Six social scientists receive inaugural impact writing prize from Social Science Space

(SAGE) Six social and behavioral scientists were recently awarded the 2019 Impact in Action Writing Prize for their submissions detailing how their research makes a valuable difference beyond academia. Four submissions received the top prize from Social Science Space, an online social network sponsored by SAGE Publishing; two focus on education, one on immigration, and one on autism.
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UCLA researchers have found that it is possible to assess a person ’s ability to feel empathy by studying their brain activity while they are resting rather than while they are engaged in specific tasks.  Traditionally, empathy is assessed through the use of questionnaires and psychological assessments. The findings of this study offer an alternative to people who may have difficulty filling out questionnaires, such as people with severe mental illness or autism, said senior author Dr. Marco Iacoboni, professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.“Assessi...
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The Voorhees-based company, which also helps children with other neurological conditions, expects to open 13 treatment centers over the next two years.
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Condition:   Autism Spectrum Disorder Intervention:   Diagnostic Test: early detection kit composed of 2 questionnaires (M-CHAT-R + CSBS-ITC) Sponsor:   Hôpital le Vinatier Recruiting
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Infection by the parasite Toxoplasma, which affects about 33% of world population, is associated with an increased risk of several mental health disorders, the most strongly with schizophrenia. It is unknown whether schizophrenia is associated with this infection the most strongly, or whether this association has just been the most intensively studied for historical reasons. We used the data from 6,367 subjects tested for toxoplasmosis who took part in an internet survey to search for associations of these infections with 24 mental health disorders and evidence of otherwise impaired mental health. The typical symptom assoc...
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The heterogeneity inherent in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) makes the identification and diagnosis of ASD complex. We survey a large number of diagnostic tools, including screeners and tools designed for in-depth assessment. We also discuss the challenges presented by overlapping symptomatology between ASD and other disorders and the need to determine whether a diagnosis of ASD or another diagnosis best explains the individual ’s symptoms. We conclude with a call to action for the next steps necessary for meeting the diagnostic challenges presented here to improve the diagnostic process and to help understand each i...
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We present those elements that should be included in any assessment for ASD and describe the ways in which ASD typically manifests itself at various developmental stages. The implications and challenges for assessment at different ages and levels of functioning are discussed.
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This article discusses current methods, techniques, evidence, and controversies for educating individuals diagnosed with autism.
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In this study, we utilize the frog, Xenopus laevis as a simpler and more accessible vertebrate neurodevelopmental model system to understand the embryological cause of Bainbridge-Ropers syndrome. We have found that ASXL3 protein knockdown during early embryo development highly perturbs neural cell fate specification, potentially resembling the Bainbridge-Ropers syndrome phenotype in humans. Thus, the frog embryo is a powerful tool for understanding the etiology of Bainbridge-Ropers syndrome in humans.
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Condition:   Autism Spectrum Disorder Intervention:   Other: Observation Sponsor:   Stalicla SA Not yet recruiting
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Condition:   Autism Spectrum Disorder Intervention:   Sponsors:   Massachusetts General Hospital;   Azienda Sanitaria Locale Salerno;   National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland Recruiting
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