Effect of Music Therapy on Pain Perception, Anxiety, and Opioid Use During Dressing Change Among Patients With Burns in India: A Quasi-experimental, Cross-over Pilot Study.

This study was conducted to assess the effect of music therapy on pain, anxiety, opioid use, and hemodynamic variables during burn dressing change. METHODS: Patients in a tertiary care burn unit who were>10 years old, conscious, able to respond, and oriented to time, place, and person participated in a 2-month, quasi-experimental, cross-over pilot study. Each served as his/her own control. Dressings were changed every other day alternating between the control (standard pain management) and experimental (control plus patient-selected music) intervention. Pain was assessed using a numerical rating scale, anxiety was scored using the State Trait Anxiety Test (higher scores indicated more pain and anxiety), and hemodynamic parameters and analgesics were recorded. Wilcoxon Test and chi-squared tests were utilized for statistical analysis. RESULTS: Median pain scores (5, interquartile range [IQR] IQR: 3-7; and 6, IQR: 5-8) and median anxiety scores (12, IQR: 8-17; and 14, IQR: 10-19) were significantly lower during the experimental than during the standard dressing change, respectively (P
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Publication date: November 2018Source: Burns, Volume 44, Issue 7Author(s): Michael Scheffler, Susan Koranyi, Winfried Meissner, Bernhard Strauß, Jenny RosendahlAbstractThe aim of the present meta-analysis was to investigate the efficacy of non-pharmacological interventions for procedural pain relief in adults undergoing burn wound care compared to standard care alone or an attention control.Through a comprehensive literature search in various electronic databases 21 eligible randomized controlled trials (RCTs) were included, comprising a total of 660 patients. Random effects meta-analyses revealed significant positiv...
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Publication date: Available online 28 October 2018Source: BurnsAuthor(s): Thereasa E. Abrams, Alison A. Lloyd, Laura E. Elzey, William L. HickersonAbstractGlobal use of the internet has become commonplace, and smart phones have paved the way for technological mobility. Incorporation of smart phone technology has the potential to positively affect health outcomes through use of health-directed applications (apps), particularly for those patients living in medically underserved areas. The Bridge Mobile App for Burn Patients (fka: HealthySteps), is a pilot project that was developed to address the unique recovery needs of pat...
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ConclusionsThe B-CAMPIS is a reliable and valid measure, for assessing coping and distress relationships in young children and their families. Pending further validation, the B-CAMPIS assists researchers and clinicians to recognize and target important behaviors to improve young child coping during pediatric burn wound care.
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​It's a good idea to find the ring cutter in your department before you need it. Know where it is, what the box looks like, and if it's electric or manual. Some departments may even keep it in the PIXIS or medication dispensary machine. You will also want to know where you keep your vice grips, wire cutters, and spreaders.A patient with a hand injury must have his ring removed immediately. Lacerations, crush injuries, burns, degloving injuries, fractures, and even hand or finger contusions require prompt removal of any constrictive device. Swelling in the distal extremity can occur around the injury. The space in the han...
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Health, weight, and appearance are transformed by living the Wheat Belly lifestyle. You can see it on the face with reduced puffiness and edema and smoother skin. You can see it on the waistline as inflammatory visceral fat recedes. You can perceive it as increased energy, reduced depression and anxiety, reduction or elimination of irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux symptoms, reduced joint pain, reversal of leg/ankle edema, and in so many other ways. But how about blood measures of health? You can witness the transformations there, too. And the transformations you see in blood markers of health can be just as dramati...
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ConclusionVR is a complementary drug strategy that has proven beneficial results in the treatment of burn patients.
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ConclusionsThe evidence from the above trials is not sufficient to conclude that aromatherapy effectively relieves symptoms in patients with burns. However, the findings of the trials do not seem very plausible, and the trials themselves were of low quality and included only small numbers of patients. Studies that are adequately powered and feature better designs are needed to investigate the potential mechanisms underlying the effects of aroma therapy on pain and anxiety.
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Neurotransmitter substance P (SP) acts as general neuromodulator that maintains brain homeostasis and regulates stress responses, emesis, pain, mood, and anxiety. The majority of these actions are transmitted via the neurokinin-1 receptor (NK1R) subtype that has also emerged as a target for treatment of affective disorders (Chandra et al., 2010; Gobbi and Blier, 2005; Hesketh et al., 2003; Kramer et al., 1998; McCabe et al., 2009; Rupniak et al., 2000; Santarelli et al., 2001; Teixeira et al., 2004).
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No randomized controlled trial has investigated the efficacy of hypnosis for reducing pain and improving wound-healing in children with burns. This randomized controlled trial aimed to investigate whether hypnosis decreases pain, anxiety, and stress and accelerates wound-healing in children undergoing burn wound procedures. Children (4-16 years) with acute burns presenting for their first dressing change were randomly assigned to a Hypnosis Group who received hypnosis plus standard care or a Standard Care Group who received standard pharmacological and nonpharmacological intervention. Repeated measures of pain intensity, a...
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This study was aimed to compare the effect of preferred music and Swedish massage on pain anticipatory anxiety in burn patients. METHODS: In this randomized controlled clinical trial 240 hospitalized burn patients were selected and assigned to Swedish massage, preferred music, combination of Swedish massage and preferred music and control groups through fixed blocking randomization. Interventions was offered before wound care one time for 20 min on patients' bedside. Patients in the control group only received routine care. The Persian version of Burn Specific Pain Anxiety Scale were used for data gathering. Data wa...
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