report describes how the authors adapted the research methodologies to continue work throughout the pandemic, despite various restrictions. The original studies had very high participation rates because of several methodological approaches that minimized barriers, especially in-person data collection. During the pandemic, distancing requirements precluded replication of these same methods. Research strategies that enabled staff participation during working hours, with designated time allotted for participation, was key for ensuring high participation rates, as access to technology, availability of free time and oth...
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I’m in the northeast, and it’s becoming a pain in the a** to eat anywhere. Everywhere is full, have to book a reservation way ahead to get anything. Many restaraunts have started to hold a credit card on file for reservation and charge fees for cancelation, seems to have made it better. Is this how it was pretty pandemic, I can’t remember? Is it this annoying other parts of the country? I will also add, I only sit down at a restaraunt with my spouse maybe once or twice a month.
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Reapplicant planning to apply this coming cycle for Fall 2023 matriculation. I applied this past cycle for Fall 2021 matriculation. I received 5 IIs and 5 WLs. I took the MCAT in 2019 and scored a 520, but that score would be expired at a lot of the schools I applied to last cycle, including 3 of the schools I interviewed at. Would it be smarter to retake the exam so I don't have to limit myself in terms of which schools I apply to, or to only apply to schools that would accept my score? I... Read more
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Would it be realistic to look for jobs immediately after match or should one wait until fellowship?
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For those of us that practice in states without tort reform (CA/NY/NJ/PA,IL, etc..) lets talk about ways to minimize the risk of getting wiped clean by a plaintiff's suit: -Does anyone have any special documentation of informed consent for anesthetic risks? -For those of you in supervising roles, do you include any specific documentation of the your anesthetic plan in case the CRNA omits something major? E.g., for beach-chair position do you document that you instructed the CRNA to keep... Read more
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Hello, I recently applied to 25 MD schools this past cycle (2020-2021). I received 5 interviews, 5 WLs, 0 As. I plan on reapplying in the 2022-23 cycle. Here is what my application looked like at the time of submission: cGPA: 3.94, sGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 520 (129/128/132/131) State of residence: NY Race/ethnicity: ORM Undergraduate institution or category: Top 50 Clinical experience: 100 hrs at local hospital. (most meaningful) Research experience: 1000 hrs through a... Read more
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