Can essential oils help wounds heal?

  Bumps, scrapes and cuts happen every day – it’s a fact of life. For really deep, serious wounds you’ll want to head immediately to your doctor or emergency room first. If you need stitches, they’re best equipped to do that. But in the case of minor wounds, essential oils are a popular way to enhance healing. Essential oils are a popular way to enhance healing for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and bruises. What are essential oils? These are simply highly concentrated oils extracted from different species of plants, often used as a home remedy because they can help support skin health. HealthLine says that essential oils benefits include balancing skin tone, reducing redness and inflammation, healing wounds and preventing scar tissue from forming. Add to that slowing down bleeding, wound disinfection and lessening pain or stinging, according to Essential Oil Haven. In fact, essential oils contain the “immune system of the plant,” so when they’re properly extracted and distilled, they possess therapeutic and medicinal properties. Steps to follow when using essential oils for wounds The first thing to do is rinse with clean water or a mild saline solution, using a cloth or sterile gauze pad to remove any dirt or debris. Apply mild pressure to stop the bleeding, which usually tapers off in a short while. After the wound is clean, here are seven essential oils you can choose from for treating the wound. Myrrh – This is...
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  Being outdoors during the warm weather season carries with it the risk of bites of all kinds – insects, animals, ticks and others. Here is some helpful advice for treating bites and itching. Check the symptoms. Most insect bites and stings are mild, causing minor symptoms like itching, redness, stinging or a small degree of swelling around the bite. In some rare cases, stings from hornets, bees, wasps, scorpions or fire ants may lead to more serious reactions, including mosquito-borne West Nile virus. The Mayo Clinic advises moving away from the area where you were stung or bitten to prevent further injur...
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When the cut, scrape, blister or bleeding happens, you don't want to be stuck running in a panicked frenzy to the closest drug store. Instead, be prepared for common injuries, symptoms and ailments with a well-stocked medicine cabinet and home first aid kit. Here are the essential wound care supplies you should have on hand at home: Make sure your home first aid kit is well stocked. For cuts and scrapes: The basic must-haves for these minor wounds include: Adhesive bandages in various sizes. Sterile gauze pads. Medical tape. Antibiotic ointment. The size of the wound will help you determine whether a bandage will s...
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​BY RYAN LYNCH, MD, &MARK SUPINO, MDA 2-year-old girl was playing outside when she spotted a furry caterpillar. Like her stuffed animals, it was fluffy and had long hair. She let the insect crawl on her legs, but then suddenly screamed in pain. Her parents brought her to the ED, though she was no longer in distress by the time she arrived.The patient had a large urticarial lesion on her inner right thigh and a smaller one on her left thigh. (Photo.) There were no puncture wounds, bite marks, or barbs visible or palpable. Her vital signs and physical exam were within normal limits. The patient's father had captured th...
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The post What a pain! – Lisa’s story appeared first on Hysterectomy Association. I knew I had endometriosis as it had a laparoscopy that identified this in my mid thirties as part of infertility investigations. I tried ICSI once after that and paid privately but we were unsuccessful in having a baby. We carried on ‘leaving it up to nature’ for many years after that but nothing happened. At the age of forty three we decided that we wouldn’t actively pursue my getting pregnant any more and put the idea to bed – my husband has a 17 yr old daughter from a previous marriage and she lives...
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The Question: When does a bug bite require serious medical attention? The Answer: Sometimes that pesky mosquito bite just needs a little hydrocortisone cream and time to heal. But occasionally, it’s not so simple. While most bug bites and stings are harmless, some can be dangerous if not treated properly — especially if you have an undiagnosed allergy to a particular bug venom or if that bug is a disease carrier. The summer months seem to be stocked with extra critters crawling and buzzing around us, upping the chances that you, a friend or a family member might need a dermatologist’s expertise. Her...
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