The Gender Pay Gap for Doctors Is Getting Worse. Here ’s What Women Make Compared to Men

Despite the often-quoted statistic that women in the U.S. make 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, the actual figure varies depending on a woman’s race, geographic location and industry. Women of color, for example, have an even larger pay gap than white women. And women in certain fields, such as financial services, are further from pay parity than their peers in other professions. Medicine has traditionally been one of those imbalanced fields — and the latest physician compensation report from Medscape, a medical news site for healthcare professionals, finds that the situation is getting worse for many doctors. According to Medscape’s 2019 report, which polled about 20,000 U.S. doctors in 30 specialties, pay for physicians has risen by about 20% for both primary care physicians and specialists since 2015. But increases have not been equal for male and female doctors. In 2018, male primary care physicians earned about 18% more than their female colleagues, according to the report. By 2019, that gulf had widened to 25% — meaning the average male doctor made $258,000 per year, while the average female physician earned $207,000. The pay gap among specialists was larger to begin with, but it narrowed slightly, from 36% in 2018 to 33% in 2019. The average male specialist’s salary is now $372,000, compared to $280,000 for female specialists. A racial pay gap also persists in medicine, the report finds. Average income for a white doctor is $319,0...
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Authors: Gueudry J, Majo F, Delcampe A, Muraine M Abstract The corneal limbus is a privileged region on the border between two quite different microenvironments, where corneal epithelial stem cells, numerous melanocytes, and antigen-presenting cells are all concentrated within a richly vascularized and innervated stroma. This situation within the ocular surface confers on it the key functions of barrier, epithelial renewal and defense of the cornea. As an immunological crossroads and since the corneoscleral limbus is directly exposed to external insults such as caustic agents, ultraviolet radiation, microbial agent...
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Authors: Kashfi SA, Ghoreishi M, Abtahi SH PMID: 31005283 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Journal Francais d Ophtalmologie - Category: Opthalmology Tags: J Fr Ophtalmol Source Type: research
By David Tuller, DrPH I’ve never spoken to Francis Collins, who heads the National Institutes of Health. He comes across as a decent, caring man, and by all accounts he is. That’s certainly how he came across in his remarks earlier this month at the NIH’s meeting on ME/CFS research. But anyone who runs the […]
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Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management - Category: Palliative Care Source Type: research
Due to their unique properties such as transparency, tunability, nonlinearity, and dispersion flexibility, liquid-core fibers represent an important approach for future coherent mid-infrared light sources. However, the damage thresholds of these fibers are largely unexplored. Here we report on the ...
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Non-magnetic dynamic optical isolators, constructed from modulators, provide a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-compatible approach to optical isolation in integrated photonics. The size of these isolators is strongly constrained by both the frequency and strength of optical ...
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Respons to «Nurse methodology applied to clinical practice: Reality or fiction?». Enferm Intensiva. 2019 Apr 17;: Authors: Zariquiey-Esteva G, Galeote-Cózar D, Santa-Candela P, Castanera-Duro A PMID: 31005479 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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In this study, we proposed a novel palindromic molecular beacon (PMB) that it bases on the signal amplification strategy for ultrasensitive detection of Kras gene codon 12. PMB is designed to have two palindromic fragments at its two ends, one of which is locked via folding into a hairpin structure and the other promotes the formation of PMB duplex via intermolecular self-hybridization. Target DNA can hybridize to the loop portion of PMB and release the palindromic fragment at the 3' end. Within the PMB duplex, the two palindromic fragments released hybridize with each other and serve as polymerization primer responsible f...
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